Good Touch, Bad Touch

Good Touch, Bad Touch


What floor? Cool. Yeah, we're in a band. It's a 4 piece, it's like the Replacements were formed in the 90's and listened to Teenage Fanclub as much as Big Star and no one could decide which instrument to play. Big dumb rockouts are status quo mixed with whiskey laden verses. We're sweet.


Once upon a time, in a magical kingdom, 4 unicorn wranglers became disaffected with their sorry lot in life and set out to seek their fortune. After purchasing instruments from a band of helpful dwarves, they set out through the countryside, making merry as they went. In the months that followed, the four troubadours faced many hardships and fierce creatures. Using their new found powers of harmony, they discovered dragon defeating guitar solos and shared stages with fellow troubadours The Fiery Furnaces and The Sea and Cake. Upon arriving in the Land of Cleve and establishing a lair in the western outskirts, they wisdom of the great Televangelest Allan Pickles. The summer of 2009 riff harvest proved to be truly bountiful and these four souls, calling themselves Good Touch Bad Touch, reaped the whirlwind. They assembled a collection of their verses into a compilation named 'Go, Run, Tell Someone,' and have begun their quest to spread Pickles' gospel, and their seed, throughout the land.


'Go, Run, Tell Someone' - Copyright ShowMeOnTheDoll Records 2009

Set List

Catastrophe Headwear through to Easy Way Out. 9 to 10 songs spanning 35-40 minutes. Basically, as long as 2 episodes of Airwolf, sans commercials. Occasionally throwing in cover,s of songs by Elliott Smith, Paul Westerberg, and Television.