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This band has not uploaded any videos




I stumbled across this duo via Twitter. The little EP is pretty solid, I enjoyed it. As far as I can tell, Luckyy is tell beatmaker – Gone Wallace is the lyrcist.

“Kickback” was cool. I prefer kickbacks over parties generally, so I was with it. I don’t condone any type of fornication or drug use though.

“Never Too Late” had an amazing sample in it as well. Gone Wallace attempts to be firm with his concepts of perservering your dreams and keeping a cool head. Respect.

I expected “Be Sure” to fall into the age old cliche of “don’t leave me, I need you” but it was deeper than I expected. I would swear that’s a Barry White sample in the beginning. I can dig the concept of wanting to keep a girl around but not being she if it’s the right decision to make.

I could almost guarantee that “Waiting” was made with an MPC or an Akai machine, it hits pretty hard. This is my favorite on the tape by far. We all have to eat my man, I feel you. - Womanizing.com


Decisions ft. Breeze Ramen (Single) (2011)
Ghost Story (Single) (2011)
High Renaissance (LP) (2012)
Thundercats & Grey Goose (Single) (2012)
Planet Vegeta (Single) (2012)
April (EP) (2012)
The Kickback (EP) (2012)
The Parnassus (LP) (2012)
Monarchy (Single) (2012)
Good Company (EP) (2012)
We Exist (Single) (2012)
James Howlett (Single) (2013)



Philadelphia- native, Gone Wallace is hip-hop artist who mixes a smooth, eloquent style with soul sampled beats. The 22 year-old founder of Super Hadouken Ent. attends Temple University, designs his own cover art, promotes his own music and masters his own material.

In 2012, Gone released 5 full albums (High Renaissance, April, The Kickback, The Parnassus, Good Company) to rave reviews in addition to performing live at clubs on Temple campus. He has also received blog features on sites such Womanizing.com, iSocialite.net and Geek Tyrant.com.

Gone lists Jay-Z, Curren$y and Childish Gambino as a few of his influences for he also demonstrates smooth and clever wordplay in his music.

Gone describes his own music as "nerdy and clever yet meaningful" for he discusses real world issues with the use of witty metaphors.

Gone plans to perform in larger venues and extend his reach in the hip-hop community in the near future.