Good Dog

Good Dog


Good Dog delivers a highly danceable combination of tightly composed sections and gritty jams. Cousins Adrian and Joey Ciucci blend their funky, jazz-inspired styles with groove oriented rythms held down by bassist Zach Hudgins and drummer Justin Beach.


Good Dog is a four peice rock group based out of Richmond Va. Good Dog is the product of four musicians with independent musical interests, uniting around the obsession of manipulating music. Genre is not as important as mindset, although Good Dog is influenced by Medeski, Martin, and Wood, The Grateful Dead, The Beatles, and many others. All are welcome at a Good Dog show. Performances are designed to bring unity to the entire concert experience. Creation, Manipulation, Improvistion. Funk.



Written By: Ciucci, Ciucci, Hudgins, Beach

Where now do you come from and where do you go? The next time your around you should really let me know. Your always dissapearing just in time, just one step ahead in this race through my mind.
People, they live in a fog, beleiving that nothing is wrong, but people you got to beleive, you spend your time here then you have to leave.
Your always dissapearing just in time, running through my head in a race through my mind.


Written By: Adrian Ciucci

Cut off your own head man. Your never going to get it now. Winter is rolling in. You are never going to get it right. The wind is whipping at your bones, you can't fell anything right now, Winter is rolling in, your never going to get it right.
This town is going crazy, we've been keeping them up all night, we want to make them scream before we're done tonight.

Living a Lie

Written By: Joey Ciucci

I'm living a lie, I'm living a lie. It doesn't seem to bother me and I don't know why. Everytime I see you I am flirting with disaster but I don't want to wait so come on faster.
I'm living a lie, I'm living a lie. Even though I've got it I know I've got nothing to hide, you fooled me once baby, I'm living in sin, you fooled me twice baby I am begging you to let me in
Because the days are like a mountain chain, location baby it's not the same. When your on the top, you've got the sky, and when your on the bottom you've still got the rivers flowing by.


Good Dog has recorded their first 3 track ep, available at Good Dog shows. Good Dog is returning to the studio in March of 2008.

Set List

Good Dog sets are always mostly premeditated to bring unity to the concert experience. This is done by pulling from dozensof originals compositions as well as the occasional cover. Format is entirley situational. Most common is a 2 set format, with the second set being longer than the first.