Los Angeles, California, USA

Goodfellas is a blend of old country outlaw folk with many other influences. Acoustic storytellers who love to play music and entertain.


Goodfellas cannot fit into one particular genre, being described as "Violent Femmes and Social Distortion" and "Cowboy Country Folk" and that is what sets them apart. By not fitting into any one niche, they have been able to capture a broad audience while still creating quality music. Goodfellas began in a garage and are rapidly growing and has already won a battle of the bands, played numerous shows, and are always recording and experimenting. Check out the facebook at for shows, photos and more!


Sweet Regret

Written By: Goodfellas

Well I lie here wide awake my fingers started bleedin’ at about half past two yesterday mornin’
Well I couldn't stay in time and I couldn't stay in tune with that new Taylor guitar
I had Dublin Blues playin’ all night long but I couldn't play along no matter how hard I tried
I had pictures of her all along my wall but I couldn't bring her back
No matter how hard I cried

I’m out here all alone
Just me and my sweet regret
She’ll never leave me and she’s never out of time
The poster of a rodeo well it’s tattered burned and scarred
Her lips rest on a cigarette
She’s my lonesome star

Like an empty bullet shell crashing to the dirt
Like an cold black heart of innocence
I’m tied up on a string in a world around her finger in an evil romance
I still sing those Dublin Blues when I’m all alone
And I still have her picture
But she’s never comin’ home