Good For America

Good For America


Our music is one thing that you dont hear much today. In one word: unique. We don't sound like anyone else and our music contains real emotion. We like to show all of our muscial influences through our music. We write music we think will move people and get them thinking.


Good For America is an acoustic rock group that as of now consists of 4 members: Kawika: Lead/Rhythm Guitar, Brandon: Lead/Rhythm Guitar, and Mike: Lead Vocal, and David: Resident Drum God. Good For America started out as a duo in Gresham, OR in 2004. Before GFA, all of the members were "classically" trained musicians. Brandon played the saxophone until picking up the guitar in 2003. Kawika played the tuba as well as guitar all though middle school and high school. Mike also played tuba and was also a feature member of his high school choir, earning an opera scholarship to the University of Oregon in 2000. Mike and Brandon founded GFA when they started playing music together in their apartment in October of 2004. Though drunken parites and coffeeshops in downtown Portland, GFA's music soared, earning high praise from all who listened. In April 2005, after months of work, GFA finally hit the studio to record its demo, entitled "Hardcore". Now the title may not reflect the style of music played(simply for the fact that it's all acoustic), it does, however, very much reflect the lyrics of all 8 of the band's debut. Due to some unfortunate circumstances, GFA reloctaed to Eugene, OR where they met up with Kawika. Though all 3 members knew each other throughout middle and/or high school, they had never played music together. Although Dvaid's time in the band has been the least of all the member's, his influence has been felt from the day he etered the band. Now as a quartet, they soar even higher. Playing musical styles from heavier rock to songs with hip-hop and jazz influences, GFA feels no style of music is out of reach for them and welcome the challenges that come along with playing so many diverse styles of music. They feel that all styles of music are amazing and try to bring elements of all types of music into their writing. They are currently recording their new album which will be titled "Elevate".


Magic Twilgiht

Written By: Good For America

I see the magic twilight in your eyes
And I know your beauty will never die
Beautiful star dancing in the night sky
Show me your secrets, make me feel alive
So close, but to distant to feel you in my arms
You make my heart move like a raging storm
Conversation, like the waves of the sea
Crashing down...engulfing me

Magic twilight, in your eyes I see divinity
Your wonderful spell has taken all control of me
The smile on your face serves as serendipity
You wrtie the words i my soliloquie

The moon keeps shining
I'll still be striving through my journey
Your light will lead the way, to show me more
Of the things that I need to be learning

The road that leads to your soul is through your eyes
The magic twilight
No hang-ups, no regrets
Why dont we just dive right in...
To the river of joy that flows deep within

Magic twilight, in your eyes I see divinity
Your wonderful spell has taken all control of me
The smile on your face serves as serendipity
You wrtie the words i my soliloquie

Magic twilight, you bring my dark world some light
In dire times, to see your smile makes everything so bright
Give me the word, and I'd fly to another world to make you happy
When given the chance I would do anything for you
Magic twilight
In your eyes
To your soul I would run deeper than anyone has tried to imagine
For you I would run through the trenches of hell
For I am the one who's lost under your spell...
Magic Twilight
In your eyes


"Elevate"- In Process of recording. Projected Release: Fall 2006

Demo- "Hardcore"-Released April 2005

Streaming songs:

Set List

Typical Set List:

Sets Usually Last About 2 Hours
20-25 songs
Mostly Band Originals
3-5 Covers

Our Cover Repertoire Includes:
Alice In Chains
Wyclef Jean
The Beatles