Good City Lie Still

Good City Lie Still


Hailing from the North Bay Area, Good City Lie Still have set out to create music that finds a balance between what is powerful and what is delicate. Infectious rhythms, sonically powerful guitar/piano lines, and haunting vocals drive this band's music.


As many bands so often do, Good City Lie Still started off as an upstart project by Terrance Fleming (drums) and Andy Pohl (guitar) in the Fall of 2005 after their respective bands had stopped playing. With the intention of starting a band with a fresh perspective and a focus on making the individual songs each stand on their own, the two reached out to find new members. The band came together in the form of Ross Giffen (piano/vocals), and Kenny Kaiser (bass). Through 2005 the group wrote, demoed, and re-wrote their tunes in the hopes of making a strong statement when they arrive on the scene. In the short time that Good City Lie Still has been together, they have been working hard to get their name out there by playing shows throughout Northern California, and have taken their music up into Oregon and Washington. They have had the privilege of sharing the stage with fellow artists: No More Stereo, The Val Papadins, Solar Powered People, Morse, Makanda, The Aimless Never Miss, Fall To Arms, Santiago, O! the Joy, We Attack At Dawn, Hijack The Disco, The Hot Toddies, and more. Good City Lie Still take influence from a variety of musical tastes (anywhere from Smashing Pumpkins and Cursive to Deftones and Minus The Bear), but have made it a focus to not steer too close to any one in particular. The band has made it their goal to find a balance between what is powerful and what is delicate. The foundation is clearly layed down by Terrance and Julie, allowing Andy and Derek to layer dynamic guitar lines, and for Ross's haunting vocal/piano lines to complete the piece. The band intends to play as often as possible over the next year, and will be releasing an EP in early 2007. Trips to Oregon and Washington will follow shortly after, as well as a West Coast tour in Summer of 2007.


-Self Titled Debut EP (released April 2007): Self Released

-We do have two tracks on a compilation that was put out by Skratch Magazine (indie sampler v.4)
1) Force Fed Future
2) The Bay'll Getcha

-We have three songs available on our Myspace and Purevolume pages
1.) Force Fed Future
2.) The Bay'll Getcha
3.) Solanum

-We have been played on 101.7 The Fox/KXFX in Santa Rosa, CA. as part of the North Bay Underground show which airs on Sundays.

Set List

Our set list us typically about 30-45 minutes long depending on the situation. Our songs tend to blend into one another, usually with instrumental interludes between them. We will usually end up playing between 5-8 songs.

1.) The Bay'll Getcha - 5:00
2.) Force Fed Future - 4:45
3.) It's Right Here - 4:15
4.) Man The Juggernaut - 4:30
5.) Solanum - 5:00
6.) Future Soul - 5:30
7.) The Train to Berlin (instrumental) - 2:20
8.) Sonar - 6:00