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The "Goodfellas" are a Southern Hip Hop group. Technique and Bennie Green, 2 big names in South Carolina are making there way throughout the country!


The "Goodfellas" formed by 2 guys who are from different parts of South Carolina. The group is focused on bringing neglected attention to their state. Technique and Bennie Green met in Myrtle Beach, SC. Both of them obviously had heard about each other and collaborated after battling to see who would take the throne of the best artist in the Carolina's. They both had a vision to put South Carolina on the map and begin another part of history for down south music. After one year together they had number 1 songs on 5 different radio staions in South Carolina, 3 in North Carolina and 2 in Washington, D.C. As of February 2006 they have a song in heavy rotation on XM Expression 87.7 Radio in the U.K. The Goodfellas influences consist of Jermaine Dupri, Outkast, Jay-Z, T.I, Young Jeezy and anybody who came from nothing and made it. Also, any artist doing any type of music for the love of music and making history. What sets the "Goodfellas" apart from other groups is a unique Carolina sound. They are a universal group who attract crossover audiences without actually having so called crossover songs. They strive to work harder than anybody else inorder to make sure that they make it to the top and stay there. They make sure to attend every major event in hopes of gaining more exposure, fans, and a chance to be heard!


They have released five songs on major radio stations on the east coast and 103.3 on the West Coast. "Let Get It Poppin", "Cacky Lacky Crunk", "South Kack", "Come to me" and "Fire Drill". Also, "Lets Get It Poppin" and "Fire Drill' are both in heavy rotation in the U.K. Technique has dropped 2 solo albums called "Cacky Lacky Bread" and "Situations" which have been featured on numerous mixtapes. Bennie Green has dropped an album "The Album" and has been on host mixtapes as well. Together they have dropped "1075A Mixtape" hosted by DJ Slim Nasty. Currently projects in the works are "The Goodfellas Album" and "Get Money" as well as other another mixtapes.

Set List

The tracks "South Kack", "Lets Get It Poppin", "Fire Drill", "Come To Me", and "Cacky Lacky Crunk". The groups musical sets usually last about 30 minutes. They are down for anything paid or not! They just want people to hear their music and embrace them.