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New York City, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2009 | INDIE

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2009
Band Alternative Rock




"Stereo Subversion"

"It’s been an eventful last year for goodbyemotel, the Australian pop/rock band with key placements on several television shows and a dynamic live show. The former might open some doors, but it’s the latter — an inventive 4-D concert experience — that should cement their place as a breakout band here in the States as fans get the chance to see it for themselves." -Matt Conner -

"goodbyemotel iF"

One of the albums I was most looking forward to coming out was the new album from Goodbyemotel, one of my favorite indie groups. Thankfully I had the pleasure of listening to a number of the tracks from iF live & from that I knew this album would be amazing & I can say I was 100% right!

I loved the choice of Hurricane as the opener for iF as it grabs your attention immediately with how catch it is. I knew after one listen that it would be one of my favorites as all facets from the vocals to the instrumentals do it for me.

However if I had to choose one track as my absolute favorite, the award would go to track 3, Mona Lisa. When I first saw the track listing, my eyes gravitated towards this one since it is a title I have seen used many times. As far as the song itself goes, the chorus alone is enough reason to love it as you can’t help but sing along to it!

Ocean Wide Open is another track that absolutely blew me away as the positive & upbeat vibe it possesses is undeniable. You could be in the worst mood going in but start to feel better after one listen.

Too Late is a track I could not help listening to repeatedly as it reminds me of something I am currently dealing with in my life. This song is a perfect example of how music can be a cure for all the bad things. I am thankful that true artists exist who strive to make such music for everyone unlike a lot of the boardroom/studio created crud that fills mainstream radio these days.

The last song on the album that I fell in absolute love with is Bending Shadows. Besides being one of the slower tracks on this nicely paced album, it stands out for how beautiful it sounds all the way through. The best part is how the pace picks up in the middle sort of like a tidal wave that is about to come crashing down. Such a buildup fitted perfectly with the emotion that the lyrics portrayed.

iF is without question one of my favorite releases of 2014. If you are looking for new artists to check out, you will not be disappointed in this album as it is a great followup to their 2012 EP People. The future is looking beyond bright for Goodbyemotel & you will agree after taking a listen to iF! - Indie Music Reivew

"The many dimensions of goodbyemotel"

"The boys have worked hard to perfect their instruments and incorporate their many talents into the concerts. The live experience is akin to the quality you’ll find on the recordings and, perhaps most impressive, the visual elements of the show have been crafted by the band members themselves." -Nik Lone - Informant Daily

"After Dark - goodbyemotel"

"21st-century emotion-crescendo arena rock with a dance-club thump. Enhanced by "The 4D Live Music Experience." -JeffSpevack - Democrat and chroicle

"goodbyemotel on the rise"

Every year, and with the coming of Spring, thousands upon thousands of people hit the streets of Austin, Texas. People from all over the globe come together to enjoy live music, film debuts and interactive media conferences. For nearly 11 days straight, the iconic 6th Street and the surrounding thoroughfares are flooded with people looking to celebrate their shared love of "all things" artistic. Since its inception in 1987, South by Southwest (SXSW) has become the world's largest collective media festival and continues to grow in size each year.

Year after year, our most beloved celebrities make their way to SXSW to debut new singles, films and sponsorships; and the 28th Annual SXSW Festival was no exception. The likes of Lady Gaga, Jon Favreau, Kendrick Lamar, Soundgarden, Mindy Kaling, Coldplay, Snoop Dogg and many more graced venues all over Austin with their presence. And the seemingly never-ending lines of avid fans, enveloped the city for the mere chance to catch a glimpse of their fave celebs.

Despite the long list of A-Listers however, SXSW is still very much an indie music and film haven for aspiring artists. Musicians travel long distances to crash on couches and to lug their equipment across town at the chance to play three or four brief sets a day in hopes of captivating audiences and music industry professionals leading to international recognition or landing a record deal. SXSW connotes discovery and integrity, after all.

Front row and center, I had the opportunity to catch one up and coming act that has, in recent months, been capturing the hearts [and ears] of listeners everywhere. goodbyemotel hit the stage during SXSW 2014 at Mohawk Austin for the House of Vans week-long event (sponsored by SpinMedia).

Being the first act of the day, and never having heard of the band previously, I was certain this opening act would live up to the stereotype of all opening acts... Mediocrity. To say I was blown away, would be the understatement of the year.

Upon entering Mohawk, I was handed a pair of 3D glasses and rushed into the standing room venue; goodbyemotel had just begun their set. The song "Hurricane" was blaring from the speakers and a translucent screen draped over the front of the stage while the band played passionately behind. Synchronized 3D projections flashed across the screen, blanketing the audience in a field of shooting star-like images. It was an atmospheric and mind-bending affair that blew not only my sense of sound, but also of sight in an experience unlike any other I've had the pleasure of taking part in.

