Goncalo Sagueiro

Goncalo Sagueiro


The musicologist Rui Vieira Nery has stated thet Goncalo Salgueiro " is a most special voice, endowed with one of the most beautiful Fado tones one ahs heard in recent times. Nery highlights Goncalo's "most sure control of his vocal emission as well as breathing".


Gonçalo Salgueiro was born in Montemor-O-Novo on 7 th November. When he was seventeen years old, he came to Lisbon to study international relations, at the Technical University of Lisbon. He also entered the National Conservatory of Lisbon, and studied the area of singing, but continued to train privately with his teacher, Cristina de Castro.

Still in Montemor-O-Novo, as part of the Choir of São Domingos, he performed as Tenor in the Works “ Da Pacem Domine” and “Mare Fayum Est”.

He sang Fado for first time in public, invited by Maria da Fé, in the restaurant “Senhor Vinho”.

In June, 1999, he was invited by the Faculty of Human Motricity to sing in the gala dinner of the “XIV International Association for the Child’s Right to Play”, in the Maritime Museum, Lisbon
His first birthplace, singing experience came in September 1999, performing is “Fado Night”, promoted by Expomor/Feira da Luz.

From April 2000 to July 2001 at the invitation of Filipe La Féria, he participated in the musical “Amália”, as a singer/actor, paling the part of Eduardo Ricciardi and singing “Aie, mourir por toi”, in duet with Alexandra, a role which gained him de respect of the critics and the audience.

Directed by Maestro Fernando Correia Martins, in a publication by SPA/Strauss, he performed alongside Lia Altavilla, Fernando Serafim, Olívia and Marina Mota in the commemorative CD marking 150th anniversary of the birth of Thomaz Del-Negro.

Invited by João Braga, he sang in the spectacle which accompanied the translocation of the body of Amália Rodrigues to the National Pantheon (July 2001), in front of the Church of São Vicente de Fora, Lisbon. This show was broadcast live TVI; he sang at the Coliseu dos Recreios in Lisbon at the Europarque at Santa Maria da Feira.

Invited by Ana Maria Bobone, he performed on the programme “ Fados de Portugal”, for RTP International. More invitations came and the path laid open.

In March 2002 he signed a contract with Strauss Label and recorded his first solo album “ … No Tempo das Cerejas” (“… In the season of Cherries”), a heartfelt tribute to the late Amália Rodrigues. That year also sax Gonçalo being invited to sing the title track of RTP1 Channel´s soap opera, “Lusitana Paixão” (invited by composer and musician José da Ponte).

In September 2002, invited by Júlio César, Gonçalo has hit debut in the “Preto e Prata” Salon of Estoril’s Casino, on the show “Egoísta” (where he’s one of highlight singers during the show’s entire run, which has ended February 2004).

In 2003 he prepares for a new album, and in 2004 “… No Tempo das Cerejas” (“… In the season of Cherries”) is reissued. Also he’s preparing the new álbum to be in stores is 2004.

During 2005, Gonçalo give various solo concerts and participates in several shows throughout the country (Portugal) and abroad. In 2006, His “Segue a minha voz” (Follow my voice) CD is launched. In this – His latest recorded work- , Gonçalo signs poems by Camões, Florbela Espanca, David Mourão-Ferreira, Natália Correia as well as Ary dos Santos, all of them Portuguese poets. Moreover, Gonçalo equally sings poems by the Fado singer, Amália, Pedro Sena Lino, Pablo Neruda (the renowned Chilean poet) and, finally, Jorge Fernando – the CD´s musical producer.

In May, 2007, he is invited by Theater Director Filipe La Féria to play the role of Jesus Christ, in Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Musical “Jesus Christ Superstar”. The opening in Teatro Rivoli (Oporto), which occurred on the 14th July and was seen by about 130 thousand spectators, garnered unanimous acclaim by both audiences and critics “ Gonçalo Salgueiro is “The” Jesus, thrilling all with his breathtaking performance and outstanding voice”.

The opening in Teatro Politeama (Lisbon) was in November of the same year.

2009, Gonçalo prepares his new cd. News surprises.


...No tempo das cerejas, Strauss, 2002
Segue a minha voz, Movieplay, 2006

Set List

Voz do escuro
Music: Custodio Castelo | Lyrics: Jorge Fernando

Não foi nada
Music: João do Carmo de Noronha | Lyrics: David Mourão – Ferreira

Gaivota perdida
Music: Adelino Tavares da Silva | Lyrics: Ana Maria Mascarenhas

Music: Alain Oulman | Lyrics: Luiz Vaz de Camões

Faz-me pena
Music: Carlos Gonçalves | Lyrics: Amália Rodrigues

Lá vão as flores
Music: J. Fontes Rocha | Lyrics: Natalia Correira and P.Sena Lino

Segue a minha voz
Music and Lyrics: Jorge Fernando

Amêndoa Amarga
Music: Alain Oulman | Lyrics: J.C. Ary dos Santos

Meu Fado, meu doce amigo
Music: José Fontes Rocha | Lyrics: Florbela espanca

Fado mentido
Music: Carlos Gonçalves| Lyrics: Pedro Sena Lino

No te quiero
Music: Miguel Ramos | Lyrics: Pablo Neruda

Leva-me longe
Music and Lyrics: Jorge Fernando