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Laredo, Texas, United States | INDIE

Laredo, Texas, United States | INDIE
Band Hip Hop


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Jeremy Sparks better known for his surname, is one half of the hip hop group Good Motives. Sparks was born in Fayetteville, North Carolina on June 9, 1991. Sparks was raised by his Mother and grew up with his older brother.
At first, He was never influenced by music but the the sounds of the loud lyrics he would hear blast out of his brother radio every morning and listen to his mother play classic albums such as Prince, Michael Jackson, and other old school jams. He began to love it so much that he wrote short rhymes to it. He began to write songs for his oldest brother who influenced him to rap by free styling over Biggie Smalls Ready to Die. As time went on began to realize how much he loved Hip Hop and music in general.

Sparks went to school and had a hard time paying attention because of his love of music. He was only concerned with writing and never could really focus on his schoolwork. With all things that was going on in his life and he decided to dropout of high school at the age of 16 and leave home to go get his G.E.D.

While trying to get his life together he met people along the way who helped him figure out what he wanted to do in life besides music. He decided to go to college to set a foundation for himself but it seemed that school was never his focus and he was at a dead end. As a last resort he decided to go to Job Corp and study a trade so he can be able to get a good job. Within eight months Sparks realized that he needed structure in his life so he did what he was supposed to and earned a certificate in Facilities Maintenance to prove to himself he can work hard and achieve anything he wanted to do in life. while There he met a recruiter that pointed him in the right direction and from then on he decided to join the military for a means a structure and self-improvement.

His main influences are Common and Jay-Z. After obtaining all the materials he needed to make music he began to do so by himself in his room and perfected his craft while empowering his passion for music.

Sparks was well-known for making music because thats all that he did in his spare time, while he was trying to accomplish something others procrastinated to do he heard of an artist within his area by a friend and from then on it was him and C No.

C No

Christopher Hillian, better known as C No, is one half of the hip hop group Good Motives. Born in La Terceira, The Azores (Portugal) on June 27, 1990. His mother was currently in the navy, and was originally from Brooklyn, NY. So once C No become of age to begin travel, and he stayed with his grandparents in the Co op City Section 5 of the Bronx, NY.

At a young age, he was in the heart and center of 1990s hip hop. While his mother was on leave, she would always play the A and B sides of Kriss Kross, and was surprised to see her son knowing all the words, and performing in front of other family members. Soon he began to study the artists of the current times: From Nas Illmatic in 1994, Ready to Die by Notorious BIG, Reasonable Doubt by Jay Z, just to name a few.

As C No grew up and went to school, because of his mother he traveled constantly and began to absorb different cultures and musical influences, From Puerto Rico, to Jacksonville, FL, To the DC/MD/VA area. Once his mother retired from the navy, things with south for C No, because of the violence of the younger generation that C No grew up around, and had to leave his parents home and live on his on at the age of 16.

Still in high school, homeless, and forced to grow up fast, he realized his music was a means of putting food in his stomach, and at least getting a roof over his head. he began to battle other young artists in the area, and continued to pursue music to get his mind of of his situation

By age 19, he returned back to New York, and resided in the East New York section of Brooklyn, Ny. Now that he was back home, he returned to his roots. Focusing more on his sound and setting himself apart as an individual. He would take his experiences from the violence and crime and out his pain and experiences into his music. After a traumatic life experience, he made the conscious decision to enlist into the United States Army, to get him off the streets and to a stable means of life

After graduating boot camp and initial Army training, C No was stationed in Ft. Hood, Texas where he would eventually meet Sparks.

Due to their common interest for music, and a passion for hip hop and its culture they began to do music in Sparks room. Sparks and C No realized what they had and decided take their dreams and passion to the