Goodbye Elliott

Goodbye Elliott

 Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, USA

A powerful blend of indie rock with a touch of 80’s influence emerges from the Big Island of Hawaii. Goodbye Elliott’s new release, recorded in Amsterdam, inspires listeners with soaring vocals, cinematic riffs and an epic sound similar to Jimmy Eat World


GOODBYE ELLIOTTS rock is honest and true Straight forward with that perfect amount of pop. Catchy lyrics and riffs. This band is ready for the next step. Check them out! - The Radar Report

Hawaiis #1 indie rock band, GOODBYE ELLIOTT, returns to the US mainland to debut their latest album release entitled Running to California. The bands arrival is much anticipated after a successful European tour and recording their second full length CD in Amsterdam. Music critics are beginning to take note of Goodbye Elliotts latest achievements.

Song Catcher (an independent web music reviewer) had this to say about Goodbye Elliotts new musicReady for some class rock? You better be These are five very talented guys who will brighten up anyones day. Someone will take them on soon. They deserve to be Superstars. I dare you to disagree!!!

The band was recently featured as Artist of the Week on XM Satellite Radio and was broadcast live in Europe on the popular X-NOIZZ indie rock radio program.

During Goodbye Elliotts first mainland tour the bands MySpace website received over 100,000 hits and added more than 30,000 new fans. Goodbye Elliott played more than 35 venues, headlining packed out shows at such notable clubs as The Knitting Factory, The Whisky A Go Go and main stage at The Roxy in Hollywood.

Its no wonder this band is making such a strong impact on audiences wherever they tour Goodbye Elliott has been rocking the Hawaiian Islands for years enjoying top album sales in local music shops and retail stores across the Big Island.

MySpace consistently ranks Goodbye Elliott as Hawaiis #1 indie rock band. Their music has been featured on AOL Music, Direct TV, i-tunes and indie rock radio stations across North America & Europe.

To hear their music, is to be a fan of their music quotes one review in Total Production US magazine. The band appeals to a wide audience, but teens and young adults seem to connect most with Goodbye Elliotts energetic live shows and undeniably unique approach to rock.

The bands new album takes listeners on an emotional journey that springs from the lead singer/songwriters own personal experience. Jonny Stimac explains this whole album is about falling in love, and the struggle and fears of telling that someone that you love them... before its too late.

When asked to describe their sound, Jonny often refers to Jimmy Eat World, The Killers, and The Cure as a few of their major influences.

Most of the bands songs have an epic feel to them and are inspired by larger than life movie moments that powerfully connect the band with their audience. Goodbye Elliotts cinematic approach to songwriting is a natural fit since most of the bands members are self described movie geeks who grew up together in Kona, Hawaii endlessly watching and creating their own epic short films.

Goodbye Elliotts Running to California CD release is the latest in a series of independent CDs released by the bands five members. Fifteen original tracks were recorded by the group during their most recent visit to Amsterdam. The songs were produced by Danny Stimac, Rene De Vries and Goodbye Elliott. The tracks were mixed by Tim Schoenhals and mastered by recording industry heavyweight, Tom Baker (Precision Mastering), in Hollywood, CA.

Remarkably, during the first few weeks of Goodbye Elliotts Running to California tour, the band landed a surf company clothing sponsor, a feature film promotion with a major Hollywood studio, an invitation to be featured on a network television show and an indie record deal offer. Not bad for a group of talented young guys from Kona, Hawaii whose biggest thrill on the tour was the chance to visit Disneyland. Stay tuned as Goodbye Elliott debuts their new album in cities across the US in 2007.

Chris stimac


"Good Night to You and Not to Me" EP 2005
"Running to California" LP 2007
"Summer" EP 2010

Set List

Typical Set List at clubs is one half hour, consisting of 6 original songs:

1. "Ticket to Love"
2. "Follow Them Size Fives
3. "Simple Summer Love"
4. "Don't Call Me Baby"
5. "The Space Goes Down"

We can play anywhere from 1 song, to two hours long...