Good Gets Better

Good Gets Better


Newgrass, Funk, R n B, Soul, Jazz, Boogie, Americana, Organica, Groove, Improv.....


Milwaukee based original act shining Love and Light on the world through innovative and creative musical exploration. Knowing our roots and one foot firmly planted in tradition we strive to use this knowledge as a launching pad. Straddling the ever-present "now" the other foot is always seeking to find new ground on which to land. Every show promises high energy and good vibes.


Let the Monkey Drive

Written By: Greg Mardak

Like from a dream you open up your eyes
you're at the wheel but not the one who drives
you gasp and reach for you're losin all control
you start to holler at the monkey in your soul

You grab the wheel sweat glistens on your brow
turn to the monkey and then you ask him how?
ooh ooh aah aah is all he's got to say
but with a glance you know it's all OK

... and you will be alive
... as soon as you let the monkey drive

You're on the train as it barrels down the track
without a thought the monkey climbs up on your back
and for a moment he passes you the wheel
covers up your eyes and only then reveals

Secrets of your life that lie beyond your sight
and how to feel all with all your might
now all is clear you look the monkey in the eye
give him back the wheel it's now your lucid ride...

Now trust the monkey he won't steer you wrong
release your hold cause he's been drivin all along
and now you know that the monkey won't deceive
he'll keep you on the track this you must believe

Hang your head out the window catch the breeze
monkey at the wheel you feel right at ease
look to the monkey and with a knowing grin
content he'll always take you for a spin.........


Written By: Greg Mardak

I, I rise, but sometimes, you know I'm gonna fall
but I, I will climb, and if I can't, you know I'm gonna crawl

and like a baby child I open up my eyes
and see the path ahead of me
it forms as I start to rise

moving forward now each step of the way
and I may fall back down but I get up
and smile come what worries come what may

we, we rise, but sometimes, you know we all will fall
but we, we will climb, and we can't, we're gonna crawl

I get up from my knees and I dust myself off
and at the challenge ahead of me
I will not frown and I will never scoff

again up that hill I'll climb reaching for the top
and sometimes it may seem steep
but I know now that I will never stop..
you know you just can't stop

Brief and Dreamy

Written By: Greg Mardak

I'm always getting into the brief and dreamy scene
and I am never really very sure just what it seems to be
just out of reach yet right there before my eyes
and I wonder if the love I feel will ever be realized...

for me... and you...

Can it be for me that this is all this little scene can give
or is all hidden to be found and only for disclosure live
at the moment I'm aware lucid and you know it all seems true
but it escapes and I can't grasp the fleeting passion slips on through....

At times I think illusions there are real and they hold belief
but then I find they disappear and realize our life is brief
with fleeting moments passing by and within each a time serene
the love and light come shining through and all the rest is just a dream......

Set List

You will hear mostly to all original music. There are over 100 tunes currently written and many more in the creative process. You may hear an occasional cover from a very wide scope of artists and genres and spanning almost a century of music.