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"Pushing on boundaries..."

Pushing on boundaries when not simply smashing through them, Gooding masterfully combines acoustic and electric textures into a collection of tracks that holds together amazingly well. .pure craftsmanship. Sharp, pensive, shimmering compositions whose appeal intensify with every listen. startling originality. - All Music Guide

"Gooding is ready for the show..."

Gooding is ready for the show. After seven self-recorded, self-produced, and self-released albums, this guitar virtuoso has found the perfect blend of unique and innovative meets accessible and radio-friendly. One listen to Angel/Devil is all it takes: with this release, Gooding's in a whole new league. - Playback St. Louis

"a myriad of styles..."

(Gooding) blends a myriad of styles that he has come to manipulate so well and created a sonically superior work of art. - Infinity Press

"sensory overload"

(Gooding) sent my senses reeling. It was sensory overload of the sweetest kind. My jaw was on the floor. Shouldn't he be playing in an arena or stadium somewhere, in front of thousands of screaming fans? Someday soon, I'm willing to bet. He - and his band - will knock your head askew. - The Daily Oklahoman

"an all-star musical army"

With enough talent and production to outfit an all-star musical army, Gooding delivers outstanding guitar work amongst a variety of acoustic and electronic soundscapes. -


The one-man visionary known only to the world as Gooding not only possesses an immense amount of talent, but he's equally prolific. I cannot hear enough from this guy. This needs to be heard! - Jersey Beat


Blending a variety of sounds, such as guitars, percussion, synthesizers, and interesting voice samples, Gooding has produced a flawless CD with so many interesting sounds that it's hard to wrap your brain around what you're hearing - Liberty Press



To Kiss To Kill
Clap If You Love Vampires
Breaks and Breakdowns
Little America
Songs for Grey Days
The Beat Wheel
Tiny Heart Attacks
Live at Loft 150
Life Itself
Collection 1
Factory Blue
Winter's Return


Walk The Line (Cash Legacy Edition) DVD
Ice Age 2 DVD
Children of Men DVD
The Sinatra Collection
The Mist - Special Edition
Bull Durham - Special Edition
The Matrix: Revisited
The Matrix: Animatrix DVD
Fast And Furious: Tokyo Drifter DVD
Bring it On: All or Nothing DVD
American Pie: The Naked Mile DVD
Waist Deep DVD
The Batman: Season 3 DVD
Nascar Kasey Kahne’s Dirt n’
Balls of Fury DVD
Looney Toons 5 DVD
The Apartment DVD
Viva Las Vegas DVD


The Closer Season 1 and 3 DVD
Nip/Tuck Season 4 and 5 DVD
Nip/Tuck Season 4 DVD- FX
The Next Biggest Thing
HBO’s Dane Cook’s Tourgasm & Vicious Circle
We are Marshall Special - A&E
MTV’S Real World, Road Rules and Extreme Challenge
Stargate SGg-1 200th Episode
Paul Newman: Making of The Verdict DVD
Espn Great Outdoor Games
Fox Sports 54321
Discovery Channel’s Kustomizer
Gatorade’s Making of Michael Jordan’s Commercial
ABC Figureskating Championships


National Spot for Midway's NBA Ballers (watch video)


Guitarist on "Taking Flight" - featuring Adriana Sevan- performed at LA Theatre, L.A's Fountain, and San Diego repertory Theatre.


Corey Rourke Photography
Just Cabinets


LTD Snowboards


Siggraph LA


Currently working on "THE NEW BLACK"
by Wade Hampton

“Katrina - The Hurricane That Changed America”
Dir: Ollie Hall
Full Score

Dir: Rod Pocowatchit - winner of Best Film at the 2006 American Indian L.A. Film & TV Awards
Full score

“FLOOD” Aa film by Eerick Drooker and Oliver Hill, based on Drooker’s Darkhorse Comic, “FLOOD” Full score

“Dancing on the Moon”
Dir: Rod Pocowatchit
5 songs

“Medicine on the Prairie”
Dir: Dan Ginavan - won 1st place in 2002 Kan Film Festival
Full score

“My Day in the Barrel”
Dir: Jason Bailey
Full score

“The Cuckoo’s Calling”
Dir: Steve Drain
Full score

1996 “Hollywood: The Movie”
Dir: Joseph Aallen
Intro credits



GOODING has placed songs in and/or scored more than 100 films/tv shows and commercials. He is also the guitarist/vocalist for the rock band "The Angel/Devil".

Born in Ann Arbor, MI, Gooding has lived in Wichita, KS, where he won his 7th grade talent show with drummer Jesse Rich, attended Film School at KU in Lawrence, KS where he met bassist Billy Driver, and has since spent stints writing and recording both alone and with his partners in crime in the mining country of north cali, the 5-lane sprawl of Los Angeles, CA and the front range of Fort Collins, CO.

"I saw KISS at age 4, heard Queen's Flash Gordon a few years later, and those two paths of rock n roll and movie soundtracks have pretty much consumed the rest of my days", he laughs. "I am very fortunate that my love of Rock n' Roll and Film has found a way to co-exist. Breaks from touring with the band allow me to record my experimental work- which has luckily found some homes in film and tv- and too much time down in the lab makes us want to get back out and stay focused on rock n’ roll".

After years of recording and producing dozens of other acts while running recording studios in Wichita and Lawrence, KS, he was able to start working on his catalog exclusively and launch his own indie “S3 Records” , his publishing company “Kingdom 2”, as well as study and pursue his passion for animal rights. Amidst touring up to 60 cities a year and playing over 600 shows with the band, he has managed to amass a catalog of 13 records and over 500 tracks written, recorded, produced and self-released. After years of touring under his moniker with billy and jesse, they took on a new shape this year, writing and recording together under a name that more accurately reflects the miles and chemistry between them, as well as grappling with the questions of grey that arise when one stops looking at the world as us/them and black/white but works towards the unity of “the middle way”... “THE ANGEL/DEVIL”.