Good Evening

Good Evening


New York indie rock music that is grandly expansive, intimately concentrated and unafraid to be melodic and beautiful, and reminiscent of the likes of Talk Talk, Radiohead, Can, and Elbow.


GOOD EVENING formed in New York in 2004 when David Cloyd (vocals/guitar) and Mike Oliverio (bass guitar) joined with guitarist Jeremy Voss and former Volcano, I’m Still Excited!! drummer John Thomas Robinette III. They recorded their debut EP, i saw the sun explode, in March 2005. The result of their efforts is a music that is at once grandly expansive, intimately concentrated and unafraid to be melodic and beautiful. Shortly after recording, however, the band took a hiatus while John served as the touring drummer for Sufjan Stevens and Mike served as the touring bassist for Adam Richman and downtown avant-garde luminary Dougie Bowne (Iggy Pop, Yoko Ono, Cibo Matto, The Lounge Lizards).

While their music may reference the atmosphere, style and aims of bands like Talk Talk, Radiohead, Can and Elbow, they are inspired to go beyond mere mimicry. Consequently, they find themselves moving in a very different direction than the retro glam-seventies and new-wave-eighties music currently prevalent in the New York music scene. It is this divergent quality that makes them so vital—the willingness to go against what is currently considered “cool” paradoxically defines what “cool” truly is.

Good Evening is now performing with the likes of The Big Sleep, Mobius Band, My Brightest Diamond and the Winter Pageant, where their live shows continue to develop their songs with a unique approach combining the refinement of their musical arrangements with raw, noisy improvisation.

All music by GOOD EVENING.
Produced by GOOD EVENING and Joshua Kessler.
Recorded and mixed at Bushwick Studio, Brooklyn, NY, March 4, 5, and 10, 2005.
Engineered by Joshua Kessler.
Mastered by Scott Hull at Jigsaw Sound, NYC.




i know where you are tonight
i wish that i could see this right
i can't sleep for the streetlight
i know where you are tonight

i'm living for the overtones
of who you see and what they know
brush me off i won't let go
i'm living for the over

so i'm stopping to wait for you
what's your reason why
i drive a broken car
i'm faster than you are

i'd run like hell if i were smart
in her dark eyes i fall apart
doubled over from the start
in her dark eyes i fall

but i'm passing you by again
what's your reason why
i always go too far
i'm faster than you are

i've been out of my head before chasing after a closing door
but i'm faster than you are
i knew you'd save me from another scar
it doesn't get me past her
it only makes me faster

you're waiting for a bridge to fall
you're waiting for a curtain call
i'm burning matches out in the hall
i'm waiting for a bridge to fall



you're too early. i'm not on yet. cross your fingers.
you're too early for this kind of talk. i can't hear a word.

listen, i'm not on yet. stretch your fingers. you're too early for this kind of worry, i can't hear a word you say, listen to me.

you're too early. don't raise such a fuss. so much that you still don't know. too much worry for such a pretty face.

you're too early, but you're not too bright, are you? that will get you everywhere with me. wait and you'll see - it's still early.

from this minute on.
from this minute on i'm not ready to go.
from this minute on you're early.


i saw the sun explode (Debut EP) - 2005

Set List

Overture (The Day Is Tearing The Clouds Apart)
The Spark I Was
A Narrow Escape

Set Length: 40-45 minutes

Additional songs include:
Go On
Never Run