Not easily impressed, this psychedelic experience [coined by the band as the World's First 4D Live Music Experience] was not only captivating, the music itself was fervently engaging. Diverse in sound, goodbyemotel carries hints of indie and alternative rock, with an immersion into a mainstream and mellow edge; a similar tone to that of Coldplay. Front man, Gustaf Sjodin Enstrom, is certainly giving Chris Martin a run for his money as Gustaf and his band mates take the music scene by storm with their innovative and unique live performance experience.

The band went on to play an additional five songs during their set, including their hit single "Set if Off;" each song more hypnotizing than the last. The screen eventually dropped and the band continued to play a more traditional rock concert.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Gustaf Sjodin Enstrom and Tom Marks (Bass/Vocals) for a quick chat after their set. Despite being unfamiliar with the band prior to attending the event, I found myself nervous and palms sweaty. I had become an instant fan.

The band originated in Melbourne, Australia. Formed from two separate bands, the boys have been together in their current capacity for just shy of three years. The popular single "Set it Off" was recorded by the heartthrob Australians in a beach house off the Australian Coast and took off, having seen much success and Australian radio play. Being featured in Chrysler's National TV ad campaign and some well known television series', including Gossip Girl and Suits, these Aussie Gents are now living in New York City as they tour North America for "Set it Off." Their new found fame however hasn't tarnished the band's humble beginnings; the guys remain down to earth and excited for the future of goodbyemotel.

Their first time in Austin, Gustaf praised the TexMex cuisine all around town while he and Tom explained the band’s unique music experience when asked about the genre of music they categorize themselves as..

“An experience more than anything…” Gustaf explains, as Tom continues with, “Our shows aren’t just about music. It’s about the visuals and the whole experience. We want our fans to come in and just forget about everything for 30 minutes, an hour or however long the set is. It’s not just about pleasing your ears, it’s a full sensory show.”

And while the gents of goodbyemotel continue to change the face of music with their unique approach, these philanthropists also strive to make sure our great big world stays beautifully green. Through their campaign, “Download for Tree,” the band promises to plant one million trees, each named after an ardent fan! Perhaps a selfish ruse? Making the world a better, more green place to live ensuring we live long enough to enjoy goodbyemotel's music for decades to come? Despite their motives, fans across the world are in full support of their mission.

The Huffington Post is quoted as saying goodbyemotel is on the cusp of stardom. HuffPo got this one right; goodbyemotel will be your new favorite band and they're certainly mine! But don't take my word for it. Check them out for yourselves... Big things are already in the works for goodbyemotel, starting with an upcoming show at the Mercury Lounge in New York City on April 1st.

“The goodbyemotel is somewhere where you check in with all your baggage and all of your troubles and then you check out without it. It’s a fresh start.” - Tom Marks

To learn more about goodbyemotel, the 4D experience, have a tree named after you or to simply enjoy some incredible music, check out

Buy your tickets to see the guys perform at the Mercury Lounge by clicking HERE.

Gustaf Sjodin Enstrom - Lead Singer/Guitar
Tom Marks - Bass/Vocals
David Schmidt - Keys/Vocals
Scott Pioro - Electric & Acoustic Guitar/Back up Vocals
Paul Amorese - Drummer

- Sophia Sanchez
Director of Digital Content & Editor
*Photo rights belonging to Sophia Sanchez of Halfstack Magazine* - Halfstack magazine

"Direct Current – USA - 25th October 2012 – People EP:"

goodbyemotel may have recorded their self-produced new EP People in a shack on the Australian coast but we've got a hunch that the band is looking to build something substantially larger for their forthcoming 2013 sophomore album. And they should. This is a band with big ideas, big sound and big ambitions. Citing Coldplay, Radiohead, Death Cab For Cutie and U2 as influences, goodbyemotel craft melodic indie rock -- arty and accessible -- that should be easily expandable for a future arena-sized stage. Upcoming as-yet-untitled album was recorded in New York with producer Kevin Killen (U2, Peter Gabriel) and the advance music we've heard projects a deft balance of graceful, cinematic rock bulging with gritty and grounded guitar riffs and massively hooky chorus harmonies. We'll have more as get closer to release next March, but for now dive into the latest four-tracked People, a more overtly stylised collection that reveal a band ready, willing and able to build their creations to a magnificent climax. - Direct Current

" – New Zealand - 19th October 2012 – Article"

Friday, 19 October, 2012 - 12:42

goodbyemotel have just released their new EP "People". The EP was recorded by the band in a beach shack on the Australian coast, and released just in time for their current appearances at CMJ NYC 2012 plus a string of US dates to follow including debuting their unique 3D live concept show, which is a first, in New York.

The Australian band spent early 2012 based in New York writing and recording their new album in studios in Brooklyn and Manhattan with producer Kevin Killen (U2, Peter Gabriel).

