GoodNight City

GoodNight City


Playboy: "GoodNight City is one of the Top 3 Best Unsigned Bands in America" 10,000 records sold & nine songs featured in MTV, E, & ABC shows (Check out Basic Req. link for 1 sheet & past tour dates)


Nashville-based rock group GoodNight City, formed in early 2003, takes an old-school approach to rocking out: relentless touring, catchy songs and an incredible stage show. Sound simple? According to lead singer Dax McCall, it is.

“So many groups today over think things,” he said. “At the end of the day, we’re a band. So, we do our best to rock and keep our fans happy. We write good tunes, travel everywhere and play our hearts out onstage. It’s that simple.”

And while their plan-of-attack may sound simple, an incredible amount of work has gone into building the escalating force that is GoodNight City. McCall and guitar player Blair Gilley first met in Louisiana. They later moved to Atlanta, formed and toured briefly in a band called Field Day, where they met bassist Chuck Pollitzer. Soon after enlisting the help of drummer Josh Lee, the foursome regrouped, found their sound and became the power pop outfit GoodNight City.

After relocating to Nashville, GoodNight City released its second offering in January 2007. The Disc is a 7 song EP that includes a 30 minute enhanced video capturing the band live and in the studio. It brilliantly captures what so many other groups find elusive: it is polished, yet somehow remains raw. Every song showcases the driving, dynamic energy that has become this band’s trademark while effortlessly blurring the borders of rock, pop and punk. The EP—packed with the catchy guitar rock that GNC fans have grown to love—will be released in conjunction with a 64-page full color limited-edition book.

The group’s debut album, You Are Almost There, was released in September 2003. Industry website Kings of A&R called the release “addictive and charismatic,” and Performer Magazine raved that GoodNight City has “raised the bar for independent recording artists.” It has sold more than 11,000 copies to date.

GoodNight City boasts an impressive résumé for such a young group. In August 2004 they were chosen as one of the top three best unsigned bands in the country by Their music was heard by more than 22,000 listeners on Playboy’s website. Additionally, nine of the tracks from GoodNight City’s debut album have been featured in MTV, VH1, E & ABC shows, including Real World, Road Rules, True Life, Hogan Knows Best, Wife Swap and MTV News. Their unbeatable stage show has landed them gigs with Simple Plan, Avril Lavigne, Butch Walker, Maroon 5, Good Charlotte, Panic at the Disco and many others.

A perpetual crowd pleaser, GoodNight City has an active street team with more than 400 members across 21 states. This word-of-mouth marketing has helped establish GoodNight City as one of the South’s fastest growing favorites. The band’s website averages 1800 hits a day, and their MySpace page has received almost 250,000 song plays to date. Utilizing endless touring, radio support and Web-based promotion, this road-tested-and-approved band has built a dedicated fan base that continues to grow with each passing day.

When asked what’s next for GoodNight City, guitar player Blair Gilley said, “That’s simple—keep rocking out and making good music. That’s what we do.”



Written By: GoodNight City

And I didn't notice
but the sign said
this all has to begin

And I didn't notice
but the sign said
this all has to end

and it's the same but so much different
near but somewhere distant
the disease we feel inside
and it's the same but so much different
sane but somewhat twisted
A truth you cannot hide

And everyone knows
that you want to be famous
you don't want to be nameless
you don't want to be left alone
don't want to be on your own
when you get home unlock the door
does it take all you have to
stay inside and not run away.

And I didn't notice
when the sign said
that I'm not always right

and I didn't notice
but the sign said
that you're not always right

And it's real but superficial
the feelings artificial
it's the love you can't deploy

Cause it's so warm it makes you shiver
but you'll never seem to give up
so you'll just turn your head

So don't unlock the door
When you run away, runaway yeah


Written By: GoodNight City

I tear down walls when I hear your name
I dont think ill be cured with fame
Theres somethings hollywood still cant buy

I try to focus but i lose sight
dont know whats wrong i dont think whats right
its more than I will ever say for you

And everything starts to bleed through my ears
and outpour all my tears and all my fears return

I guess the reasons are so clear
I guess the reasons all disappear
I guess I’m just out of the loop

And I want it so bad but I cant taste
Still see your picture though I miss your face
But maybe someday ill know why

And everything starts to bleed through my ears
And outpour all my tears and all my fears return

(Be quiet)

So this is now and you want to find out how
You wanna fly below the radar for so long
You flew below the radar for so long


You Are Almost There (2003)
Better With The Lights Down (2007)
Picture Perfect (2007) Japan Release

Set List

All original sets ranging from 30 to 90 minutes

Songs include:

If it's OK
By The Time I Hit The Border
Thieves, Crooks & Politicians
Wake Up
Died in Your Arms
Way I See The World
Picture Perfect
Murder on the Dance Floor
Come Down
Move On
Boy in the Plastic Bubble
40,000 Miles
Little World
The Letter
Fade in/Fade out
Happy Without You