Goods Wrapper

Goods Wrapper

 Teaneck, New Jersey, USA
BandHip Hop

Original rap that will catch attention in how the words and meanings are played with.


I'm a solo artist named Goods Wrapper and my music is rap with influences being from widely known artists to underground artists. These artists include Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West, MF Doom, Kid Cudi, Wale, J Dilla and his beats, Madlib, and many others. What sets me apart is my style that can be considered original depending on how you look at it and what I rap about. My story is that I'm a teenager from Teaneck, New Jersey who is making music and trying to get noticed by people to get a fanbase and continue to make music with persistance.


So Ghetto

Written By: Goods Wrapper

So ghetto
So presto clean
I get so pesto green
Mean like the monster truck machine
When I build up anger everyone around is in danger
Don't ring the alarm like Beyonce
Or else you're gonna be having your last breath like ole Chauncey
In a rampage
Breaking the dashboard gauge
Full of rage like a bull
Even though red is quite dull
Clenched fists
Multiple hits
All in the mist
Can’t see me striving
Can’t see me thriving
Can’t see me diving into a tackle
And then I give a cackle
Bringing the drama
And leaving you with head trauma
No this isn’t karma
This is the revenge of the vigilante
And I can get quite ante
I ante up like M.O.P.
And your girl is married to my M-O-B
The full throb mob leaving you in pain
What do we gain from making you go insane
Destroying the mind in your brain
Snatch your vision
Eye sockets gone with excision
Blind like Ray Charles or Stevie Wonder
Plunder down the stairs and trip over chairs
I’m the King Pin and you’re the Dare Devil
Gonna have to climb over my Elektra fence to get to my level
Past the limits of the sky and ever so high
The Lewis Carroll peril
The malice of Alice in Wonderland
No expiration date like the Wonder brand
Do not consume high fructose like the bread
I presume to spook you from your toes to your head
Give a toast to the ghosts of companions
Bringing you tears like scallions
A hidden attack like onions
Frozen because of the bunions
Standing still like Mr. Freeze and trembling in your knees
The Abominable Snowman but not Young Jeezy
The Birdman’s son but not Weezy
This is the Monster’s Inc.
Coming at you quicker than any comeback tour of NSYNC
Corporation with monstrous delegations
Forget closet demonstrations
We’re breaking through concrete building foundations
Robbing banks like the Joker
Making every single pistol shot a smoker
Blow it away like the Wild Wild West
Hiding the modern version of the treasure chest
It’s like Oceans Fourteen
Proper tuxedo outfits is what we are sporting
The goony version of George Clooney
Not the numskull thugs selling drugs in broad daylight
We’d rather chase broads day and night
Ten Crack Commandments evolve into the Ten Crack Amendments
Now every single person must be independent
Leave your squad
Leave your group
Stay hidden inside the coupe
Gangs of New York separate
Five Points civilians need to cooperate
Alleyway stabs and purse snatch and grabs
All so brutal with the mutual hate
Every one of them meeting at the Un-Heaven’s Gate
Make a reference to vengeance before you depart
Arrival will be met with rivals as security tears you apart
The Mobb goes Deep in attacking the slob creep
Can’t stand the battles all rising up like the snake that rattles
Not looking back at the past as you take off in full blast
Next to the sun in the rocket shining like a golden locket
Lack of gravity turning out my pockets
Waste of time
Waste of crime
What happened to it being all sublime
Mind left ringing like wind chimes
And the factor of these words is prime
Mathematics and kinematics
But I never take a measure that’s drastic
So my attitude never needs Chap Stick


Written By: Goods Wrapper

Loving the sound of this accordion
Rapping to this beat as I am recording
No other instruments need to be included
And my lyrics will never be excluded
Nor will this studio ever be intruded
I only work with the best artisans
And I have an unlimited amount of partisans
Countless thoughts of the words I was taught
A workaholic since I only wrought
Exerting constant vocabulary
Working all year until the first day in January
Producers and the rapper or the director
When I’m in the booth it’s my sector
Everything seems so absurd
But everything works so I am Steven Spielberg
An Oscar or a Grammy both are awards
My reputation is all I can afford
Selling music so I can use it as a salary
So hot that the lyrics are burning off some calories
I am the artist and the world is my gallery
Pablo Picasso, Van Gogh, Leonardo Da Vinci
Is this a dream somebody pinch me
Mixing everything up like a paintbrush and a palette
Keeping the future projects hushed like a secret ballot
Working on tracks with no time to slack
Constant focus with no time for that hocus pocus hypnosis
Kazaam as Shaq it is so bogus
Keeping up the speed no time for slowness
Revive the test drive of these lyric generators
Trying to make it bigger than Titanic ship motor rotators
Never planning to sink down like the city of Atlantis
Instead I’m lashing out like a praying mantis
If I was a native the Indians would chant this
I’m like a bomb set to explode when I plant this
Getting more hyped up than a beast
So much typed up it feels like a feast
This is a Thanksgiving dinner
And I’m a fat boy feeling like a winner
All of this really satisfies my needs
I think it characterizes all of my good deeds
The lines define what I intertwine
A fixture that is a combusting mixture
I’m a vocal person so my plans are dental
And I’ve very much enjoyed this instrumental


