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In 1998, Goodlooking records released the first “Progression Sessions” mix CD, a legendary series that went on to span 10 editions - 2008 will see a brand new audio/visual concept from the legendary label that changed the face of drum and bass, with the “Bukem in Session” DVD series.

The first edition of this series sees LTJ Bukem and MC Conrad headlining the main stage of Eastern Europe’s biggest music festival, Exit festival in Serbia. This truly stunning feast of audio visual energy documents one of the most celebrated festivals to date. Voted “Festival of the Year 2007”, Exit festival takes place in Novi Sad, 80 kilometres North of Belgrade. Situated on the banks of the River Danube the festival is held within the walls of the 17th Century Petrovaradin fortress. For four days in July 40,000 Serbians welcome 10,000 foreigners from all over the planet for non-stop music.

Shot from many angles, this unique DVD demonstrates LTJ Bukem & MC Conrad’s unique stage presence, a landmark DJ set and masterful vocal performance. Exclusive footage captures the main stage in all its glory, showcasing the massive responsive lighting rig, visuals, and an awesome crowd providing a pulsating atmosphere.

“Bukem in Session – Live at Exit” illustrates the Goodlooking duo’s position as ever present torch-bearers for soulful sounds within drum & bass. Goodlooking are back on their mission, and 2008 will see many new projects and a few familiar concepts updated for this new era of audio / visual consumption.

In the meantime, enjoy the vibrant Serbian atmosphere on “Bukem in Session – Live at Exit”


1) Calibre – ‘Thoughtless’
Straight down to business with deep rolling beats. “In full Session, in full Swing”

2) Calibre – ‘Mindprint’
Classic warm Calibre: tight beats and a hypnotic B-line.

3) Funky Technicians – ‘Airtight (Furney Remix)’
As MC Conrad reminds those that know - and those that don’t - “Oldschool’s brand new”. Furney supplies a rework of this classic from ’96, by the Funky Technicians AKA Total Science, updated with a modern groove, while retaining the drifting strings and epic feel.

4) Redeyes – ‘Soul Brother’
21st Century Jazz, energetic musical D&B.

5) Brother – ‘Cold Aur’
Sonics cascade across crisp beats and a deep moving bass.

6) Utah Jazz – ‘Money’s One Thing’
A track flowing with feeling: Soaring vocal harmonies introduce delightful flute notes, and then colourful sax tones complete the picture. Conrad’s lyrics give this piece extra meaning.

7) Artificial Intelligence (AI) – ‘Desperado’
From underground basements to outdoor festivals this track has torn through every dance floor. A peak-time bomb-track!

8) A-Sides – ‘Dreamworld’
“Ultimate rough, ultimate smooth” A stone groove!

9) DJ Furney – ‘Pipes’
A track of two halves: Powerful keys and pan-pipes combine to breathe familiar dance floor melodies throughout. A euphoric twist makes this piece a future retro classic. “Original raver’s sound”.

10) Andy Skopes – ‘Yesterdaze (Bukem VIP Mix)’
Textured bass lines and carefully considered drum arrangements combine to create a heady refrain.

11) Drumsound & Bassline Smith – ‘Stay Loose (Tear Drop)’
Infectious groove! “Can’t Stop”

12) Human Factor – ‘Sunny Side’
This track has the swing that Bukem sets are built on: soulful sounds, subtle key changes and warm sub bass.

13) Icicle – ‘Reflections’
A steppers beat, pure energy! If ever a track left you wanting more...

- Rocketscience Media

Jan 2009 issue:

Utah Jazz
Leap of Faith
Good Looking (UK) GLR069

Having proved himself once and for all as d&b’s soul prince par excellence with last year’s scene-obliterating debut album ‘It’s a Jazz Thing’, this matchless funk alchemist throws down the gauntlet to 2009’s wannabes with eye-watering precision. A cascading waterfall of gold-plated strings, hypnotic guitar trills and Hollywood-smooth orchestration heralds a coasting, soul-fuelled bop-along sent from heaven, triplicate-beat wizardry nudging skilfully at its contours. Furney’s sublime staccato-shuffler ‘Pipez’ on the undercard only underlines the obvious: mug, maim or murder your way to a copy. And quick.