They toured their last EP " Wish Your Way" across the US in late 2011 and early 2012, garnering spins on US College radio, international blogs and internet radio before bringing it all back home to Australia.

Recently their music has been featured on TV shows such as Gossip Girl, Covert Affairs and Suits, the latest Chrysler 300C TV ad, the feature film Summer Coda and numerous other TV spots.

After two EPs and a self-titled full length, goodbyemotel achieved a huge coup when Storm Thorgerson, the album designer who created album sleeves for Led Zepplin, Muse and most of Pink Floyd's covers including the classic "Dark Side of the Moon" completed artwork for the band's upcoming second full length album, due out in early 2013.
- Voxy

"The Age – Australia – 1st May 2013 - Article,"

How Swede it is

The most exciting talent to come out of Sweden since Abba is Gustaf Sjodin Enstrom, 21, the alluring lead singer of the band goodbyemotel who propels girls to jump on the couch or bed and scream: ;Hotel motel!
The newly anointed Australian citizen with captivating accent is carving up the music scene with band members Tom Marks, Scott Pioro, David Schmidt and New Yorker Paul Amorosee and they've returned from the Big Apple in a New York state of mind, stoked that car maker Chrysler chose a song from their people CD for its TV ad, the equally cool lower-case tune set it off. And their music has featured on hit US show Gossip Girl and the Aussie film Summer Coda. ''We've been busy boys,'' Gustaf said. His impeccable quiff and seductive voice can be inspected on Wednesdays at the Espy in St Kilda when the groovers begin their month-long residency

Read more: - The Age National

"Music News Australia – Australia - 5th April 2013 – Article"


After a whirlwind of success in the city that never sleeps, goodbyemotel has bid farewell to New York City (for now!) and have just unpacked their bags in their hometown of Melbourne. The group brings with them their own distinct brand of atmospheric-rock to unleash on the Australian music scene and finally garner the success they deserve on home soil. With their new single set it off gaining traction on Australian radio and their upcoming album release, we can be thankful that goodbyemotel will remain in Australia for a few months to promote their album before heading back to the US later in the year.

A massive coup for the band was when luxury car brand, Chrysler cherry-picked goodbyemotel’s newly released single set it off for their national Australian television campaign. The quality of goodbyemotel’s music is undeniable and was only further validated when many of their songs were also picked up and played on big-budget American TV shows including, Gossip Girl, Covert Affairs and Suits. Their song Watching You was featured in the film Summer Coda. Further to this goodbyemotel were showcased on Delta Airline’s indie spotlight inflight radio program and also used for a national campaign feature on MTV in America.

For the six months that goodbyemotel called NYC home, the band exploited the melting pot of talent that the city had to offer. The band wrote and recorded their yet-to-be-released album If alongside some of the worlds best including producer Kevin Killen (U2, Peter Gabriel, Kate Bush) and music director Gerry Leonard (David Bowie). Throughout the recording process goodbyemotel were lucky enough to have Bruce Springsteen’s back-up singer Everitt Bradley, George Michael’s musical director and keyboardist Henry Hey, and Peter Gabriel’s bass player Tony Levin pop in to play on parts of the album and feature on the track Crawl. When they weren’t recording they were touring the US, playing at the CMJ NYC and enjoying great success on US College radio. The band also completed a residency at New York’s Rockwood Music Hall.

The band’s reach is evident when, after hearing their music and meeting the band, the likes of Storm Thorgerson (creator of the album sleeves for the majority of Pink Floyd’s covers) insisted on designing goodbyemotel’s album artwork.

Progression and breaking-ground sit at the core of goodbyemotel’s ethos and is what sets them apart from every other band. With two of the band members running a successful production company, pairing musical and visual elements comes naturally to the group and serves to bring the bands music to life. This was never more evident than at the band’s innovative 3D live video concept show in Brooklyn (NYC). Always keen on pushing boundaries, this is a concept that the band are eager to repeat back home in Australia, something worth staying tuned for.

“Your new favourite band = goodbyemotel”
The Brag, Sydney Australia

“Graceful, cinematic rock bulging with gritty and grounded guitar riffs and massively hooky chorus harmonies” Direct Current Music

They’ve carved their path in America and now goodbyemotel are on home ground and ready to share their own unique sound.

goodbyemotel is fronted by 21 year old Swedish/Australian lead-singer/guitarist Gustaf Sjodin Enstrom with vocals that soar and a head of hair to match. Melbourne boys Tom Marks, Scott Pioro, David Schmidt and New Yorker Paul Amorese complete the group.

set it off is available now via iTunes
The album If will be released soon via Nice Bike Records - Music News Australia

"The Huffington Post – USA - 31st October 2012 – Article/Interview:"

goodbyemotel are so good they don't need to capitalize their band name -- never mind title case it -- or include spaces in it either. The Aussies, who recently wrapped up writing and recording their new full-length album in New York and Brooklyn, just dropped their latest EP People, and to quote Will Ferrell as James Lipton, it's scrumtrulescent.

