Good Luck Mountain

Good Luck Mountain

 New York City, New York, USA

Good Luck Mountain is a new band. My previous band was called Tandy. Tandy played more than 1,200 gigs in the USA, Canada, The UK & Europe from 1998-2008. My band mate Drew Glackin died in 2008. Drew's passing effectively ended Tandy. I realized that in order to continue i would have to start over.


Good Luck Mountain is a new beginning.
The debut record is an ensemble recording. It's an art project designed to work best in the 12" vinyl LP format. The music is surprising. Things pop out. It's a beautiful odd-duck of a record. The words seem to point to the fact we begin to see how precious Life is when we give Death it's due.
The band is a collective made up of seasoned players from other bands including, ... Konrad Meissner (The Silos, Matt Nathanson), Jason Mercer (Ron Sexsmith, Ani DiFranco, Ana Egge), Sibel Firat (Pavement,Giant Sand, Fab Faux), Matt Mays (The Guthries, Matt Mays and El Torpedo), David Chernis (Star City, The Damnwells), Ana Egge (Ana Egge!). Also an important part of the Good Luck Mountain sound is the extraordinary violinist Eleanor Whitmore and Viola by Lucy Hollier.
You will find the Press section of this EPK blank because this is a brand new band! ...and because I didn't want to recycle the old Tandy stuff.


More Than A Feeling

Written By: Mike Ferrio

this is the spinning wheel of cold logic and desire
this is the valley home coming into view
white is the broken line down the middle of the highway
high on a hilltop beneath a sky of blue
now when i wake up i see so clearly
somehow i found you another seeker in this world
this is the story of a night you don't remember
this is a photograph of a sunrise yet to come
this is the four leafed clover i used to win you over
been pressed for years between the pages of a book
when you weren't looking that's where i found you
out in the blue and wonder where the rubber meets the road
i felt you near me when i came down from the mountain
moonlight shining through the ponderosa pines
beneath this ice and snow, a muted hallelujah
we cling to life as though we think that it could end
it's hard to imagine something so different
it's hard to see yourself down on your knees saying don't leave me this way
life's perfect wisdom but where does the time go?
and how did we end up here? eight minutes from the sun
up in the mountains god's own green pasture
out in the blue and wonder where the rubber meets the road
we fought the devil we pulled his whiskers
he jumped like he seen a ghost turned tail and ran away
i wasn't listening now i remember
this is a photograph of a sunrise yet to come
we fought the devil it wasn't pretty
these are the tumbling dice gonna roll me back to you
things will be different i'll get much better
i hear the sound in the distance the thunder at the well
there in the firmament i'll meet my maker
out in the blue and wonder where the rubber meats the road

On Faith

Written By: Mike Ferrio

dawn when you arrived in michigan from waycross georgia
sight unseen time will tell hold on you take it on faith
chrome reflection under blue skies two true believers
with body and soul for the mission in this life to love one another
but what would winter say my my my fool got lucky comes up roses
and by the age of april she's gone nothing made sense all that summer
but when the fall has spun it's gold the silver lining the november snow
and all we need might be the reason to go on living so close to the bone
you know it froze and it will again it's only natural spring comes running
and with the thaw the water flows a little sunshine to make things grow
and every season that comes to pass two trains running supper on the stove
wind blows where it began begins again and so it goes with body and soul
for the mission in this life to love one another


Good Luck Mountain - 00:02:59 - April 12, 2011 - CD & 12" Vinyl LP

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