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Los Angeles, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | INDIE

Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Americana Rock




"Pushing on boundaries..."

“Pushing on boundaries when not simply smashing through them, GOODING masterfully combines acoustic and electric textures into a collection of tracks that holds together amazingly well. Pure craftsmanship. Sharp, pensive, shimmering compositions whose appeal intensify with every listen. Startling originality.” - All Music Guide

"This needs to be heard!"

“The one-man visionary known only to the world as GOODING not only possesses an immense amount of talent, but he’s equally prolific….I cannot hear enough from this guy. This needs to be heard!” - Jersey Beat


“(GOODING) remains one of the most remarkable players anywhere” - Wichita Eagle

"GOODING’s in a whole new league"

“GOODING is ready for the show. After seven self-recorded, self-produced, and self-released albums, this guitar
virtuoso has found the perfect blend of unique and innovative meets accessible and radio-friendly. One listen to
Angel/Devil is all it takes: with this release, GOODING’s in a whole new league.” - Playback St. Louis

"sonically superior"

“(GOODING) blends a myriad of styles that he has come to manipulate so well and created a sonically superior
work of art.” - Infinity Press

"sent my senses reeling"

“(GOODING) sent my senses reeling. It was sensory overload of the sweetest kind. My jaw was on the floor. .Shouldn’t he be playing in an arena or stadium somewhere, in front of thousands of screaming fans? Someday soon, I’m willing to bet. . He - and his band - will knock your head askew.” - The Daily Oklahoman


“With enough talent and production to outfit an all-star musical army, GOODING delivers outstanding guitar work
amongst a variety of acoustic and electronic soundscapes.” -


“Blending a variety of sounds, such as guitars, percussion, synthesizers, and interesting voice samples, GOODING
has produced a flawless CD with so many interesting sounds that it’s hard to wrap your brain around what you’re hearing.” - Liberty Press

"floor you"

“The band plays up its strengths – musicianship, song craft, versatility – in a manner that reflects years of honing their craft. If... (Gooding) doesn’t floor you, you weren’t meant for this band anyways.” -

"Above and beyond"

“Above and beyond the fact that this band is electrifying, just to watch, the things they’re doing to and with the toys of their trade, their guitars and such, are amazing. They rock and roll, they crumble and then they rise again.”
- Stillwater Scene
6 - - Stillwater Scene


We Are the Dark Stars (2014)
Buffalo (2013)
Buffalo EP (2012)
Sky Eats the Land (2011)



The four members of GOODING wear their hometown and their heart on their sleeve.  Raised in Wichita, Kansas, Jesse Rich (drums), Billy Driver (bass), Jenny Wood (guitar/vocals), and Gooding (guitar/vocals) play a breed of rock and roll that both harkens back to the past and looks optimistically to the future.  After spending years on the road (900 shows in every state in the lower 48), GOODING have learned that ironic detachment won’t get a crowd on its feet or more drinks poured at the bar.  This band plays honest rock and roll, the kind that’s not afraid to feature tender melodies one minute and mean solos the next.  Although the band currently calls Los Angeles home, it is the vast expanse of the Kansas plains that is in their blood and in their music.

GOODING have been supported for years by a strong and loyal following in the Midwest. Touring hard through Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Colorado and Wyoming have made them an annual must-see for anyone who wants to get their money/s worth from a live show. Through constant touring and honest interaction with their fans, music on CSI, Criminal Minds, Stephen Colbert, The Daily Show, DVDs of Iron Man 2 and Walk the Line, the band is building a long-standing career brick by brick.

Evidence of the road can be found in everything the band does, much of who the band is today is influenced by where they’ve been and what they’ve seen.  For GOODING, touring is where they feel most at home, even when it hasn’t been the most inviting:

“We have paid our dues with stolen gear, vans breaking down and catching fire, cooking ramen in the coffee pot at Motel 6, all-night drives through black ice and tornadoes, playing shows with broken bones, no sleep, no clean clothes… each and every setback just made us more of a family. A real band was made to play live on the road and this extended family has tested its mettle and found it can get through anything together.” –Gooding


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