The band, which consists of Gustaf Sjodin Enstrom, Tom Marks, Scott Pioro and Paul Amorese, seem to be on the cusp of stardom. That's my opinion, but if you take a look at their recent stats, you'll probably agree and if not, I'll love to tell you you're wrong in a few months. Anyway -- take a look: Their songs have already turned up on such TV shows as Gossip Girl and Suits, their next album's cover will be designed by Storm Thorgerson, who came up with Led Zeppelin and Peter Gabriel's sleeves previously, and their 3-D live shows are gaining steam. The band filmed an A-Sides session earlier this month, and killed two songs. Watch one below, and check out for the other. - The Huffington post

"Top -USA –19th October 2012 – Article:"

New York, NY (Top40 Charts/ SGC Media) goodbyemotel have just released their new EP "People". The EP was recorded by the band in a beach shack on the Australian coast, and released just in time for their current appearances at CMJ NYC 2012 plus a string of US dates to follow including debuting their unique 3D live concept show, which is a first, in New York.

The Australian band spent early 2012 based in New York writing and recording their new album in studios in Brooklyn and Manhattan with producer Kevin Killen (U2, Peter Gabriel).

They toured their last EP " Wish Your Way" across the US in late 2011 and early 2012, garnering spins on US College radio, international blogs and internet radio before bringing it all back home to Australia.

Recently their music has been featured on TV shows such as Gossip Girl, Covert Affairs and Suits, the latest Chrysler 300C TV ad, the feature film Summer Coda and numerous other TV spots.

After two EPs and a self-titled full length, goodbyemotel achieved a huge coup when Storm Thorgerson, the album designer who created album sleeves for Led Zepplin, Muse and most of Pink Floyd's covers including the classic "Dark Side of the Moon" completed artwork for the band's upcoming second full length album, due out in early 2013.

goodbyemotel US TOUR DATES

The Delancey
Lower East Side NY
Aussie BBQ // CMJ
3.20pm downstairs

The Rockshop
Brooklyn NY
3D concept show debut and US People EP launch
8.30pm // 3D glasses with entry

corner Norfolk and Rivington
Manhattan NY
3D Show // 8pm - Top 40

"Direct Current – USA - 1st February 2013 – Set It Off:"

We knew right off that we wanted to share Goodbyemotel’s “Set It Off” with our radio friends. The graceful, cinematic rock bulging with gritty and grounded guitar riffs and massively hooky chorus harmonies herald the Australian quintet’s Coldplay, Radiohead, Death Cab For Cutie and U2 influences. On this, their third EP to accompany one full-length, Goodbyemotel crafts melodic indie rock — arty and accessible — that should be easily expandable for what will likely be a need for future arena-sized stages.

Made up of guys who know each other from the Melbourne music scene, Goodbyemotel recorded and self-produced the Set It Off EP in a shack on the Australian coast, and released it in 2012. By year’s end they’d played CMJ for second year in a row, they got on College radio here, and they completed a residency at New York’s Rockwood Music Hall, where they have been invited back for a six-month residency.

“Set It Off” is featured as part of a nine-commercial deal with Jeep/Chrysler for their 2013 Australian ad campaign (click here), which is excellent set-up for the sophomore full-length that Goodbyemotel is just finishing up with producer Kevin Killen (U2, Peter Gabriel, Kate Bush). Storm Thorgerson (Pink Floyd) is designing the new CD’s artwork, which is expected to get a spring 2013 release. - Direct Current

"The Press House and goodbyemotel at Mercury Lounge April -2-2014"

Headed to the East Village last night for The Press House 13 Year Anniversary at Mercury Lounge – woo-woo! Met some new people and caught up with ol’ friends but the highlight was definitely goodbyemotel‘s set in 4D! 3D glasses were given out, (with custom GBM logo may I add), and the band played behind a 3D projection. Sounding somewhere between Pilot Speed and 30 Seconds to Mars, goodbyemotel rocked. The bass player played Moog Bas Pedals like a keyboard which was really cool as they floated through space warps & mountainscapes. Mid set the screen dropped and the band seemed more… dare I say vulnerable? They finished the set with an acoustic song, the singer standing in the audience reminding many of us of another beloved Aussie band The Kin.

A very good night. - Miko Graphics

"goodbyemotel - Wish Your Way EP December 2011"

goodbyemotel hail from Melbourne in Australia. Perhaps their biggest claims to fame are that, firstly, Storm Thorgerson, designer of Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ among many other album covers, has agreed to do the artwork for their second album. In the meantime, they have released a compact and flab free EP of quality indie-rock, produced by Julian Mendelsohn.

