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Good People

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Good People's music has its own unique view of hip-hop. It blends rock/alternative and reggae into the picture to create its own style that can only be described with your two ears. Good People's strong belief in the power of music brings a new experience and emotion every show for audience members.


Late August, 2007, Brian Thompson hops on a plane at Logan Airport in Boston, Massachusetts, to start a new life. Now, almost two years later, in Denver, Colorado, he is sitting in the basement of the “Steej House” (the practice space that Good People has developed), writing and creating songs with his 3 band mates; Ben, Timmy and Kevin, who are more importantly his 3 best friends.
Brian met guitarist/vocalist Ben Rogers in the fall of ’08 and the two began writing and playing acoustic shows around the Denver metro area until they met drummer, Kevin Sarg and bassist, Timmy Iburg. After many long nights, endless fast food trips and gallons of water consumed, the four members came into their own to form a hip hop/reggae/acoustic/rock style that has a uniqueness only Good People can create.
Good People, a simple but meaningful name, was derived from the band’s positive outlook on life and belief that everyone has a pure heart and should be respected for who they are. “Live with what you have because what you have is what your blessed with”, A line from their song “White Boy”, is a great example of the band’s relentless approach to inspire people and show them that the glass is always half full. Good People has a strong belief in the power of music, and pure musicianship, each song they write has an emotion behind it, their music is their therapist and their love is their music.
Good People has now been playing around the Denver metro area for four months, including gigs in Greeley, CO. They recently placed second out of thirty six bands in the Auraria Campus Battle of the Bands, and have packed out their local mexican cantina, Fidel's countless times. They currently have a lot on their plate as they plan to bring their emotion and love of music to you where ever that may be.


Who Killed the Virgin Mary?

Written By: Brian Thompson

Happiness, tragedy, people dying its sad to see
the catastrophes happening
vastly crashing its apathy
can you imagine a fashion
where the top doesn't match with
whats underneath doesn't matter
she holds the key to be shattered

I pray for the time
for my mind to align
with the moon and the sky
and inertias defied
we can cry but its dry
we make commitment a crime
cause these days in our lives
all we can depend on is I

Why did Mary, why did Mary have to die? (repeat 4x)

Who killed the Virgin Mary?
They found her dead in the cemetery
dead beaten and her face was blue
this was the nightmare for me that came true.
Never thought I'd have a tough life
grow up with a Mom thats hates life
I always thought i was the only one
who saw down the barrel of a loaded gun.
In 5th grade, I made some friends
In 6th grade, I saw the end.
She was 16
A young girl that chased her dreams.
I made it by with a bottle of Jack
I never thought this world would take people like that

Why did Mary, why did Mary have to die? (repeat 4x)

White clouds are turning black
its a sign we need Mary back.
Its ok to cheat and steal
and find an 8 yr old to make a deal
J's dad used to beat her mom
and she told me to give her hope in a song.
P's dad is about to leave
and shes looking for a place to find some peace
D's had two friends die
below him in a pool, right in front of his eyes
M's dad died years ago
he lives through the pain as he bleeds in his clothes
Chris lives with the taste of rape
but he moves on towards those better days

Why did Mary, why did Mary have to die? (repeat 4x)

And thats life in the shell of a nut
but theres always two sides and the other sides love
feel love for the things you have
wether its shelter, food, or a mom and a dad
don't forget your not the only one
we all have those days when we can't feel the sun
and remember every high is a low
so hold you head up high, wherever you go

Set List

A typical set for us consists of 15-20 songs. We have mostly original songs but can also do a few covers if needed. Obviously this can be cut down to as small as a twenty minute set if needed as well.

Originals- Covers-
Wounded Always Coming Back Home (Atmosphere)
Tomorrow's Weed Collie Man (Slightly Stoopid)
Colorado Song Foxey (Jimi Hendrix)
A Better Way Champagne Supernova (Oasis)
MC Guarantees (Atmosphere)
The Game, The Push Sweetest Girl (Wyclef Jean)
Lost Notes
The Therapist