Good Times Crisis Band

Good Times Crisis Band


Music made by mongrel bards committed to the world domination by the Illuminati.


We are a band that plays music for people and have been influenced by Mitch Miller, Bloodrock, and Klaus Kinski
Bill Corsello (East Coast)
Billy Down & the Syndromes, Monkeyspank, Swarm, Stress Magnets, Vodka Family Winstons, Ye Olde Castletons
Dave Hobizal (Gulf Coast)
Kaleb, Catch Catch Perfect, Panic In Detroit
Steven Mullins (Smokey Mountains)
Kaleb, A Covert Operation, Catch Catch Perfect



Written By: Bill C

As we dive in cloudy strange waters
Blissful to begin, words in not mixed falter
Sweet lies to sustain, escape from pain start to believe in a possession
I want to be alone , but I want to be with people
I'm not refusing no Tom, Dick or Susan
The spinning roulette wheel teaches a great lesson
My life of chance remains a possession
I want to be alone and get myself together
For so long I thought I had something different
We are often fooled that theres a set of rules
Helping us all hedge for a possession
As we dive in , into each other
We want to stick ourselves a harpoon of permanence, harpoon of permanence


"Select a Gather Point" 2007 Australian Cattle God
Full length CD

Set List

30 minute sets include:
Black Cloaks
Cyber Freee
Shut Down Mode
Dirt To Dirt
Nose And Chin
Radios Bust
Lamb Take Lion
Unpopular man