The Good Ideas

The Good Ideas


Complex, catchy, progressive, culture probing art rock with blinking bulb stutter. Think of Neil Young possessed by the spirit of Wayne Coyne fronting an orchestra populated by members of Radiohead, The Dismemberment Plan and The Arcade Fire


The Good Ideas came to be as an outlet for the complex, emotional compositions of founding Idea, Joel Dalton. 'Lightbulbs in the Sky' was the product of Joel's concentrated early recording and writing experiments, aided by childhood friends James (Jimmy) McLean and Arron (Gibby) Gibson. Veering paths in life shortly split the Good Ideas into seperate ventures, with most dedicating their time to school. In this structured academic format, Joel fast found his passion for music far more enticing a prospect than any generally structured safety repetition cycles put forth by our governing institutions.

In the spring of 2002, Joel migrated to Toronto in search of a new creative landscape to make music his full time venture. Toronto's unique music scene quickly made an impact, introducing Joel and The Pink Christ, who became band mates in Utopia Complex, a short-lived project that helped plant seeds for a Good Ideas rebirth.

By late 2004, The Good Ideas had become a rejuvinated musical force with all key members now in place with the additions of Joel's twin brother, Jon Dalton and The Pink Christ.

Energized by well recieved performances with The Dears, The Mark Inside, Winter Equinox and The Guest Bedroom and armed with an arsenal of fresh songs veering into bold new directions inspired in part by Joel's stint on keys/trumpet with Shawn Hewitt and The National Strike, The Good Ideas found themselves preparing to record their offical debut, 'Turning the Crank', at TS Studios with co-producer Dov Tiefenbach in the summer of 2005.

Temporary tragedy struck when days before recording was to commence, drummer, The PC, was forced to drop out of the recording sessions almost entirely due to injury. Talented friends and drummers Mike Rivet, Will Culbert, Jesse Muldoon and Dov Tiefenbach were quickly gathered and assigned the songs necessary to complete the album. Recording sessions were complete and the album was taken to Andy Krehm of Silverbirch Studios for mastering.

2006 finds The Good Ideas line-up reaffirmed, reinvigorated and ready to take their culture probing musical circus on the road in support of an early February release for 'Turning the Crank' through activist musician collective, Trinket Trance.

It's a Good Idea to listen to 'Turning the Crank' in its entirety in streaming audio at or visit us for sight and sound samples at


LP - Turning the Crank - 2006
- Trinket Trance and Crony Records
Demo LP - Lightbulbs in the Sky - 2003
- Self Released

Set List

Live, we draw from this collection of original material for set lengths of 30 - 120 minutes.
Watching Sitcoms Without Laugh Tracks
Measure Once, Cut Twice
The Lion's Den
half eaten erasers
The Edge of Extinction
Greasing the Ladder
Bending Moment
Broken Machine
subway song
Watching Torture Videos Without Sound
Find Yourself
Stuck Inside
Green Tea
Bailing Out
When indulging in cover material, we've been known to perform songs by:
The Flaming Lips
The Dismemberment Plan
Theresa's Sound World
Old Man Dog
Trucks Leaving