Good Friday Experiment

Good Friday Experiment


Psychedelic/space avant-rock. Please check out for mp3s and photos.


Good Friday Experiment plays music that is slower, louder, and better than what you probably normally listen to. They create a psychedelic brand of rock that pulls influences from the likes of the Byrds, Can, the Verve and My Bloody Valentine. The beautiful result of their collaboration is a unique form of spacey, thoughtful rock music for hot summer days in the shade or late night, cross-country driving, or really any of life's stoned stolen moments of selfish pleasure.
Good Friday Experiment is a four piece band from Atlanta, Georgia. Over the last few years they have been building and perfecting their own studio that utilizes the warmest of vintage tones. From Rhodes, to Wurlitzer, to Moog, to pedal steel guitar, Good Friday Experiment never hesitates to go for that perfect sound. Their 2001 self-released “Bottom of a Pail Breaking Through” made waves all across the country on college radio and indie press. It's dreamy, yet exciting songs seem to pull the listener into a strange, yet hauntingly familiar world of lush aural Rock and Roll landscapes.


Bottom of a Pail Breaking Through (2001, Shakedown Records)
Spread Out Inside (2004, Shakedown Records)
Halocline EP (2004, Shakedown Records)

Set List

Six to eight songs, 35-50 minutes. No covers.