The ringing guitar figure propelling opener ‘Redroom’ suggests Interpol but the lighter vocals and easy on the ear chorus is likely to appeal to fans of The Killers. There’s certainly no signs of post-punk on ‘Wish Your Way’ but the earnest indie rock sees the band at their peak with the frontman’s yearning vocal matched by a melancholic melody. ‘Remember’ is chiefly memorable for some rumbling percussion and some neat key changes which recall a slew of American college rock acts. This just leaves ‘Burning Since Sunday’, which is another decent track even if the chorus is a tad uninspired compared to the portentous verses.

goodbyemotel have a lot going for them with their crisp yet emotional vocals and some impressive, tightly knit arrangements. Their next album should prove that they can stretch out beyond their influences and live up to Thorgersen’s artwork too. - Leonard's Lair Music Reviews

"Music Synchronization"

Music synchronisation has become a new way of giving independent bands major exposure. It can be the catalyst for a band to expand its following in outside countries, and therefore create new platforms of opportunity to tour and promote new releases. A personal example as of recent is when my band: goodbyemotel, got our song “Dancers & The Posers” featured on the new Chrysler 300C Online viral ad. As can be seen below:

Chrysler 300C Online Viral Advertisement, featuring goodbyemotel’s “Dancers & The Posers”. - Blackdogsound

"CD Review - goodbyemotel Wish Your Way Dec 2011"

This is the latest EP from Melbourne originated and currently US based three piece goodbyemotel. The band infuse elements of Intepol, Placebo and Sonic Youth to produce a tight rock sound with some dark post punk and hazy shoegaze vibes mixed in. The result is a solid set of tight and energetic tunes topped with some catchy riffs!
Redroom is a fast paced and energetic rock tune sounding somewhere between Placebo and Interpol. Wish your way is a slower indie pop style tune. As the song progresses it develops a solid shoegazer haze to it giving it a nice layer of atmosphere and depth. Remember has a dark post punk feel to it with energetic outbursts at the chorus. The solid baseline keeps the song together and gives it a nice edge. The EP closes with the energetic indie rock offering Burning since Sunday.
This is a solid EP with each track having a lot of energy and a great poppy vibe to it. The band manage to mix various elements together with each part fitting together nicely to create a great sound of their own! - Tomatrax

"Hailing from Melbourne, indie-rock quintet goodbyemotel is ready to take New York by storm 2013"

goodbyemotel is an Australian indie rock quintet is best known for their catchy hooks and visceral 4d live shows. The first single off the People EP, “Set It Off” was a runaway success--landing them a spot on the Gossip Girl soundtrack, and a Chrysler 300 commercial in Australia, seen here.

After the first show of thier Rockwood Music Hall residency last week, we sat down with Vocalist Gustaf Sjodin Enstrom.

How did the band start?

It was a collaboration. The guys had played together for one or two years. And they just kind of picked me up at a bar, you could say. They came up to me after a show and gave me a cd and asked me if I wanted to jam. Since then, we've been playing together. It's been two years now.

Is this your first time playing in the states?

We've played a few shows. We recorded an album here about a year and a half ago, so we've definitely done some time here.

Is everyone in the band Australian?

Everyones except for the drummer. He's from Brooklyn.

How'd you get into music? Who inspires you?

I've listened to music my whole life; started off listening to Michael Jackson. I got my first guitar at 6. I've been in a lot of different bands. I love all types of music: Michael Jackson, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd. You know, everything!

How would you describe your sound?

Somewhere teetering between rock and alternative.

How did you incorproate visuals into your show?

Some of the guys in the band have a lot of experience with visual material. They do a lot of production work. They started making visual material and pairing it with our sound. Next thing you know, we'd come up with this new concept of 3d visual material and live music-- making it a 4d muisc experience. We're the first to do this, which is really great. We're refining it as we go.

You guys started out with just a normal musical show. How would you differentiate the crowd's response from just sound to this added visual experience?

It's all about how they interact persoanlly with the experience. With the 3D, you have the glasses on and you get to observe the experience. And you can't really see us, so I guess it's a reaction to how the music fits on the screen. Every show is different.

What's next for the band?

We're here for another six months. This is the first show in NY. We'll be in NY for the next month. We're heading to LA and then Japan.

How would you describe the difference between the music culture of Melbourne and New York?

Since we've come here, we've realized NY really seems to suit us. People seem to react well here and we couldn't ask for more. Australia is also very good. There's a huge music scene, just like here, but people are a bit more cynical in Australia when it comes to music. It's a different attitude. People here are up for going out on a Thursday night to see a band. Everyone is a lot more open minded.

It's definitely a more open culture.

