Good Clean Feeling

Good Clean Feeling


Good Clean Feeling is a huge, inclusive Toronto folk-ish band that lives up to its name in its live shows. Like a co-ed Jonathan Richman side project with big harmonies and polyrhythms.


Good Clean Feeling is an eight-piece folk-pop band from Toronto.

This is a band of best friends, cousins, next door neighbours and lovers; this comes through in their amorous music and collective vibe. With their sunny harmonies and polyrhythms the band can sound like a co-ed Jonathan Richman side project. Although their unorthodox hand-drum set-up and the size of the band seem primed for jamming, Good Clean Feeling has carefully crafted its tight pop music, arranging acoustic instruments, horns, and hand drums around their simple and earnest lyrics.

The band was conceived as an anti-cynicism project, a response to the morose tendencies of Toronto’s independent music scene; their live shows are a celebration of optimism and their recently self-released debut LP When We Sing showcases the band’s collective DIY spirit.

The band draws inspiration from Jonathan Richman, Talking Heads, Beach Boys, Animal Collective and Sandinista!-era Clash; but these influences are felt more in the feel of the band than in their sound.This group has no pretensions of replicating another band or aesthetic. They are an inclusive and varied group of musicians who cull from their eclectic influences and DIY vision.

Core songwriters Ben Hirsch, Maud Morgan and Paul Castrodale are joined by Jaymie Sampa, Tristan Murphy, Rob Cole, Derek Aubichon and Mark Castrodale. Percussionists Yusei Ota and Javier Navarette performed on 'When We Sing' and play with the band when they can.


On My Bike

Written By: Good Clean Feeling

When I'm on my bike/singing loud at the end of the night/fleeing worries that i don't wanna fight/i feel nice when i'm on my bike/if i ride fast/my worries don't bother me/keep my thoughts in the past/so i can be free/when i'm on my bike/pollinators chasing after me/talking bout the birds and the bees/flying high in the trees like me/when i'm on my bike/lil' wayne is bumping in my brain/david byrne is chasing after me/toots is gonna put me to sleep/when i'm on my bike/woodie guthrie's playing in my heart/i think he's been there from the start/that man had it right/i feel nice when i'm on my bike

Bus Song

Written By: Maud Morgan

Rode the bus today, o mama
Didn't have enough to pay for my ride
But I got on anyway, o mama
Thinking that today was gonna be fine

'Cause nobody knows,
nobody knows that I can't pay.

Wrote a note today, o mama
About a thing or two that was stuck on my mind.
Tell me if I did make progress, is it showing?
Give me your opinion, and I'll explain mine.

Pay attention,
What did I mean when I said she lied?

Thought of you today, my darling.
The way the morning sun hits your eyes.
The way you lift so heavy from dreaming,
I thought about the curvature of your spine.

It follows me,
I think of you all the time.


Single: 'On My Bike' [B-Side 'Bus Song']
Airplay on Kootenay Co-Op Radio (Kootenay, BC); SCCR 90.3 FM; and Regent Radio Toronto

LP: 'When We Sing' (2012)
Available on iTunes. Physical copies available at shows and through Reel Cod Records.

Streaming: 'On My Bike'; 'Better Kind of Man'; 'Bus Song'; and 'Build A Boat' at

Limited edition demo release pressed in Boston, MA.

Set List

1. On My Bike
2. Better Kind of Man
3. Bus Song
4. The Fox
5. Build A Boat
6. Evaporate
7. Yoga Song
8. Fire On The Mountain (Asa cover)
9. Can't Control the Weather
10. O, Happiness
11. Carotte
12. Sugo Song
13. I Know You Rider
14. When I Sing
15. Closing Medley (Depending on audience)