Goodlife Recipe

Goodlife Recipe


Goodlife recipe brings a unique mix of music and energy!


We started playing together in the Spring of 08 and quickly captured our sound. Each member pours themselves into the band which results in an output of a unique raggae with a slight taste of rock, blues and jazz. Some of our major influences have been the RX BANDITS, STEVIE RAY VAUGHN, BOB MARLEY, and STEVIE WONDER.


We are in the process of having our music played over some of the local radio stations such as KOPN and BXR. We do not have any single out, however we have recorded a demo cd containing a few of our origional songs.

Set List

Our set lists will usually last 30-45 minutes. We will typically play 1, maybe 2 covers depending on the show.

Our most common set list is as follows:

Neon Lights
One and Only
Overcome (cover)
Show Me How You Move
Thriller (cover)