I think so... and It's definitely an a international pub. People pass through from everywhere here.The energy is high in this city and you never really know what you're going to get. Melbourne is also fantastic, but it's a bit of a bubble. It doesn't experience international music on a local basis. - Frequency

"Yellow Brick Road"

From recording in New York with a Grammy winner to catching up with a legendary artists in London to cramming into a share house in dodgy Bed-Stuy, goodbyemotel have had an epic year. Chris Hayden gets the scoop from guitarist Tom Marks.

Goodbyemotel are not a band that do things by halves. After slogging it out on the local scene for a number of years, the Melbourne locals decided enough was enough, making a leap of faith and relocating to New York to record their album with Grammy Award winning producer Kevin Killen. Six months later, after an epic period of self discovery, they were finally done. They now hold in their hands a top notch opening salvo with their record If, an effort adorned with artwork by the late, great Storm Thorgerson.

“Gustaf [Sjodin Enstrom, vocalist] had just joined the band before we left so we were kind of like a new band going over to New York,” guitarist Tom Marks explains with the distinct benefit of hindsight. “Our drummer walked out a week before we were about to leave too, which was stressful when we were on our way there but when we landed it was all new and fresh. We almost could've changed the band name it was so different.

“The process was amazing,” he continues when pressed on working with such a renowned producer. “We've met a few unfriendly people in the music industry but Kevin was just the total opposite. He's worked with some pretty amazing people like U2 and Peter Gabriel, so we were just putting our trust in him… We recorded it in Brooklyn in Mission studios over six months, living in Bed-Stuy for a bit under six months, which was a pretty notorious place. We didn't pick the best and safest area to live in but it was pretty eye opening.”

To decamp from home and move in together in The Big Apple certainly was a brave move for goodbyemotel but, as Marks explains, the co-habitation only served to add to a growing bond between the newly re-established band. “Gustaf, Scott [Pioro] and myself all lived in the one place which was quite testing at times,” he admits. “We hadn't lived together before and it was probably jumping in the deep end a little bit because Gustav was new and we didn't really know him all that well so it was pretty full on. It was probably a really good thing because we got to know each other very well. The energy in that city is pretty incredible – it really helped us a lot with songwriting and everything.” - The

"goodbyemotel says hello to America and it’s music industry Sept 2014"

“We journeyed across the seas to the U.S. about a year ago,” lead singer, Gustaf explained to me when we chatted about goodbyemotel being described as an Australian, Brooklyn-based band by Huffington Post. “We’d been coming back and forth for the last couple of years to do some recording here, but finally got the whole band moved to NYC in mid 2013.”

Gustaf himself is from Sweden, while the rest of the band originates from Australian roots.

“There were many reasons that brought us to the states, but in particular: we landed some sync spots on the American TV-series: Gossip Girl, Covert Affairs, and Suits,” he said. “Last Flight Of The Bat, produced by PLW’ Entertainment’s multi-platinum award winning record producer, Paul Wiltshire, premiered on the fourth season of Gossip Girl. The other show licenses came quickly to follow. “We love the culture around music here, people are passionate and love
seeing and listening to the music they love in a very engaged way. Not to say people don’t do that elsewhere, but we noticed a distinct difference here in people’s pursuit of finding great music and seeing it live. I think we’re influenced by whatever is around us, our environment surely factors in, but I think it’s also just as much by what we are all experiencing personally at a particular time.”
Click the photo to be directed to goodbyemotel’s website!

“SXSW was ducking great,” Gustaf joked in response to my inquiry about the band’s experience at South by Southwest and how it all came about. “A series of circumstances saw us invited by SPIN to play at their day party so we performed at their SPIN Media Party/House of Vans at the Mohawk in downtown Austin, TX. We got to premier our 4D Live Music Experience, a visual show the band has created and it was great to share that with an entirely new audience. We had some great reviews from that performance,” he reminisced.
I asked how the band’s 2014 tour had been going, and if they had a favorite city they’ve been to thus far, or one they hope to play in soon. With such a unique group of people with a myriad of backgrounds and origins, I figured this answer would differ from other U.S based-bands who normally always choose their home city as their favorite place to perform.
“Since we got back from SXSW in March 2014 we did a lot of recording in Brooklyn, so we stayed local through that time, and in that time we got the chance to play Mercury Lounge in NY’s lower east side, an iconic venue in our view. We were stoked when we hosted our 4D Live Music Experience there and they invited us back for a second round time,” he answered. “In terms of cities and places we want to play I’d say New Orleans is on the list, one of our favorite bands: Mute Math is from there. It would be fantastic to experience some of the city’s rich musical history first hand.”
“Hurricane” is the band’s first single off of their unreleased album, “iF.” With a 90’s twinge to the building instrumental, reminisce of early Goo Goo Dolls, coming together with the Dave Matthews Band, this track has a nostalgic feel as soon as the first hook comes in and rings strong throughout the rest of the track.
“I think we chose ‘Hurricane’ as the first single because it was one of the first songs we wrote when we arrived on American soil in mid 2013. There was an excitement and freshness in the air, and that song came to life then. I think we felt like it had the right intention and drive that we all felt when we got to the U.S. and were about to get on the road, through this vast country, for the first time,” Gustaf said.
The last thing I asked in my time with Gustaf was something I ask every band I speak with, because I’m curious if the elements I hear in their music are intentional based off of influences they’ve had in their creative careers.
“I don’t have enough fingers and toes to count, but I’d say a few key influences of ours would be Pink Floyd; their very visual sound and concepts have been hugely inspirational to this band. Led Zeppelin, I am personally a huge fan of this beautiful and heavy four piece. Other bands like Mutemath and Radiohead are also key inspirations to us. Our influences always keep adding on, as we discover music from left-right and centre. It’s hard not to be inspired by
something that resonates with you.”
What Gustaf said is key; “it is hard not to be inspired by something that resonates with you.” That’s exactly what goodbyemotel unintentionally projects upon their listeners. Their music resonates with you visually, conceptually, musically, in every way possible, and that is something that sure has inspired me, and I hope will inspire you too.
The band is set to play this Thursday October 2, 2014 at The Space in Hamden, CT! Be sure to come out to their show and experience their music first hand! - Livewells Latest

