Goodnight Process

Goodnight Process

 Scarborough, Maine, USA

Goodnight Process is a rock & roll / power-pop band with a knack for fun and a catchy chorus.


Goodnight Process is a power-pop / rock & roll band formed in Portland, Maine in 2007. The band is made up of Dean Ford (vocals, guitar), Kurt Baker (bass, vocals), Kris Rodgers (keyboards), and Nate Marchand (drums)

After gaining a reputation for their high energy live show, and well crafted pop songs, they recorded and released their debut EP, “The Way Things Are” in March 2009. Since the release, the band has played countless shows all around New England, gaining a very impressive following. As of August 2009, the band underwent a major line up change, replacing two original members. But since the change, Dean and the boys have been working even harder on songs for their second release, "Another Beautiful Girl", which will be out Summer 2010. So, make sure to stay in the loop so you can say you were one of the first to see and hear this young power-pop group on the rise!


"Another Beautiful Girl EP" - 2010
1st Single: "If You Want It"

"The Way Things Are EP" - 2009

1st Single: "Go See A Shrink"
2nd Single: "Hello Again"

Set List

Set Time: Can play up to two hours

If You Want It
Hello Again
Best There Is
No Doubt About It
Go See A Shrink
Give My Love Away
Come On Say
Another Beautiful Girl
Broken And Bruised
Too Familiar

Some covers include:
"No Matter What" - Badfinger
"You May Be Right" - Billy Joel
"Mr. Handleman" - The Knack
"New Mistake" - Jellyfish
"Helter Skelter" - The Beatles
"Just What I Needed" - The Cars