Rochester, New York, USA

Rooted in rock from the 60s and 70s, Gonculator adds a modern character to the ideals of the legendary artist. At times masked by humorous literal imagery, they depict both the serendipity and dark irony of being. They never fail to leave jaw-dropped and wide-eyed witnesses begging for more.


From 2003-2005 Gonculator self recorded and released The GONKED! Ep, The Asthma Single, and Havinababy! All were well received among family and friends, but it wasn’t until their college years that the boys started to get recognition from strangers.

Enrolled at SUNY Fredonia, Gonculator began selling out shows, both on and off campus. With succint songwriting and an intense live show, they went on to compete in the Fredfest 2006 battle of the bands. Consequently, they won an opening slot for Rufus Wainright at the festival, playing for their biggest audience yet, which caught the attention of Fierce Little Records CEO Jim Goldsworthy.

On March 3rd, 2007, their debut full-length album Gonculator’s Family Restaurant was released. Word of Gonculator’s epic rock music, satirical lyricism, and high-energy performances got out, landing them gigs with bands such as Damiera, Hopewell, and Anathallo, live radio spots in Rochester and Syracuse (Live at The Red House), as well as a multitude of festivals in western New York (Taste of Syracuse w/ Dicky Betts, Taste of Syracuse w/ Eddie Money, Atma Rising Music Festival, Mad Fest, and The Lifeplace Revolution Tour).

From 2008 to 2009 tours were self-booked and Gonculator continued to captivate audiences in the Eastern U.S. receiving praises from press, radio, and the online community. This led to recognition from acclaimed artist & producer, Mark Kramer (Ween, Butthole Surfers, Gwar, King Missile…) who offered to master their second full-length album: OMNOMNOM. The proposal was accepted and OMNOMNOM was released by Fierce Little Records in May 2010. The band continues to grow musically, and tour regularly.

"Band that is on the rise ... and very very good ... think Pavement meets the Talking Heads meets the Beatles ..."
- WNY Music

"Operates like a well-oiled rock clock..."
- Syracuse New Times

"A packed house by 11 p.m. for a show that was set to go until 2 a.m. told me that I was in for something… Gonculator is clearly a skilled group with a wide range of influences."
- City Newspaper


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Gonculator's Family Restaurant
Fierce Little Records


The Asthma Single

The Gonked! EP