"goodbyemotel Talks New Album 'iF,' 4-D Live Music Experience, Iconic Cover Artist Storm Thorgerson, And Other Ongoing Projects [EXCLUSIVE"

Aussie-born, New York-based rock band goodbyemotel is finally ready for their close-up. After years of lineup changes, experimentation and development, they've found the foundation upon which they plan to build their legacy, and out of that has come their new album, iF.

goodbyemotel has been in its current five-piece lineup -- fronted by Swedish-born vocalist/guitarist Gustaf Sjödin Enström, along with Aussies Tom Marks, Scott Pioro, David Schmidt and New Yorker Paul Amorese -- for about a year. The band originally formed in 2008 with Enström joining about two years later. The band then moved from Australia to New York City permanently in 2013, after which Amorose, their drummer, signed on. Their current sound is a product of being on the road in the U.S. since that time. According to Gustav, Pioro came up with the band's name.
"I shouldn't really be telling the story, he knows it way better than I do," Enström explained. "But something about checking into a place where you leave all your past experiences behind and come out of it fresh. You say goodbye to the past and say hello to all the new things. It was kind of a place where you could check in and forget your troubles."
Their new album, iF, has been a long time coming. Prior to iF, the band released their EP People and the single "Set It Off," which earned them licensing deals on TV shows and commericals. They began recording tracks for the new effort back in December 2011 with their producer, Kevin Killen (Peter Gabriel, U2, Kate Bush).
"After we came to America [last year] we realized that it had been a while since we had recorded those songs, and we'd come a long, long way from that initial start," Enström explained. "My voice and the band were just not ready at the time."
The band went back into the studio earlier this year and re-recorded a bunch of tracks that they had been playing live as well as other demos, such as "Hurricane," that they had been working on. The majority of the album was recorded in New York, save for the songs "Mother" and "The Fall," which were recorded with Killen in Melbourne, Australia. The album was later mixed by Ken Thomas (Sigur Ros, M83) along with Andy Baldwin (Björk, St. Lucia).
iF explores the idea of taking chances and seeking out opportunity.
"I think it's a lot about taking risks and following up on something, completing something, and really going through with the ideas in your heart and mind," Enström explained. This is something the band members themselves experienced when making the decision to pick up and move to the United States.
The sounds you hear on the album developed through their live shows. The band members all share an interest in film and production, which influenced their cinematic style of music. This passion for visuals led the band to create a unique 4-D concert experience.

"We wanted to [perform] a full set with 3-D visuals and music and have it all synchronized together," Pioro explained. "We're just trying to bring back the excitement of going to see a band live."
During the "4-D Live Music Experience" shows, the band performs behind a screen onto which film and 3-D images are projected. Audience members are given retro red-and-blue 3-D glasses upon admission and are integrated into the music for a vibe similar to Pink Floyd's psychedelic concerts.

"We kind of integrate ourselves into the other dimensions. It's really exciting," the band explained. "Things are flying at the audience through the screen. It's a new experience, and as far as we know, we're the only ones really doing this."
Although this project seems elaborate, the band sets it up themselves in the same amount of time that it takes any other band to set up their equipment.

"We've done it in small venues and venues with bigger stages. We've done it at an art gallery, just in the window, like an installation. It looks great at night outdoors. It really translates across a whole different range of stuff."
The band has now performed their 4-D shows all over the U.S., the U.K., Japan, and Australia; however they've decided to save the concept for special occasions and will perform traditional and acoustic sets in the meantime, which are equally dynamic.
Interestingly, goodbyemotel's concert experience isn't the only Pink Floyd connection the band has. The artist behind iconic covers such as Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon and Led Zeppelin's Houses of the Holy, Storm Thorgerson, offered to design the cover art for iF because he was such a big fan of the band's previous EP.

