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Go Nelly

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My music is above all made of love songs slow style but I have also some dancing numbers with good rhymes and interesting melody. The genres are classic rock , pop ,soul and so on.We like to experience new things,so we have got a lot of versatility but even so we don"t lose artistic vision indeed.


our music is made with much inspiration we make it with pleasure our influences are diverse. originality, romantic lyrics, good melody are our hot points.Our band comes from a family based project.


still remember the day

Written By: Emanuel B. C. Chiquete

My love I still remember the day
when I saw you for the first time
that was really OK
cose it made me so fine

I had been feeling so lonely
then you made me happy again
now you are my darling
and you say that I"m your man

I will never forget you
you"re the best I found
I really love you
I don"t wanna let you down

no matter what the people say
the one I want is you
everynight and everyday
I wish to be with you

oh my wonderful love
I don"t wanna lose you
you make me feel so good
I wanna be always with you


No one yet.we are going to work hard to achieve this aim

Set List

-Still remember the day
-My sweet poison
-Real love in my life
-I don"t know what to do
-Feel the love(wanna make you happy)
-I wan to invite you
-If you love me
-Whenever I call you
-Get away