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The best kept secret in music


"Playback St. Louis"

"Gooding is ready for the show. After seven self-recorded, self-produced, and self-released albums, this guitar virtuoso has found the perfect blend of unique and innovative meets accessible and radio-friendly. One listen to Angel/Devil is all it takes: with this release, Gooding’s in a whole new league." -Laura Hamlett - ...


"The band plays up its strengths – musicianship, songcraft, versatility – in a manner that reflects years of honing their craft. If “Angel/Devil” doesn’t floor you, you weren’t meant for this band anyways." - Richard Gintowt - ...

"Stillwater Scene"

"To be able to create songs the way Gooding does, self-produce albums as he does and lead a live show like he is notorious for demands a great amount of genuineness in the music itself, and this shows through in every aspect of the band’s shows and personalities. - Keith Clingman - ...

"F5 Wichita"

" more window into (gooding's) musical soul that's nearly flawless and made with passion and vision."
- Jedd Beaudoin on the LP "Angel/Devil" - ...

"Wichita Eagle"

"When he gots lost in time and do we..he remains one of the most remarkable players anywhere"
- Rod Pokowatchit - ...

"The Daily Oklahoman"

“…[GOODING] sent my senses reeling. It was sensory overload of the sweetest kind. My jaw was on the floor. …Shouldn’t he be playing in an arena or stadium somewhere, in front of thousands of screaming fans? Someday soon, I’m willing to bet. … He – and his band – will knock your head askew.”
- Gene Triplett - ...

"Tulsa World"

“Blistering performance…searing and slithery slide guitar solos…where there was just an empty dance floor, now there were GOODING converts bumping and grinding… GOODING didn’t disappoint.” - Matt Gleason - ...

"Jersey Beat"

“The one-man visionary known only to the world as GOODING not only possesses an immense amount of talent, but he’s equally prolific….I cannot hear enough from this guy. This needs to be heard!” - Rich Quinlan - ...


Angel/Devil (2005) - S3 Records
Soldiermaking (2004) - S3 Records
Live at Loft 150 (2003) - S3 Records
Life Itself (2002) - S3 Records
3X (2000) - S3 Records
Collection #1 (1999) - S3 Records
Factory Blue (1998) - S3 Records
Winter's Return (1995) - S3 Records


Feeling a bit camera shy


Based in the "flyover zone" of Wichita, KS, the band Gooding has played more than 400 shows in 60 cities, released eight albums independently, and been heard on over 500 radio stations, as well as on the Matrix: Revisited and Matrix: Animatrix DVD’s and on MTV’s Road Rules and Real World. This is a band that plays their hearts out, takes no shortcuts, and earns its fans one at a time while blazing a repeated path through the States with their devastating live shows. They are three real performers who care about music above all else, and the audience that shares in that music with them.

Guitarist/vocalist Gooding met drummer Jesse Reichenberger at age 12, and after winning their 7th grade talent show together decided they would just have to make music for the rest of their lives. After more than a decade of touring they have found a musical soulmate in bassist Billy Driver, a college friend who roadied for one of their earlier bands before being asked to play the songs himself and become a permanent member of the family.

Forged by an uncountable number of tour dates, an uncompromising focus on original music from the beginning, and the typical trials that come from living your life in pursuit of what may seem to many an impossible dream, they have only become a unified force both onstage and off. Their longtime fans and a 100-person-plus street team e promoting shows and CD releases around the country are a testament to their hard work, friendship and down-to-earth attitudes.

Bombastic drums, deep and fuzzy bass, stark classical and dynamic, anthemic electric guitar, occasional loops and samples, a completely unique baritone voice, kind hearts, small egos and a gargantuan work ethic separates this band from anything before or after. Not easily filed under "Pop/Rock,” Gooding blurs the lines between alt, pop, blues, and world music. Similar to career artists they adore -- Zeppelin, Buckley, Ani, Clapton, U2, Waits, and Radiohead come immediately to mind – Gooding puts no limits on what sounds can be found in a song. A single show might bring elements of ‘60s rock, funk, movie soundtracks or even Latin influences, but somehow their gorgeously dark notes and melodies never feel out of place or forced, no matter what the context or how big or small the venue.

Their latest album, Angel/Devil – which follows on the heels of their 2003 S3 album, Soldiermaking - is a 13-song exploration of universal dichotomies: faith versus the loss of faith, dark versus light, experimental versus pop, and America the beautiful versus America the wasteful and unstoppable. This is a rock record about a plane crash (“Harm’s Way”), America's fragile place in the world (“Little America”), hope vs. doubt (“Judas” and “Goldenboy”), broken relationships (“Everything or Nothing Again” and “Box of Bullets”) and the price of giving up your dreams (“Charlatan”). There’s even a song (“Gray”) about the environment's demise, told from the perspective of a whale. Of course, as with any true work of art, it can really be about anything you want it to be about. As the band prepares to take the new songs out on the road, Gooding hopes that they will be transformed by the energy of live performance. “When we play these songs on the road, we will attempt to bring more colors and intensity to them,” Gooding says. “We are striving to make the people who are at these shows feel all of things that our favorite artists have made us feel.”