Goodnight Caulfield

Goodnight Caulfield


We are a high energy melodic rock band in the style of such bands as Anberlin, Armor for sleep, Paramore, and motion city soundtrack.


Goodnight Caulfield formed winter of 2006 when Adam and Joey, founding members and best friends since high school, sought to find other talented musicians who shared their vision and commitment to music. They stumbled across Matt Clemens, a drummer who is as talented as he is passionate. After watching him perform a drum solo, they knew he was a perfect fit. Since then, Matt's drum solos have become a much anticipated part of Goodnight Caulfield performances. The last member to be added was Bret Loflen, a long-time friend of Adam and Joey. And with this talented bassist on board, Goodnight Caulfield was complete.
Update: Matt has just recieved an endorsement by C&C Drums!!!!


Self titled E.P. recorded at Studio West in San Diego. From this E.P. The song Blackout was aired on 94.9 in San Diego.

Set List

Typical Setlist time can be anywhere from 30 min to an hour. All songs are original. Our Current song list is:
Angel in disguise
Far from fiction
Without a sound
The blue room
you dont love me anymore
The departure
cold Shoulder
Bitter somethings
Death and Roses
Ocean Blue
Summer Sickness
(and we have about 3 new songs to come)