Written By: Goods Wrapper

No reason to speak of my swagger
Lyrics are so shocking they might make you stagger
Feeling startled, uneasy, and appalled
Phone is ringing and you are so glad they called
Speaking of how you can’t seem to keep your balance
Telling you that you need to stay strong and keep your valiance
Everything around is a blur
Eyes seem covered up like snow in the winter
Wondering if you unwillingly conceived a drug
Pondering that you may have retrieved a bug
A disease taking over you like fleas
Trying to flee but you have to stop to sneeze
Why is it that you are so ill
Is it because I’m spitting rhymes at free will
I didn’t mean to give you anxiety
But I couldn’t stand you constantly eyeing me
As if you were trying to pry me from limb to limb
Got so many ideas it goes from whim to whim
I think you need some aspirin as you’re gasping for air
I think you need some antibiotics so that you aren’t so robotic and making people stare
A rejection to the injection of my fusions is a delusion
Looking it over as you are musing
Some of these concepts are hard to grasp
But I am not Eminem so this is not a relapse
In fact you should look at my strategy
It is less complex than a Greek tragedy
It’s as simple as Xs and Os in football quarterback throws
I am the believer and the audience is the receiver
After it’s done I am the ref as the gained yards retriever
Gained plenty of knowledge all before college
I’ve grown since from when I was first born
I would see no actions for people to scorn
For I am a law abiding citizen
But you may catch me in areas soliciting
I like to relax as I write my tracks
It’s all so real since I get no fax, tax, or credit card to max
No worries and never in a need to scurry
Stay AXE fresh never pungent like curry
Wandering around with an attracting scent
So when people are reacting there is no repent
Too late to apologize like Timbaland
Too late to colonize this timberland
Everything is replaced with buildings that are colossal
I’m a Raptor but you will never find any fossils
I will not allow myself to become extinct
Far too great to be trapped in this precinct
I will always maintain my existence
Continuing to write lyrics with persistence
I do not know the meaning of resistance
I can’t be held back from my goals
I am not Shia Labeouf for I jump over HOLES
Like Grand Theft Auto I run through tolls
I am like a glass bottle containing hidden scrolls
I contain hidden inscriptions
But it will all be explained in the description
May need to bring out your reading glasses
People need to stop monitoring me as if I have no hallway passes
I reach all of the masses and economic classes
The drunk poor say riddles to the class in the middle
The class in between sends the rich schemes
The class that is the highest copy down my lyrics on papyrus
The government covers my rent so that I can continue
Have another venue with constant revenue
Reading out my lines at cue
But I do not have dress rehearsals
Nor do I participate in press commercials
Passing through the minutes and seconds
Nothing to reckon and no mike checking
As I get on the stage the show starts
You cannot wager for my flow nor get it in a checkout cart
There is no bidding and I am not kidding
This is not eBay or a telephone three-way
These lyrics are not meant to be shared
Offering me anything as if I cared
No money source will get me off this course
I am always rapping so I need no chorus
I’ve got everything that Henry can afford so I need no Taurus
No cars nor Hollywood stars
I’ll stay true to writing bars
Rap never leaves me like scars
This is the introduction to the conclusion
This track will sprout farther back than the Aztecs that are Peruvian
My tactics are so classic with the materials that I am using
These rhymes are way too exquisite
I stay on task so I am centralistic
No distractions or useless interactions
I stay on top like numerators in fractions
Calculating the number of spectators
I am Dr. Evil out of all the dictators
I’m like exhausting rain showers with my Austin Powers
Giving a brief overview of my directions
My lyrics jump out like gadgets but I don’t need inspection

Never Too Late

Written By: Goods Wrapper

It’s never too late to start on your life’s path
Making it all right without a wrath
It’s like walking down a lonely road
Lyrics are so complex it’s like Morse code
Walking through all of the environment
But like Mother Nature I don’t plan on having a retirement
Keep going strong towards the end of the song
Have my life in my grasp like King Kong
Don’t plan to fall like the London Bridge
Instead I will elevate just like a ridge
Accomplishments will stand out like large sea coral
And I will always stay true to my morals
Living life on my own guidelines
More on point than a wide range of porcupines
Starting everything at a light pace
Flow will never be old like grannies spraying mace
Everything that I write stays original
And my raps will never be considered conditional
All of my words are absolute
Camera focuses on me with angles that are acute
Taking tons of photos
And I look thinner than slices of prosciutto
My pictures are not being modified like those of a model
But nor do I have the curves of a Coca Cola bottle
But I might be called fast and furious since I go full throttle
Even though I am not Vin Diesel
I’m more dangerous than motorcycle stunts by the Evil Knievel
Going through as many obstacles as possible
This whole rap should be a remedy at a psychiatric hospital
Those that are on the verge of insanity
I’ll make sure your life doesn’t feel like vanity
Earning more badges than a boy scout
Got no hook but I fish lines out like trout
And my energy excessively runs like an open sink spout
Making sure that I stay on task
If you have a question I’m like Jeeves and you can just ask
I’m just like a cheat sheet with all of the answers
Lyrics come quicker than instant file transfers
I start at the crack of dawn like the call of a rooster
Others are so childish they need seats with a booster
I never have a looped fiasco
And I spit metaphors like Lupe Fiasco
Having this talent must of have been fate
So I never hesitate when I wake up late
Because I do all of my work
And having these tracks is just one of life’s perks


