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The best kept secret in music


"Playback St. Louis"

""Gooding is ready for the show. After seven self-recorded, self-produced, and self-released albums, this guitar virtuoso has found the perfect blend of unique and innovative meets accessible and radio-friendly. One listen to Angel/Devil is all it takes: with this release, Gooding’s in a whole new league."
- Laura Hamlett


"The band plays up its strengths – musicianship, songcraft, versatility – in a manner that reflects years of honing their craft. If “Angel/Devil” doesn’t floor you, you weren’t meant for this band anyways." - Richard Gintowt


"To be able to create songs the way Gooding does, self-produce albums as he does and lead a live show like he is notorious for demands a great amount of genuineness in the music itself, and this shows through in every aspect of the band’s shows and personalities." - Keith Clingman


""Above and beyond the fact that this band is electrifying, just to watch, the things they're doing to and with the toys of their trade, their guitars and such, are amazing. They rock and roll, they crumble and then they rise again." - Cody Duncan

"Playback St. Louis"

"And what can we say about Gooding that hasn't already been said? The trio-fronted by Gooding, who lends his name to the band-has more heart than most bands twice their size. Gooding himself is a thoughtful lyricist and, boy, can he play guitar (sometimes two at once). Their roots-based rock incorporates elements of blues, electronica, hip-hop, and world music to create a sound that is both unique and comfortable. With eight albums to their name, Gooding's touring in advance of the forthcoming Angel Devil. You can't see this band and not leave a fan."
- Laura Hamlett

"Wichita Eagle"

"When he gots lost in time and do we..he remains one of the most remarkable players anywhere" - Rod Pokowatchit

"The Daily Oklahoman"

“…[GOODING] sent my senses reeling. It was sensory overload of the sweetest kind. My jaw was on the floor. …Shouldn’t he be playing in an arena or stadium somewhere, in front of thousands of screaming fans? Someday soon, I’m willing to bet. … He – and his band – will knock your head askew.” - Gene Triplett


Tiny Heart Attacks - 2006
Angel/Devil - 2005
Soldiermaking - 2004
Live at Loft 150 - 2003
Life Itself- 2002
3X- 2001
Collection 1- 1999
Factory Blue- 1998
Winter's Return- 1995

• Tracks have aired on more than 500 commercial, non-commercial, and college radio stations


Feeling a bit camera shy


There is a certain chemistry that comes with a band whose frontman and drummer have been together since taking home the trophy in their seventh grade talent show; the two are joined by a bassist who is an old college friend/ex-roadie for the band. Add to this chemistry a rock-solid touring schedule of over 500 crowd-moving shows in 60 cities throughout the past four years, along with four self-produced/self-released albums, and you can start to get an idea of how the band Gooding pulls off its inventive and energetic live show.

This undeniably unique power trio—composed of frontman/guitarist/vocalist (and band namesake) Gooding, drummer Jesse Reichenberger and bassist Billy Driver—has become notorious for putting on a relentless live show night after night. Coaxing an array of sounds out of the guitar, Gooding’s creativity through his instrument creates a playground for the solid backbeats and grooves laid down behind him. The guitar is not intended overshadow the songs themselves; rather, it is used as a tool to guide the three players, creating music with the live energy of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the creativity and eclecticism of Beck, and the political and social awareness of Pearl Jam.

Always adding fans by touring year ’round, the band has also gained exposure through its popularity on college radio, as well as through placements on films such as The Matrix: Revisited and Animatrix and on TV shows on channels such as MTV, HBO, ESPN and Fox Sports, among others.

On the heels of the self-produced recent release, Tiny Heart Attacks, the band will continue to do what it does best: move crowds night after night, city after city, pouring its heart and soul into everything it does. Give these three boys an hour and Gooding will give you worlds in return.