When Marks, their bassist, found out that Thorgerson was a fan, he got in touch with him, and they met up in Syndey to discuss a concept for the cover. Sadly, Thorgerson passed away last year, but the cover for iF will be featured in a book of his works.
"We feel like we're part of Storm's legacy," Enström said. "It's one of the last pieces he did, which is an honor."
goodbyemotel 'iF' cover art by Storm Thorgerson
Outside of making music, the band is passionate about social issues -- in particular, the environment. They've started a new initiative called "Download For Tree." Through this campaign, the band pledges to plant one million trees and give away music for each fan that enters his or her name. It is still in the works and has only been given a soft launch, but look out for the project in the near future.
In the upcoming months, the band will focus on a North American tour in support of their new album and will promote new singles such as "Hurricane."
They are now in a place that Enström describes as "the beginning of something." He acknowledges that like any band, goodbyemotel will continue to develop, but for now, they have found an identity. - Music Times


"End.Play" Ep NiceBike Records 2008
Single "All that Bad" released in U.K on Matchbox Records Compilation CD Oct 2007
"goodbyemotel" self titled album 2010
"Wish Your Way" Ep NiceBike Records 2011
"People" Ep NiceBike Records 2013
"Set it off" single NiceBike Records 2013

"Hurricane" single NiceBike Records/Sony Red -Australia release July 2014

"IF" NiceBike Records 2014




goodbyemotel is an indie rock band based in Brooklyn, NY. They are best known for their music on U.S. and Australian television along with their self-pioneered, unique 4D live music experience. They are currently releasing their new album “iF” and will be touring the U.S. in 2015.

goodbyemotel, all one word, started in Melbourne, Australia. Their self-titled debut album was recorded in a beach house on the Victorian Great Ocean Road and their song “Watching You” won a competition in the US which was featured in the “End Child Slavery” national TV and MTV campaigns. The band then recorded second EP, “end/play”, was recorded in an old church converted into a studio in Melbourne with producer Kalju Tonuma (Crowded House, Evermore) and soon after parted ways with 2 original members of the band. The group quickly re- assembled to record their 3rd release, “Wish Your Way”, with acclaimed producer Julian Medelsohn (Paul McCartney, Jimmy Page) which brought the band to tour the US with song placements on television shows such as Gossip Girl, Covert Affairs and Suits. 

In 2013, goodbyemotel's single, “Set It Off” from the People EP, landed on AAA radio and U.S. college radio for a tour across 15+ states including television, radio and blog performances. The music video won the MTVu Freshmen spot in the US, along with syndicated play in various restaurants and clothing stores across the US in all 50 states. To add to the success of “Set It Off”, Chrysler's ad campaign in Australia was based around the single which led to appearances on morning television and syndicated radio. 

Fronted by 23 year old Swedish singer/guitarist, Gustaf Sjodin Enstrom, along with Aussies Tom Marks, Scott Pioro, David Schmidt and New Yorker Paul Amorese.  They spent the rest of 2013 based in New York finishing their new album “iF” with producer Kevin Killen (U2, Peter Gabriel).  The album has an impressive personnel with mixing by Ken and Joylan Thomas (M83, Sigur Ros) engineering by Andy Baldwin (Cat Empire, Bjork) and mastering by Ted Jensen (Coldplay, Kings of Leon)  "iF"s cover art was created by Storm Thorgerson, whom is best known for designing Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” album cover as well as Led Zeppelin’s “Houses of The Holy” among others.  His album art for goodbyemotel would be one of his last great works as Storm lost his battle to cancer in 2013.

Innovation is at the very heart of goodbyemotel so it is no surprise that their live show should follow in this mindset.  In 2014, the band toured their unique 4D Live Music Experience which infuses several artistic elements of film, 3D imagery and live music all into one.  The band had the opportunity of touring the 4D show through Japan, Australia, London, Los Angeles, New York as well as performing at The Mohawk for SPIN magazine during SXSW in Austin.  Their impressive live performance even caught the attention of Rolling and was included in the "Hottest Photos of 2014".

Among other events in 2014, their Australian release of "Hurricane"was debuted in front of 50,000+ people at the Adelaide Oval for the pre-game and halftime performances at an official AFL game in Adelaide.  The band also had the opportunity to perform an acoustic version of the single on syndicated national Australian television for The Morning Show.

Currently the band has released the album on I-Tunes and is set to tour the U.S. and Australia in 2015.

“goodbyemotel are so good they don’t need to capitalize their band name... on the cusp of stardom” Huffington Post (U.S.)

"Your new favorite band = goodbyemotel" The Brag, Sydney Australia 

Band Members