Good Day Reflection

Good Day Reflection


Good Day Reflection's music is high energy, self composed music that is in a genre all by itself. A combo of Alternative, punk, rock, and power pop. A little bit of something for everyones taste.


GDR was formed in early 2007 when some friends that had jammed together for a few years decided to play a local high school show and record a demo for a Senior project for school. The response following the show was so positive and the band got "the bug" for performing and decided to make this a serious effort. In early 2008 GDR added Keenan on keyboards and the band was complete. They began booking shows all over NC and recorded a CD in spring of 2008. GDR's music is innovative to say the least. They're a high energy band, and nothing like you have seen before. The members are influenced by every genre of music from every era.


Nothing Left to Say- released in 2008
Singles- Set it on Fire - fall 2008

Set List

Set is usually about an hour to an hour and 15 min.
GDR plays 90% original music and 10 % covers.
They cover bands such as, The Killers, Blink 182, and Taking Back Sunday