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"“We Talk Like Strangers”"

“We Talk Like Strangers”
Goodnight LA
Deathcab – Postal Service – Strokes – Fall Out Boy – Kings of Leon

Hailing the way for Ohio bred rockers; Goodnight LA brings to plate a tasty treat of Indie-Pop, inspirational rock. Approaching a sensational two million hits on Myspace the marvel of momentum keeps up as “We Talk Strangers” hits the avenue of fortune. Combining the pop sensibilities of great lyrics, great band dynamic, and strong vocal delivery, listeners will keep revisiting this album with fresh surprising insights and elations. With this release the boat has sailed as Goodnight LA waters the seeds of change the redefine the foundations of musical paradigm.

Tr. 1 – We Talk Like Strangers – A unique start with an aesthetic flare of pop sensibility. Great buildup, chorus and transitions. Comparable to Death Cab with a fusion of Kings of Leon, this track will get any party dancing. The guitar interludes rock!

Tr. 3 – Can’t Stop Thinkin’ About You – With a stellar horn section to boot, this jingle jangle tune really screams love. All around the perfect composition and band dynamo. Great drums, great horns, rocking piano, crisp guitar – great song!

Tr. 7 – Once in A While – A glassy piece perfect to sip to. Contemplative with smooth delivery, this little Joy becomes a warm addition to the album in full.

Tr. 10 – Give It Up – The chorus transition in this track is very surprising and bridges pop and rock masterfully.

Reviewed by Ron Ingalla at Bryan Farrish Radio Promotion
- Ron Ingalla at Bryan Farrish Radio Promotion

"New Music Force!"

"GOODNIGHT LA caught my attention right away when I first heard them. There sound is fun and light with great clarity! They have a fantastic dynamic with 4-part harmonies, catchy songs and great audience interaction. I Love this band and I expect great things from them, 2 thumbs up!!!

Perry Drake

Maeli Management - Perry Drake

"Continued Success"

"Goodnight La continues to be a huge success at The Great Darke County Fair. The Last 2 years they have come they have drawn more people and the crowd really loves them. Our city is lucky to have such a musical talent."

"Great Darke County Fair Board" - Daily Advocate Newspaper

"Music was dead to me"

" Music is always a constant changing force, somtimes for good, most of the time for bad but recently I had the honor of watching a band that gives me new hope in the pop/soul category of entertainment. The Band is Goodnight LA form right here in Ohio. They are great muscians with alot of heart and great tunes. Check them out."

"JD1 Creative Media" - JD1 online


"The Whole Album is Amazing!"

Zach R.- CD Baby Publishing - Cd Baby

"The Heart and Soul"

"recently we had a large event in the midwest and were rasing money for our on going campaign. We stopped off in a small Ohio town where we were hosting a benefit concert. To our amazement we walked into a 700 seat venue sold out! The Band Goodnight LA donated there time and music to us and the event and were able to give us an amazing fundraiser, which we did not expect in such a small town. The band is truly talented in giving and music equally.

Jeff Besecker-

What Love Organization -

"We Talk Like Strangers"

"Goodnight La has a healthy desire to play music you feel. Packed with enthusiasm and energy that liberate their songs, mixed with the sweetness and a surprising maturity. They Propose a Pop-Rock melody That is very bright and fresh."
-Valentina Zardini
Sound Music Magazine - Sound Magazine


"We Talk Like Strangers" Full Length-2009
"You Know Me" 2007 EP



GOODNIGHT LA was formed in the fall of 2007 when a group of serious musicians decided to form a band that would set them apart from would be dreamers. As young musicians generally seem to be influenced by an newer generation of singer songwriters you will find GOODNIGHT LA setting their stereo's to a different time. With forceful 4-part harmonies they take notes from artist Like The Jackson 5, The Beach boys and the Beatles, Goodnight LA has captured the modern pop sound that made these groups so popular.

Critics are saying that the New Cd "We Talk Like Strangers" is an instant classic record to vibe to! Fans are saying that its hard to put Goodnight La in a genre because there music is familier but like nothing else!

Goodnight LA refuses to let good music be forgotten, Spending 6 months writing and recording there new CD "We Talk Like Strangers".
Spending over $20,000 on there recording that they funded themselves.

Goodnight LA Has an impressive fanbase and a overwhelming online presense. They have toured nationally and they Have opened for acts like 98 Degrees (Mowtown). Company of Thieves (Wind-Up Records), Ha Ha Tonka (Bloodshot Records), Rookie Of the Year ( One Eleven records) and many many more!

Our story is simple. We make music that we beleive in more than anything. We work harder than most bands and we sacrifice more than most bands. We play an amazing live show, we draw crowds and we Love turtles. The rest is up to the music, listen and love it!