Goodnight Satellite

Goodnight Satellite


Goodnight Satellite stems from a recording project that began nearly 11 years ago. Ranging from dark depressing tunes to light-hearted songs that could fit in on a children's album. Goodnight Satellite will teach the world to love again, or not.


A few years back Goodnight Satellite existed only as an electronic one-man-band. Utilizing a loop pedal and an arsenal of instruments the sounds of the pre-mentioned multi-tracked recordings could be closely, but not perfectly obtained. It remained this way until July of 2004 when six fellow musicians were added for a one time art show opening at the Mockbee.
It didn't take long for these seven to see that Goodnight Satellite could only be fully realized through the permanent addition of these musicians. Through the following months the "new and improved" Goodnight Satellite played a handful of shows all the while writing new material and developing the preexisting songs. With a cast of rotating musicians GS has evolved far beyond what anyone could have imagined.


Goodnight Satellite's debut album is in production and scheduled for release in the fall of 2006.

Set List

Any or all of the most recent 11 songs, however new ones are always being developed. Depending on time allowed for each particular set Goodnight Satellite is prepared to play for approximatly an hour.