Good News Music Ministry

Good News Music Ministry


The mission Good News Music Ministry is to lead sinners to salvation, to encourage and inspire all people and to condemn sin in all forms. We do this through the ministry of gospel music, testimony, and the preached word of God. We will retain the full power and spirit of traditional gospel music.


Influenced by a vast variety of music genres, the mission of the group is to take the listener on a musical joyride that will expose them to R&B, Funk, Soft Rock, Blues, Hip Hop, Jazz, Gospel, and various other genus of music as interjected by The Holy Spirit. The group writes, produces, and performs all original music and has been blessed to have the opportunity to work with such music legends as Alphonza Kee, the brother of Gospel great John P. Kee, and Reginald Lowe, longtime producer and sound engineer of Gospel and R&B superstar, the late Mr. Curtis Mayfield. In a word, Good News Music Ministry is a multifaceted music entity that is on a mission to spread the Good News of Christ to all nations in a style and flavor that is unique and unparalleled.


"Get Some Rest" is the first released single by the group.

Set List

A Good News set is a performance of all original pieces. We typically prepare as though we are the featured act and have 10 - 15 songs avalible to perform. Our current set includes titles: Walk 2 China, Out Of The Dark, Save Check, Get Some Rest, Linda's Song (I'm Still Here), Just The Kinda God We Serve/ We Serve A Good God, Crossover Perspective (Interlude), Crossover, On & On, Give Him A Try, The Way, and Echoes. A full set approximately ranges between 90 - 120 minutes.