Good Kids Sprouting Horns

Good Kids Sprouting Horns

 Portland, Maine, USA

In February of 2009, Anthony Bitetti started writing acoustic songs in his basement using casio keyboards and drum machines. Good Kids Sprouting Horns is an indie/casio-folk rock band from Portland, Maine that is the full embodiment of this project. Direct and Honest, the way music should be.


Good Kids Sprouting Horns began in February of 2009 as Anthony Bitetti's solo project playing and recording acoustic songs with old casio keybards and electronic drum beats. He subsequently recorded the first album entitled "Give Up The Ghost". The album is a cycle of confessional songs with keyboard, and drums that have been described as "shuffling stop/start rhythms, and synths that are at times gorgeous and other times caustic." Immediately after the completion of this record, keyboardist Jessamy Luthin and drummer Ryan Higgins, joined and the band began playing shows in support of it. After a little over a year of playing the Portland area, KahBang music Festival, CMJ, and a small summer tour, the band recorded and released their second full length "We Are Animals". The album has a more full band sound, and brings the live show to record. The sounds achieved on the second record have been compared to the Doors and other genre pushing acts of the past.

Good Kids Sprouting Horns has a large list of different influences ranging form the emo of the early/mid 90's (Cap'n Jazz, Get Up Kids, Kill Creek, Texas is the Reason) folk and country of the 60's (John Prine, Phil Ochs, Johnny Cash), and singer songwriters from the past to present (Buddy Holly, Warren Zevon, Elvis Perkins, Pete Yorn, Nick Drake, Micah P. Hinson).

Good Kids Sprouting Horns is an Organ driven band. Using old Casio's from the 70's and 80's they create an atmosphere that can be both dark and bright. The guitars can range from simple and folk-like, to loud and aggressive, with solid, rhythmic drumming. The vocals are emotional and authentic, creating a very powerful end result.

here are some nice things people have said about them

"...Good Kids Sprouting Horns are making real music in a genre dominated by fakery."
-Bassey, Air and Sea Battle

"Authenticity is everything in the indie scene and these guys have it down."
-Kegan Zema, The Maine Campus

"Good Kids Sprouting Horns want you to be a little uncomfortable. It isn't just the psychedelic vibe they give off on "Homesick" and "Miniature Cowboys" that might remind you of the Doors. They also share that band's desire to take you out of your element."
-Sam Pfeifle, Portland Phoenix

"The Good Kids have heart and an ear for the unconventional."
-Chris Busby, the Bollard

"With their fierce songwriting and performances, their music begs to be listened to."
-Dylan Martin, Dispatch Magazine


"Give Up The Ghost" (2010)
(dog & pony records)
available on bandcamp

"We Are Animals" (2011)
(dog & pony records)
available on bandcamp

"Big/Small - EP", "EPone", "EPtwo", and "EPthree" have all been self released on limited-run physical copies. They are, however, free to download on the band's website.

Set List

Set lists are a combination of our more uptempo songs from any of our releases, plus any unreleased tracks we have been working on. We can play anywhere from a half hour (our preferred set time) to an hour and a half.