Brooklyn, New York, USA

Lovely lush and melodious, a musing duo Lola and Heath coo songs from adoration to indifference with their lifestyle called Goodfight. Their wish is to serenade the pastel soul through a vibrant journey that equalizes harmonious reciprocity and unrequited love. Goodfight is the constancy of change and the liberator of expectation.

TL; DR :


Goodfight is a Floridian vibe in Brooklyn. The band's front liners and musical visionaries of the band, Andrew Forman, Annique Monet, and Dion Kerr are Delray Beachians. We are at the moment an independent rock (fantasia) collective and lifestyle brand that has been going pedal to the metal for only about 6 months now. Having received some encouraging buzz and having opened for some cool artists (Jerry Paper, Dougie Pool) we are deciding to seize the opportunity this summer to travel and get our sound and image out there. This comes in the form of our tour, the EP in which we are supporting, the music videos to be premiered in the following months, and the clothing that we design that typifies us. We plan on showcasing all of this in one way or another on our way down from NYC to Florida and back this summer 2k17