GOODNIGHT LA's soulful and upbeat, piano-driven Indie/Pop is as catchy and bouncy as it is emotional and heartfelt. Taking notes form artist Like The Jackson 5, The Beach boys and the Beatles, Goodnight LA has captured the modern pop sound that made these groups so popular.


GOODNIGHT LA was formed in the fall of 2007 when a group of serious musicians decided to form a band that would set them apart from would be dreamers. As young musicians generally seem to be influenced by an newer generation of singer songwriters you will find GOODNIGHT LA setting their stereo's to a different time. With forceful 4-part harmonies they take notes from artist Like The Jackson 5, The Beach boys and the Beatles, Goodnight LA has captured the modern pop sound that made these groups so popular.

Critics are saying that the New Cd "We Talk Like Strangers" is an instant classic record to vibe to! Fans are saying that its hard to put Goodnight La in a genre because there music is familier but like nothing else!

Goodnight LA refuses to let good music be forgotten, Spending 6 months writing and recording there new CD "We Talk Like Strangers".
Spending over $20,000 on there recording that they funded themselves.

Goodnight LA Has an impressive fanbase and a overwhelming online presense. They have toured nationally and they Have opened for acts like 98 Degrees (Mowtown). Company of Thieves (Wind-Up Records), Ha Ha Tonka (Bloodshot Records), Rookie Of the Year ( One Eleven records) and many many more!

Our story is simple. We make music that we beleive in more than anything. We work harder than most bands and we sacrifice more than most bands. We play an amazing live show, we draw crowds and we Love turtles. The rest is up to the music, listen and love it!


We Talk Like Strangers

Written By: GNLA

We talk like strangers but we know each other oh so well so we’ll sit so close till our heartbeats align. And I’ve been watching this weather change and writing down what I can’t say so lets go somewhere where people are alive
We’ll find new faces, go by different names.
Baby Maybe I’m going crazy and all these nights and all I have left to say is I don’t know if I could change the way that you’ve been going on with him.
And I’ve been walking on sidewalks thinking of all the new friends you have made are you better off now that you are away. And I’ve been reading books about how, there’s a bigger world out there so I’ll open my window and breath in something new.

Somebody Tell Me

Written By: GNLA

I’ve been doing some thinking that’s got me thinking about you And wishing I could change the Distance in this room And if I could find some words that rhyme
For you to sing Then we’ll convince this world to hum this melody
And suddenly I’m starting to believe in every word that I wrote down
Can somebody tell me? Does it get easier when I’m around? Cause I’ve got a feeling turn it upside down and if I leaving hoping for months on end that you won’t call
Oh why would you come? Back to me

And I still play these lines that claim my memory but when I play those notes they sound so out of key and if you could see me I’m still playing the same old sound
You think I would have learned from now that you’re around
Oh why would you come back to me? oh why wont you come back to me?
Oh why should you come back to me? oh why can’t you come back to me?

This Is Love

Written By: GNLA

These ships were made for sailing The Atlantic coast to coast and I’ve been using these stars to guide me more than any holy ghost and this cityscape seems empty
like the hearts that you once owned I would have given you anything
but fates out of my control
I never really knew you and if this is love then I don’t wanna be loved at all
Oh now I can’t wait for you
Well I’ve been waiting for the right time and if this is love then I don’t wanna be loved at all.
I believe in many things But I’m master of none you criticize my philosophy But that’s why we fell in love So Atlantis calls and I’m tortured I’m fighting for vital signs I feel like you’re my ocean I’m swimming to stay alive.

Cant stop thinking about you

Written By: GNLA

So I’ve been thinkin’ baby would you come with me? Cause we’ve got so far to go and I don’t know if anyone will see, cause we’ve gotta take it slow.
Oh Oh Oh Come on baby tell me. Oh Oh Oh Cause I gotta gotta gotta know
Oh Oh Oh of baby wont you tell me.
Cause I can’t stop thinking about you, wishing that I knew, what I could do you make you wanna stay all this time that I wasted and you say I’ll never change but I just need you to know.
And I’ve been thinkin’ baby whats the deal? I hate to tell you no. But I’ve been lovin’ the way you make me feel and I hate to see you go.
Tell me Tell me of darlin is it alright alright?

Too Many Hours

Written By: GNLA

And I Admit I’m sick but I am over it and there like 10,000 reasons why you and I should call it quits and I bet you could call to mind every time but if you ask me I won’t remember a single crime
And I spent too many hours waiting on you spent too much time pulling you through
and if I know anything at all then I was wrong
And I’ll admit there’s things that I can’t live without just like the way you thought you had everyone so figured out and I wish I could start my life over, new but god I’m scared to death I might never find another you.
And I’ve been thinking al I have is you.

Once and a While

Written By: GNLA

Once in awhile when the sheets they cover your curves Oh my nerves seem to be at peace
And the break in the mood seems to find your disproof and I’m thankful more than you’d ever know I study your lines I trace them like connect the dots and these fluttering designs when you say that it “tickles me”
What if the end of the world would come? Would you lie in bed and face the truth that I’m nothing without you and what if the end of the world would come? You’d ask me where I’d be and I’d gladly agree I’d be with you
Okay so your laughing at me your bedside humors great but seriously why should be wait? Cause what if it all came down the son of a daughter and un-wed mother
How would we own up? Lets make it legit white lace and all we’d have a ball
And we could dance all night Cause after all, we’ve only just begun
I can see it now oh our names in lights on these starry nights I love the way the world looks small when I’m with you.


"We Talk Like Strangers" Full Length-2009
"You Know Me" 2007 EP

Set List

Typical set is 30 minutes to 2 Hrs, we play mostly original music and we salt and pepper in covers from bands like-

Counting Crows
The Beatles
Jackson 5
Ben Folds Five
The Format
Beach Boys
and more!