Gone Fishin'

Gone Fishin'


Spiritual, powerful, exciting, fun. Our love for the Lord is shown through each song or testimony. We want to share that joy and fill the crowd with that same peace and joy that only Christ can do. This is brought out through our concerts.


I started singing as a small child where my dad was the pastor of McNab Missionary Baptist. I am also know as a domestic violence suvivor and we had 2 children. On December 1988 my ex-husband disappeared with my 2 babies. My little boy was 3 and my daughter was 4. It would be 4 years before I found my children and before that happen I hit the bottom. Wanting the pain to stop I was drinking, smoking pot, and taking medication. For some reason the Lord saw something in me and here I am. Since that time I have been singing and showing my testimony of how great our God is. August 2, 1997 we then lost 3 boys, Joseph was 15 and would have turned 16 on August 23, Michael (nephew) 16 and Jessie (friend) 16 were all killed in a car accident. But I kow my baby was home with Jesus because I remember the day his dad and I sat on our bed and Jospeh accepted Christ as His Savivor.. I have overcome a lot. But my God is still on the throne. I was singing full time for a while but in September 2005 I came off the road to due too back surgery but even then God was watching over me. My dad became ill with renal failure and at this time I moved back to Arkansas from Tennessee to take care of daddy. During this time I had one of my best friends with whom I could call anythime day or night just to cry on his shoulder. Dennis and I met when I was 23 and he was 25 but it wasn't our time. But June 3, 2006 became our time and we were married. Now singing together, I am so blessed to be singing with my husband. Now we just want to sing full time through out the country about our Lord Jesus and that He is our dearest friend through all our trails. We always see the Son shining through....


Don't Cry For Me ( Gone Fishin')
He's Still On The Throne ( Gone Fishin')
Father Forgive Them (Jennifer McKamie & By Grace)
I'm Leaving You For Jesus (Jennifer McKamie & By Grace)

Set List

I've Got A Feeling, I'll Fly Away Leads To Amazing Grace, Fountain of Youth, Don't Cry For Me, That's Just Like Jesus, Feel A Little Song Coming On, Any Day Would Be A Good Day, Oh What A Savior, In God We Still Trust, He's Still On The Throne, Why Didn't You Tell Me ? , He's Still Waiting By The Well, Everybody Will Be Happy Over There, He Chose To Be My Friend, Get Something From God, I'm Leaving You For Jesus, No Next Sunday, It's Over::
2 sets about 30 minutes apart and sometimes we are ask to do full 1 hour program, sometimes 1 1/2 to 2 hour sets. Gospel, country gospel, country