Goodmorning Valentine

Goodmorning Valentine


Goodmorning Valentine is a genre-splitting band that conveys a warm familiarity and an exciting sense of something new. Solid song writing backed by equally solid musicians, Goodmorning Valentine's songs stretch from minimalist melodies to large, intricate orchestration.


GOODMORNING VALENTINE’S eclectic Americana embraces the upbeat rhythms of Motown and ’60s rock & pop, and pays tribute to the world-weary musings of later decades’ songwriters like Costello and Waits. Tremendous and unforgettable melodies carry spare lyrics against a sophisticated chamber-pop backdrop. In 2003, songwriter Joey Beltram thought he’d made Philadelphia his home. But following a six-month “temporary” return to Ohio (to record Goodmorning Valentine’s debut Easter Park), he found he couldn’t leave the extraordinarily talented musicians he’d assembled. Two years later, the band boasts an exciting live show, a loyal regional fanbase, and a sublime new calling card of an album, Steady Your Hands. Especially endearing is the participatory atmosphere of their live shows, wherein friends and a revolving cast of bandmates clamber up on stage to sing or shake a tambourine. Bass player Elizabeth Allen adds sweet harmonies and the occasional flute solo, while Matt Haas (formerly of Six Parts Seven), Jake Trombetta, and Donny Taylor bring a wide palette of melodic and percussive elements (typewriter clicks, birdcalls) to their rich tapestry. Goodmorning Valentine have played venues throughout the Northeast, sharing the stage with the Black Keys, The Damnwells, Neva Dinova, Magnolia Electric Co., and many others.


Last Year

Written By: Joey Beltram

Last year
I had my fears
That you would not survive
Darkest winter
The snow fell soft and bright
You stayed in bed all day
And then all night
It was hard then
To believe in
The prayers you prayed at night
Or any good thing
That could be
The snow fell soft and bright
There was nothing in this world
That could make it right
And all tomorrows have today
Wrapped up inside in their own way
And I’m so thankful that you stayed
It’s a good thing
That you’re ok
And that you are my friend
The years passed, nothing could last
The snow fell soft and bright
Another year is over
Say goodnight

City Lights

Written By: Joey Beltram

Blood and paper tears
Notebooks filled with fears
Are you willing
Cause I need it now
I can’t feel a thing
And all that feels is strange
It’s a give in
I need it now
There ain’t no one else
Darling little girls
Boys with golden curls
Go and tell yourself
About rittenhouse in spring
New york was just a dream
Well I need it now
There ain’t no one else
It’s a sweet old love
But you’ve had enough
And there’s sorrow enough for us all
Had your fill
But you won’t be well
Cause you never know what you’ve done
City lights
So so city lights
Kisses for the queen
Steady loss of speech
It’s a killing
Murdered hearts in spring
Turned fables autumn leaves
I’m not willing
I need it now
There ain’t on one else

Can't Say

Written By: Joey Beltram

Can’t say what I feel for ya now
With evening thoughts so tired
It’s strange all the things I recall
Like shoulders stretched by your
Hands and then
The push and pull
Of our nights alone
Darkened room
Listening to the saddest songs
Well honey I’m sorry in my way
The words were coarse then lost
I knew all the hurt you could hold
You were always acting so very tough
Well maybe I could have changed
That harder now to say
What could have been is best unsaid
You wanted a family of your own
The kindest wish and smile
I wanted a song we could sing
A refrain made of hope
So I’ll make it plain
Do you believe in those things
You’ve seen and couldn’t see
Cause it’s always been the same for me


Easter Park - October, 2003
City Lights (EP) - May 2004
Steady Your Hands - November 2005

Set List

The set list usually varies from between 10-14 songs, depending on the venue and place in the lineup.

A typical set list for a headlining show at a rock club may consist of:
Dry your eyes
Shrug it off
I'll stay worried
Last year
City lights
It's all over now
Western Sky
So Long
Why do you Bother