Written By: Goods Wrapper

When life gives me lemons I make lemonade
To the instrumental I will perform a serenade
Having lemons handed down like Andy Milonakis
If this track was on a yellow disc Gucci Mane would rock this
Rapping over this beat like Big Sean
Tons of sore losers cause I’ve already won
Selling mixtapes from my lemonade stand
Saving up like children in hopes of making a grand
Competing for the customers like Vicky and Timmy Turner
Burning CDs of the tracks like a Bunsen burner
Will it grant your wishes
Have you jumping up like swordfishes
Will it meet your expectations
For on the track there are no regulations
Freshly made with all of the right ingredients
No need for help so I don’t need expedients
Making my talent from a slow start
Now it’s on the rise and haters are tart
Sour like Willy Wonka’s candy
But they can’t bring me down like Kanye and Brandy
For my rapping is just too dandy
I’m not a tool but man I come in handy
A useful resource for a verse
Lines reach deeper than women’s hands in a purse
Killing the rapper stereotype ironically like that of a male nurse
Using the Hammer and nails like it was MC’s time
Not using any crowbars because I only build rhymes
Making sure that it has a sturdy foundation
While outsiders found nations
I found those nations
Starting it all up from a minimum profit
The Lord of Kobe’s rings but I am not a hobbit
I just stay connected to championships
The words are ambient throughout the whole trip
Surrounding minds like a planet’s orbit
I just write lines in the air like I was traveling with Orbitz
Verses in the sky in the form of smoke clouds
Gold medals for diving in lifted hand crowds
Jumping off the stage after the performance
The misfit of the crowd for my lack of rap accordance
But I must be unique
Left in such a daze you felt left in a week
Cooled off the track because of the heat missiles that seek
No need for a plumber since no tracks will be leaked
Keep it under wraps until the good completion
Representing Goods Wrapper without lyric depletion
The verses are continuous like factory production
Style is so different its music abduction
As if Marvin the Martian was the co producer
Species need to make a truce sir
The human rappers and aliens
Kanye’s spaceship is what I am sailing
Planting the seed for a new type of being
Not wearing glasses but through four eyes I am seeing
The eyes outside and within
Vocally describing what is written
Fresh batch of lyrics but where are my oven mittens
Lyrics crumbled up as if they were bitten
Quite an appetite for my rapper’s delight
The Sugarhill Gang essentials
Level of importance is presidential
An agent bringing out this secret service
Bomb squads couldn’t cut the mic cord from being nervous
An explosion causing erosion
From my vantage point it’s causing a commotion
The rap lemons are causing hysterics
Even though the lemonade concoctions may seem generic
The technique is what makes it unbearable
Now let’s see if these shocked faces are repairable

Its Been A Long Time

Written By: Goods Wrapper

It’s been a long time
Since I ever wrote my first rhyme
Started at the young age of twelve
But now better topics I delve
Instead of just rapping about girl’s physical attributes
I give the world and all its aspects a tribute
Fell off the game until I was fifteen
Certain vibe came through me that was uplifting
As a year went by all my skills improved
Seen as Usher with the mountain sized obstacles I moved
The idea for a mix tape came to mind
Couldn’t stand the other rappers that were behind
Briefly let’s go through all of the songs
Before I ditch like ding dong
First it was the track to So Ghetto by Jay-Z
Then the applause in Rhinestone Cowboy had me going crazy
Afterwards came the track to La La La
Background was singing so long it was like I made them Say Ahh
The Accordion instrumental defined the track title of Swagger
Left Daydreamin’ with the next song being a nagger
Hassling me to Never be Too Late on the next verse
But I was already on the Next couple of Levels without one frustrated curse
For if I got angry The Official might delete my score
Made too many creations like the game Spore
Resting at Home with a glass of Lemonade
Worn out Crocs are making Gators go on a raid
So now it’s been a while with Rakim and DJ Premier
Given out tons of lyrics to hear
Sealed the CD case with tape that says Caution
To obtain the mix tape is the only option
I’d rather polarize my options but I can’t bear to be cold
Other rappers are lyric robbers so I just call those fools, gold
Some people are just fake like Canal Street sneakers
But my music will be coming out of countless speakers
This is not the last you will hear of Goods Wrapper
For I will always remain dapper
Take out others with a zapper
The tracks blushed and are now flushed because I just left the crapper


I have not released anything yet but I'm in the process of releasing a mixtape.

Set List

The songs that are going to be on my mixtape are just raps over instrumentals from other artists and each song lasts from like 2 to 5 minutes.