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"Gone By Ten"

Gone By Ten are from Australia and seem to have a good sense of humor. If you are going to be doing pop-punk then it should be upbeat and fun. Their EP starts very strong with 'There's a Pub Now In My School', which is about just what the title states, a pub in a school. The song is very catchy and fun and would probably make for a great MTV video.

The other songs don't really stand out and can be described as color by numbers. If Gone By Ten can capture the style of 'There's a Pub Now In My School' then they would really be someone to look out for. Their website is gonebyten.com and their myspace is myspace.com/goneby10.
- The Inside Connection


Untitled - Demo (2007)
Blinkers - EP (2006)
Self titled - DEMO (2004)


Feeling a bit camera shy


GonebyTen was formed a few years ago in Sydney Australia. Starting as A 3-piece act GonebyTen played a lot of shows and soon earned the reputation of being a very tight and energetic act. The guy's collective supports over the years include; Grinspoon, Guttermouth (usa),59 Times the Pain (swdn), Chixdiggit (can), The Hard-ons, No Grace, & 28 Days. Over The Past Year GonebyTen has kept a lower profile as they've re-invented themselves - Turning From A 3-Piece into a 4-piece, and then into a 5-Piece Band. Now Ready and armed with a sharp set-list of newer songs and older favourites GoneByTen are set to take on the big-guns with their powerful blend of melodic-fast-rock.

Towards the end of 2006, GoneByTen landed 2 of their songs on the DVD release 'Knife' produced by Unit/Placid Productions. They featured along side bands such as Karnivool, and Powerman 5000. Gonbyten's track 'Blinkers' was featured in the closing credits!

In early 2006 - GonebyTen entered the studio and recorded their second EP titled the 'Blinkers' EP - which the band is getting ready to launch with heavy touring and hopefully some Triple J airplay (wink wink, nudge nudge). The 'Blinkers' EP shows Gonebyten's versatility and boasts much better song-writing & performance skills than their first 'Self-titled' EP. The EP tackles a range of lyrical topics ranging from Obsessive relationship ('Back Off') to Having a Pub in your school ('Theres A Pub Now In My School'), and also dives from pop-influenced Punk-rock ('Blinkers') into more metal-influenced Punk ('The Other Side') then onto full-blown Double-kick/guitar solo mayhem ('Here I am Today'), all songs manage to deliver a catchy sing-along chorus.

At the start of 2007, Paul Left the band & Gone By Ten went back to being a 4 peice. Less band members has however turned out to be a positive thing, with Gone By Ten sounding tighter than ever.

In a scene today where honest live-acts almost seem exstinct, and pretentious hair-styling/rock moves rehersed in front of mirror seem to be taking over - GoneByTen are here to show you that a band can have good commercial value whilst still blowing you away at a gig. Check them out - You won't be Dissapointed.......