Good Brother Earl

Good Brother Earl



Good Brother Earl’s 2004 self-titled album sheds light on their eclectic influences and stellar musicianship by combining timeless, soul-driven, feel-good music with passionate lyrics and smooth vocals. One Pittsburgh writer stated that “Good Brother Earl’s music is hard to describe: They’re given to hitting grooves and holding them like a jam band, but there’s a lot of rock and roll and a little bit of art school in the music… [It’s] good-time thinking-man’s rock.” Formed in 2001 and based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the band has crafted their own unique sound that is both radio friendly and impressive to see live. Their recent album features some of their most popular songs, such as “Another Rainy Day,” “Cain and Abel,” and “Lonely Heart.”
Throughout Good Brother Earl’s short but accomplished career the band has been fortunate to gain experience and fans by opening for a wide array of bands such as, The Clarks, Little Feat, Cake, Dave Matthews Band, Kansas, The Pat Magee Band, Gin Blossoms, Maroon 5, Guster, & Citizen Cope. Good Brother Earl has been accompanied by Boyd Tinsley, violinist for Dave Matthews Band, at the Black Cat in Washington, D.C. and has performed at numerous clubs throughout Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York and Washington, D.C. In each case expanding their growing fanbase and selling albums. Additionally, the band was the only local group selected to represent Pittsburgh in a performance at Lollapalooza 2003 at the Post-Gazette Pavilion.

In 2003, out of 1600 bands, Good Brother Earl was selected by TAXI and Billboard as one of the top 15 independent acts in the North East. That distinction earned the band a spot on a national cable television commercial promoting AMC (American Movie Classics) which helped them sell CD’s across the United States. Their original sound has also been cemented on the daily rotation of the nationally acclaimed local independent radio station WYEP-FM. GBE can also be heard on local spotlight shows on three separate stations in Pittsburgh, further demonstrating the band’s diverse appeal. Good Brother Earl has also been featured in everything from successful congressional and governor campaigns, to independent Hollywood films.

2004 self-titled “Good Brother Earl” album is now in Best Buy stores in Western Pennyslvania and parts of Ohio. The band is currently working on their second full length studio album expected to be released in summer 2005.

Good Brother Earl is: Paul Fitzsimmons (guitar), Dan Paolucci (bass), Skip Sanders (keyboards) and Jeff Schmutz (vocals and guitar).




Yet another chapter in a never ending story
It’s the part that deals with love and life and hope and fate and glory

While on a road somewhere in Western Tennessee

I jumped the track and headed back to where my heart could follow me

Spent too many days under the fist of indignation

Bought a life subscription to my own imagination

Now that you have my undivided admiration

May we continue with our lonely heart creation

It’s a timeless tale of boy and girl and chance encounters

Throw in an airport gate, an empty slate and send some flowers

So I hear that absence makes a lonely heart grow fonder

Is there no limit to where a lonely man will wander

Did I dream you into life or are you some apparition

My life thus far was filled with useless superstition

If this is real then what’s the price of the admission

Did you know you are my favorite addiction


I’ll be on the ground, daydreaming of you

Won’t you follow me down, and daydream too

In a kinder shade of blue

So now you’ve seen me on my race toward imperfection

Can I still convince you girl, to dance with my reflection

I woke up this morning with my heart upon my sleeve

It seems the book of love has issued my reprieve

So that’s my song and dance, my circumstance, my story

Packed full of dream to chase, a pretty face, a little worry

Made sure my head was in my pocket with my keys

Life looks much different when you’re always on your knees



Tell me a story, help me take my mind off of my mind
watch me build a house of cards around you

while the clocks run backwards, you can make a day seem like,
a second chance, I’d love to watch the rain fall on your shoulder.
What we do behind closed doors.

Just another rainy day

Whiskey, raindrops, watch these castles made of sand start falling
Maybe one day I’ll just fade away too
Wanting, wishing, all the things my mother told me would come true, then I’d tell you it’s all right to leave me,
when I see the stars at night I get lonely, cause someone put them there for me and you.
Do you get lonely too.

Just another rainy day

Sunday morning, I’m just feeling sorry for myself
Now that black and white have gone forever
Broken record, up is down and down is upstairs crying your name, turn on the radio, cause I need a friend to tell me I’m not crazy,
someday all these thoughts will turn to pretty flowers and we’ll watch the sunset on this rainy day…


2004 Self-Titled "Good Brother Earl"

- "Lonely Heart" featured on AMC Channel Promotional commercial - helped sell CD's across the country
- "Another Rainy Day" played on Triple A station WYEP, charted at top 4 most played song.
- Songs also featured on XM Satellite Radio

Set List

Original songs plus covers including but not limited too:

Tom Petty - Running Down A Dream
Coldplay - In My Space
Peter Gabriel - SledgeHammer
Man of Constant Sorrow (as heard on 'O Brother Where Art Though)
Pearl Jam - I Am Mine
Dave Matthews - #41

and many more...