10 / 10
- IDJ Magazine

Two more classy tracks from LTJ and the Bukem camp that have been heavily featured in Bukems sets over the last few months. On the A we have "Food for Thought" by Everson, who gives us a classic Good Looking groove which features the 'Think' & Amen breaks, sweeping strings, sax and piano melodies that swirl in the brain creating a gorgeous roller. On the AA 'So I Need' by German outfit Syncopix takes us on a deeper ride with a track packed full of melodies and fazed strings creating an unforgettable slice of Atmospheric Funk. - Two more classy tracks

Following up from an outstanding release from The Funktastics and Peyo, goodlooking is ready with yet another stormer, this time you’re treated to a slick 12” from Soulmatic and Furney.

Track A: Soulmatic – Self Belief
Soulmatic hails from Denmark and has already made a name for himself with releases on Viper, Intrinsic and Horizons Music, but it’s his latest effort for goodlooking that will take him to the next level. With classy production and plenty of musicality ‘Self Belief’ is a stunning track and a great goodlooking debut for this artist.

Track AA: Furney - Distance
For the flip side we welcome back the inimitable sounds of Furney with another modern take on that classic goodlooking sound. ‘Distance’ is packed full of crisp breakbeats and subtle musical flourishes and rounds off this 12” perfectly. - Nu Urban Music

On the back of the success of Makoto's "Believe in My Soul" album, goodlooking once again signal their return to the limelight with the highly anticipated release of LTJ Bukem and MC Conrad's "Switch and Drum Toolz." Having received huge support from a host of DJs across the scene including Fresh, Fabio and Furney, "Switch & Drum Toolz" are already well on their way to becoming some of 2007's top tracks.

After a short hiatus from production, "Switch" sees the welcome return of LTJ Bukem as a producer with his deep and soulful sound back in full force. With a back catalogue of such seminal tracks to his name, "Switch" is guaranteed to continue LTJ Bukem's reign as one of the finest producers around, and if that's not enough, his forthcoming second solo album "What Price Art" will surely set in stone Bukem's reputation as a prolific and legendary artist.

Opening with smooth and sultry classical guitar strings, "Switch" gives way to a simple yet crisp beat whilst letting the dusty female vocal glide effortlessly over the track. Instantly recognisable as a trademark Goodlooking track, LTJ Bukem's sound still sounds as fresh and innovative today as it ever has!

The AA side "Drum Toolz" is another highly anticipated release from the Goodlooking stable, with the much talked about collaboration finally making it to release. Ahead of his forthcoming album, lyrical veteran MC Conrad ditches his mic in order to turn his hand to production; teaming up with relative newcomer Furney, in an old skool vs. nu skool combination. Furney and Conrad have excelled in "Drum Toolz" truly capturing the classic Goodlooking sound and bringing it right up to date with impressive style.
The track stays true to its title and features intricately worked drums, which without question are the feature of the track. The choppy Amen style beats give the track a proper Jungle vibe accompanied with the neatly arranged vocal which compliments the track perfectly, whilst still letting the drums do all the talking!

"Switch” and “Drum Toolz" is a sure sign of Goodlooking's return to form, from the recent releases of the successful "Believe In My Soul" LP by Makoto to the forthcoming solo album from MC Conrad as well as LTJ Bukem's eagerly awaited second solo project entitled "What Price Art:" things truly are looking good! - GLO

What a week for all you purveyors of great music, two new Good Looking Promos in the same month. Long term GLR artist 'Tayla' and new artist 'Tidal' bring us two rollers of the highest quality that you'd expect from the GLR camp. Tayla's beats laden 'Turn it around' is built around a gorgeous Piano Chord and sax . Tidal's 'Impressions' is an atmospheric roller of the highest order and will keep those GLR fans very happy. - Nu Urban Music

There is not much more we can tell you about LTJ Bukem and his Good Looking label that has not already been said in thousands of articles over the last 15 years. We are just pleased to say that the label is once again firin' on all cylinders with a string of top quality releases in the pipeline. These latest two Bukem approved offerings are everything you would expect from this oh so classy label. On the A side long term playa Greg Packer comes with Rolling beats, warm but suspensful strings and laden with hooks but still dance floor friendly. On the AA the up and coming Furney comes with a beautiful atmospheric roller that will have the GLR fans purring. - Nu Urban Music

