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Seattle, Washington, United States | INDIE

Seattle, Washington, United States | INDIE
Band EDM Alternative


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Blue Moon Seattle"

He’s Seattles premier underground entertainer with no turntables and 50 feet of microphone cord. There aren’t many people here, but they all witness Gonken. They can’t not. He’s in-your-face but non-threatening. You just gotta see him.
- Blue Moon Seattle

"Sardonic Sounds"

By the time Gonken got up though, a good majority was around and everybody seemed to be into him. I'm not sure what it was, but he has a perfect combination of good music, stage antics and crowd interaction. And the pillow fight... I mean... can the hilarity be more apparent? - Sardonic Sounds

"Bipolar Audio"

It is really hard to describe Gonken. He'll shock some, please others, and make a lasting impression on everyone. Mixing several genres including rock, dance, hip-hop, industrial, and experimental, Gonken is a one-man act who has more talent than most 4 piece bands, all members combined. Hmm, think early Beck, with a twist of Prince and Nine Inch Nails. - Bipolar Audio

"Disdain of Mind"

Without any musicians backing him, Gonken resembled a stand-up comedy act put to music more than an actual band. - Disdain of Mind

"URB.com's Next 1000"

It’s hard being original these days. “Being original” has become so chic it’s difficult to tell if an artist is actually being himself or just doing so for the sake of being accepted. Seattle-bred musician Johnny Goken is different. Embracing the punk rebel ethic entirely, he creates music that could only be the product of his untamed imagination. It’s satirical one minute and politically charged the next. Variety is the main ingredient in Goken's eclectic brew of melodies. His music finds roots in everything from “pop punk to angry industrial” and everything in between — even referring to his blend of sounds as “quirky electro-punk rock.” Whatever it is, it’s definitely good. With sexually suggestive songs like “Suck My Disco” and “The Penis Song,” how could his music be anything but original? - Urb Magazine


Farewell to Sanity EP - April 2003 (Automation)
Self Pleasurevation - March 2004 (Automation)
De Composer EP - 2007 (Robot Villain)
Halloween EP - October 2007 (Robot Villain)
Robot vs. Zombie- November 2008 (Automation/Robot Villain)
Live From Steve's Mom's House- March 2010 (Robot Villain)
Zombie Shuffle EP- October 2010 (Automation)
Go Out Naked, Killing Every Ninja- Fall 2010

Select tracks such as "Don't Go Near the Water" or "Taking It For What It's Worth" from Robot vs. Zombie has been receiving airplay on college stations across the U.S.



Johnny Gonken

Embracing the punk individualist ethic wholeheartedly, Johnny Gonken creates music that is totally the product of his own wild imagination. With the fervor of an artist driven by his own need to have a unique voice in the world (and fueled by the talent to accomplish just that), Gonken churns out energetic, hooky and artistically defiant music he calls “quirky electro-punk rock.” It's a galvanizing sound and one that reverberates with the in-your-face rawk assault and stimulated by electronic surges.

Genius and Insanity

Deviation from the norm is frequently criticized, sometimes hated. But Gonken doesn't care. He's confident in his highly original music. He has a mark to make on the world and he's busy carving it in. His music can be seen as a reflection of the hypocrisy of the music industry. The unsigned independent who steps off the beaten path is written off as nuts. But the same wacko who makes it is praised for his forward-thinking music. “There's a fine line between genius and insanity,” Gonken says. “That line is fame. If you're underground, people call you crazy, but if you're famous, you're regarded as a genius.”


Diversity is perhaps the defining element of Gonken's sound. His music finds roots in everything from pop punk to angry industrial – and a lot in between. Eclecticism drives his creative process and he seeks to offer as colorful a musical experience as possible. Besides music, he also draws energy from humor and sci-fi cinema. His inspired askewness charges through every song, his music raw yet primitive, raving mad yet with a satirical edge.