Goodmorning Powerheart

Goodmorning Powerheart


Goodmorning Powerheart is a straight ahead rock band that combines smart lyrics projected through baritone vocals with lush, all-encompassing guitar tones, and a tight, syncopated rhythm section.


Citing influences such as Guided By Voices, Echo & the Bunnymen, The Smiths, Husker Du, My Bloody Valentine, and Joy Division, the Nashville rock quartet Goodmorning Powerheart offer a unique voice to the music world by combining baritone vocals with lush, all-encompassing guitar tones and a tight rhythm section. Originally formed in Oxford, MS, by Joe Nettles, Goodmorning Powerheart quickly gained a strong following that led them to play Oxford's prestigious Double Decker Festival in 2006, and also to be voted runner-up as "Oxford's Most Legendary Band" in 2007(cited from The Local Voice - Oxford, MS). After self-releasing their debut LP, Back to Silver Valley, Joe Nettles and Jonas King decided to take Goodmorning Powerheart to Nashville, TN, where they recruited Joe Curet on drums, and Wes Gibbs on bass. After a short stint in Nashville, TN, Goodmoring Powerheart have already played successful shows in high profile venues like The Exit In and The Basement where they continue to win over new fans with each and every live performance.


Back to Silver Valley - (2007) - self-released LP

Set List

Set List (45mins - 1hr)
Pillar of Filth
You Can Have Your Way
X Opener
Back to Silver Valley
I Want It Anyway
Chicken Tree
Don't Help Me When I'm Falling Off the Stage
Born to Rock
Professional Midnight
It Never Seemed to Matter