It's so good to see Good Looking rolling out the releases again, especially when the the quality is as good as this. On the A side is Slovakian artist 'Smote' who has been steadily building up his rep with releases on labels such as Midnight Sun, Vibez, Strictly Digital, and RedMist. On this occasion he comes with the eerily deep "Genteel Poverty" a deep tech based roller with some serious string drops. On the AA London based producer 'Specific' comes with a deep atmospheric roller "Time". Specific's sound is soulful but still able to work on the dancefloor. Drawing on a lot on ideas from the house music that he used to listen to. His melodic use of arranging samples always create a unique sound that is recognizable almost immediately as his own. Recent solo releases have pushed Specific forward as a capable producer in his own right, with tracks gaining airplay on Radio 1 and 1Xtra as well as featuring in many major DJ sets around the World. - Nu Urban Music

Since Good Looking Records was launched back in the early 90's with its first release by LTJ Bukem called Demons Theme, GLR has built a worldwide fan base for its Atmospheric & Liquid sound that has dominated the Drum N Bass scene since. After a short break during 2007/8 the label is finally back on a roll with a plethera of releases out on the street now and plenty more in the pipe. Out now or soon to be released are tunes by Funktastics, Peyo, Soulmatic, Furney, Greg Packer, Tayla, Tidal, Specific & Smote.

Also on the cards is the 75th release and to celebrate this milestone LTJ has finally agreed to issue one of his most in demand tunes from the last few years, never before available 'Atmospheric Jubilancy' will finally get a vinyl release and on the AA, LTJ has called on Calibre to complete this awesome double sider. The release will be available at first on promo as a limited edition Picture Disc followed by full black vinyl issue.

Also on the cards will be a new series of CD mixes by LTJ Bukem called the 'Mellow Yellow', featuring tracks from the deeper side of Good Looking. - Nu Urban Music


