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Goodside is a christian hip-hop ministry that is not interested in bringing glory to themselves, but to God. This is evident in thier music as they go from fierce, truth proclaiming lyrics to heartfelt worship all on one CD.


Called not to entertain but to minister. Goodside is a team of believers who are dedicated to delivering the gospel of Jesus Christ to all people, from all walks of life. They met and began casually recording songs in 1998. Shortly after, they began to build the foundation of a life changing hip-hop/worship ministry. In 2003, they released their first album "Where Yo Cross" independently as a strategic evangelism tool that would provide them the opportunity to share the gospel. They performed the CD at hundreds of engagements in Georgia and Alabama with the song "For Us", a lyrical picture of Jesus from the praetorium to the resurrection, being the climax. It was during this time they realized worship was a major part of their live ministry. On July 16, 2004, in the midst of approximately 1,000 supporters, they released their second independent album "Anonymous", beginning their crusade efforts to make Jesus known while they remain unknown. The worship atmosphere and outreach evangelism is a major component of their ministry as they go forth to represent God, who has delivered them from the power of darkness, and has translated them into the kingdom of His dear Son (Colossians 1:13)

L the bondservant - Instructed by God to put the basketball down and take up his cross, "L" turned down opportunities to play professional basketball to pursue God's will for his life. He desires to see lives impacted by the gospel of Jesus Christ and emphasizes the importance of a transforming faith in Christ as God and Savior.

Scent - is the music producer of the group. From singing to rapping, he is willing to do whatever it takes to spread the gospel. Before giving his life to the Lord, he was a high school and college basketball player who fell into a life of drugs and violence. He accepted Jesus in 1995 and began seeking the will of God for his life.


For Us

Written By: Goodside/

verse:turn the pages come let's study the One who gave His/life paid the price so we could be saved this/man is the Key to unlock you from your cages/setting you free Jesus the Rock of Ages/was scorned in the Praetorium crowned with thorns/beat with a reed He was mocked and even spat on/disrespected by so many He was rejected/'cause He didn’t come as they expected/His face they wrecked it the roman guards they scarred and marred/the Son of God 'cause He taught truth in synagogues/and the city streets the Jews knew Jesus was pretty deep/couldn’t take the heat so they sought to delete Christ/they screamed crucify this guy He’s not our King/He only speaks lies and blasphemes/can you picture the Master of all getting beaten like a slave/just so men could be saved/hook:He was wounded, bruised for us, chastised and despised for us/He was tried pierced in the side and He died for us (but He rose)/Jesus is alive for us/verse:visualize Him being led away to be killed/seeing all the folks for whom His blood would be spilled/to the place of a skull it’s set/ the executionof the Lamb of God paying the debt our substitution/as He traveled up the Calvary trail the Via Dola Rosa/some railed while others bewailed as He was getting closer/He could see the point of the nails/He was about to take just to save a people from hell/picture the pain/as He hangs on the cross blood lost spikes rippin' His veins/covered with cuts, lashes, welts/the chief priest said He saved others but He can’t save Himself/arms stretched wide Jesus Christ crucified/for the sins of all men that’s why the Lord died/He was wounded, bruised , chastised, tried, pierced in the side He died but He’s alive for us/hook/verse:what happened next check the text haven’t you heard/what occurred see it’s recorded up in the Word/the women brought spices prepared for anointing/His body but He wasn’t there how disappointing/no not at all just as He told He rose like a flower/up from the grave with all power/Jesus redeems oh death where is thy sting/swallowed up in victory thanks to Christ my King/I sing praises to God and I ring/the alarm 'cause Jesus is coming so I bring/The gospel to ya' like a waiter/serving the lost the message of the cross there’s no one greater/than the Lord Jesus Christ He's the Savior/so come to Christ now not later/He paid the price the ultimate sacrifice was made/His life He gave so we all could be saved/hook 


Where Yo Cross (2003)-19 tracks
-Fan Favorites
"For Us"- A song that lyrically illustrates Jesus, from the praetorium to the resurrection.
"Where Yo Cross"- Title track and hype song that is sure to challenge you to take up your cross and follow Jesus.
"Raise 'em Up"- Christian party track that will make you raise your hands up.

Anonymous (2004)-11 tracks
-Fan Favorites
"No Turning Back"- No matter what the circumstance may be, we can make it in Christ.
"Anonymous"- A worship song that expresses the need to have more of Jesus, less of us.
"Knock Knock"- A song that the kids all seem to love with guest appearance made by 12 year old rapper, Christian.
"Persecuted Church"- Many Christians around the world are being persecuted and killed for their faith in Jesus Christ.

Set List

We require a minimum of 15 minutes set time so we can minister effectively. The maximum time it would take to do a set is 1 hour. A full Goodside Crusade with our fellowship artists will last 2-3 hours.