GLR 12" Singles

GLR001 LTJ Bukem A. Demon’s Theme AA. A Couple Of Beats
GLR002 LTJ Bukem & Tayla A. Bang The Drums AA. Remnants
GLR003 Apollo Two / LTJ Bukem A. Return To Atlantis AA. Atlantis (I Need You)
GLR004 LTJ Bukem A. Music AA. Enchanted
GLR005 D.O.P.E. A. Travelling Part 2 AA. Travelling
GLR006 The Invisible Man A. The Bell Tune AA. The Tone Tune
GLR007 Parallel World A. Tear Into AA. Contagious
GLR008 LTJ Bukem & Peshay A.19.5 AA.19.5 Reprisal
GLR009 Aquarius A. Dolphin Tune AA. Aquatic
GLR010 P.F.M. A. Wash Over Me AA. Love & Happiness
GLR011 Peshay A. The Piano Tune AA. The Vocal Tune
GLR012 P.F.M. A. The Western AA. Hypnotising
GLR013 Aquarius & Tayla A. Bringing Me Down AA. Soul Searching
GLR014 Chameleon A. Links AA. Close Your Eyes & Listen
GLR015 Source Direct A. Secret Liaisons AA. Complexities
GLR016 P.F.M. A. For All Of Us AA. The Mystics
GLR017 Axis A. One In Ten AA. Dusted
GLR018 Intense A. Positive Notions AA. Careless Minds
GLR019 Blame A. 360 Clic AA. Overhead Projections
GLR020 Artemis A. Elysian Fields AA. Desideradi
GLR021 Blu Mar Ten A. Slipstream AA. Future Proof
GLR022 Total Science A. Algebra AA. Force Field
GLR023 Blame A. Visions Of Mars AA. Centuries
GLR024 Motive One A. Cosmik AA. Loop progression
GLR025 Artemis A. Inner Worlds AA. Sun Stars
GLR026 Big Bud A. Emotionography AA. Alzir
GLR027 Voyager A. Beatnik AA. Apollo
GLR028 Seba A. Valley Of The Moomins AA. Car Crash
GLR029 Second Vision A. Italian Job AA. Runnin'
GLR030 Alaska & Paradox A. Planet 3 AA. Space-Age
GLR031 Cedar / Biowire A. Equinox AA. Karizma
GLR032 Big Bud A. State Of Mind AA. Transmission
GLR033 PHD A. Haze AA. Contrast
GLR034 Q-Project A. Space-Link AA. Radar
GLR035 Rantoul A. System Sylence AA. The Ladder
GLR036 Makoto A. Enterprise AA. Sweet Changes
GLR037 Rantoul / Intersperse A. On The Edge AA. Haunting Winds
GLR038 LTJ Bukem A. Rhodes To Freedom AA. Watercolours
GLR039 Bjorn A. Inside My Soul AA. God Chord
GLR040 Big Bud A. High Times AA. Blunt
GLR041 Intersperse A. Moonscape AA. Radiolucent
GLR042 Intersperse A. Perennial Spring AA. New Fields Of Emotion
GLR043 Rantoul A. Journey AA. Changeling
GLR044 Nookie A. Lost File AA. Leviation
GLR045 Intense / Lacarno A. 3.5 AA. Futureshock
GLR046 Blu Mar Ten/Akira A. B.R.O AA. Yellow River
GLR047 Nu-Moon A. Dark Matter AA. Sakhmet
GLR048 Cascade/J-Laze A. Mysteries AA. Lakez
GLR049 Makoto A. Blackberry Jam AA. Voices
GLR050 Intersperse / Nu-Moon A. Enorasis AA. Submergency
GLR051 Sonic Generation / Synchronicity A. So Far AA. Foot Prints
GLR052 Pete Rann / Pariah A. Abacus AA. Primary Evolution
GLR053 Avid Nation / J-Laze A. Not far now AA. Future Echoez
GLR054 Nookie / Pariah A. Catch 22 AA. Confessions
GLR055 Makoto & Akira / Intense A. Mind Vision AA. Black Ice
GLR056 Greenfly / J-laze A. G-funk AA. Chinz & Chinz
GLR057 Soul Purpose / Intense A. Dominion AA. Time Code
GLR058 Nookie / Intersperse A. Destiny AA. Time out of Mind
GLR059 Soul Purpose / Pariah A. Falling AA. Second Nature
GLR060 Laroque / Vice Versa A. Someone like You AA. Still Doin' It
GLR061 Greenfly / Omni Trio + Deep Blue A. Blue Corvette AA. Station To Station
GLR062 Greg Packer / Drumsound and Simon Bassline Smith A. Feelin' AA. Planet Saturn
GLR063 Vice Versa A. Shining Through AA. Solid Ground
GLR064 Commix / SKC & Bratwa A. Brass Eye AA. Solitude
GLR065 Aquasky / Cascade A. In The Zone AA. Mysteries (ASC Remix)
GLR066-12 MC Conrad and Makoto A. Golden Girl AA. Golden Girl (Instrumental)
GLR067 Makoto / Makoto & DJ Inza A. Eastern Dub Part 2 AA. Eastern Dub (DJ Marky Remix)
GLR068D Makoto Inside Your Love (XRS Remix)
GLR068 LTJ Bukem / MC Conrad & DJ Furney A. Switch AA. Drum Tools
GLR069 Furney / Utah Jazz A. Pipez AA. Leap Of Faith
GLR070 The Funktastics / Peyo A. Wild Willy AA. Old Times
GLR071 Soulmatic / Furney A. Self Belief AA. Distance
GLR072 Tayla / Tidal A. Turn It Around AA. Impressions
GLR073 Greg Packer / Furney A. Peoples Music AA. Life Starts @ 40
GLR074 Smote / Specific A. Genteel Poverty AA. Time
GLR075 LTJ Bukem / Calibre A. Atmospherical Jubilancy AA. All One Call
GLR076 Eveson / Syncopix A. Food For Thought AA. So In Need


GLRSIN001V LTJ Bukem feat. Elliot Sunrain (Album Version)
GLRSIN001V LTJ Bukem feat. Elliot Sunrain (Flying Fish Mix)
GLRSIN002 Makoto feat. Cleveland Watkiss Time
GLRSIN002 Makoto feat. Cleveland Watkiss Time (Kyoto Jazz Massive remix)
GLRMAK01 Makoto My Soul

GLRMAK01 Makoto My Soul (John B remix)
GLRPFM01 PFM One & Only (2002 Re-work)
GLRPFM01 PFM The Western (Mike's Ricochet Mix)


LTJ Bukem Twilight Voyage
LTJ Bukem Orchestral Jam
LTJ Bukem Orchestral Jam(Vocal)
LTJ Bukem Journey Inwards

GLREP002V FORMAT: 2 x 12" EP
Blame Altered Course
Blame Mech



Good Looking Records & LTJ Bukem have been an integral force in the development of Drum and Bass for well over 10 years and without their input, it is hard to imagine how the shape of our music would look today. LTJ Bukem can, almost single-handedly, be held responsible for the conception and development of the more soulful side of Drum and Bass that he has since become renowned for. Labelled "Intelligent Drum and Bass" at the time, LTJ Bukem chose not to accept the new moniker, claiming that it suggested other examples of the genre lacked intelligence; a viewpoint that over the years has earned him respect from some of the scene's biggest names.

Born Danny Williamson in 1967, LTJ Bukem was raised in Watford by Baptist Parents. Danny's first interaction with music came at school, with him studying trumpet, whilst also playing the piano and drums; all of which are evident in his productions. After his expulsion from school at the age of 16, a musically minded Danny set about becoming a DJ, taking influences from everything including Hip-Hop, Electro and Jazz, this eventually led him onto forming the Sunshine Sound System through which LTJ Bukem could play all the moments' hottest tracks.

As Drum and Bass began to develop from its early roots in Hardcore Techno into the many subgenres we all know today, LTJ Bukem stepped us his game; setting up the highly respected label Good Looking Records with infamous business partner, Tony Fordham in the early 90's.

The label was not solely developed as an output for LTJ Bukem's work, but also as a platform; enabling him to showcase new up-and-coming producers. Artists including Peshay, PFM, Blame, Makoto and Blu Mar Ten can all be traced back to the early days of Good Looking with many going on to form successful individual careers.

Goodlooking's first full releases, did not focus solely on LTJ Bukem, but consisted of a compilation of some of the finest producers of the time. The first Album 'Logical Progression' consisted of tracks from LTJ himself alongside Peshay, PFM and Aquarius. The album's release in 1996 cemented Drum and Bass as a new form of Dance Music that was here to stay and LTJ Bukem's style opened up these new forms to a much wider audience.

Several years after the formation of Good Looking Records, sister labels began to form, acting as a stable for similar artists, many of which featured originally on Good Looking. Initially, Looking Good Records was set up to house the artists' growing production output. As the labels continued to develop; continuing to release the revolutionary rollers that it was becoming renowned for, LTJ Bukem wanted to expand; taking it further than the instant classics he had already released such as 'Music', 'Horizons' and 'Demons Theme.' Another sister label was founded 2 years later in 1996, Earth. The Earth imprint acted as on outlet for the more eclectic music of Good Looking, comprising of 7 volumes over an 8 year period, the Earth volumes symbolise the Good Looking ethos that if music sounds good then it should be embraced; the variety of tracks that appear on the albums vary from up-tempo jazzy Drum and Bass to more down tempo ambient tracks, whilst still seeming to compliment each other.

There had been much anticipation as to when LTJ Bukem' solo album would be finished, with many wondering why he was shying away from the project. The truth was, the time was not right, and in 2000 'Journey Inwards' dropped into the hands of a record number of Good Looking lovers. Heralded as a key point in Good Looking' history, it marked a turning point in the labels' output; with individual artist albums slowly beginning to emerge as well as continuing to release the highly successful Earth series and what some see as the highlight of the Good Looking releases; The Progression Sessions CDs.

These CDs have been the mostly widely received of all the Good Looking releases; with a collection of 10 releases that cover LTJ Bukem and fellow Label-mate MC Conrad's touring schedule over the last 10 years. With the releases featuring live mixes from just a selection of the many countries that the Good Looking Camp has travelled to. Countries including Japan, America and Germany have all featured and are a true example of how far and wide LTJ Bukem has travelled pushing the boundaries of Drum and Bass.

Things seemed to quieten down after the Millennium, and rumours began circulating that the Good Looking Camp had begun to dwindle. These rumours were quashed with the huge 2004 release of 'Golden Girl' by Makoto with the vocal talents of MC Conrad. The tune heralded a welcome return for Good Looking with it receiving airplay from everyone from Friction to Fabio.

As for the future, things really are looking good! Good Looking has a pipeline full of projects ready for release in 2009. As well as regular 12” instalments, Good Looking plan to release a DVD featuring ‘Bukem In Session’ – Live at Exit Festival, and not fo