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The best kept secret in music


"GoodYear...In Under 10 Minutes"

Goodyear is a five piece from Portland, Oregon playing bouncy, fun ska/punk. Although, I don't hear any of the "ska" part of the "ska/punk", which is fine with me. I'm surprised no one has ever used the Goodyear name before. This release can be described as having some 70's punk, Clash, and Rancid influences among others.

Everything is good on this release, although the guitars sound a little muddy. The intelligent, positive lyrics and strong rhythm section make up for that. I would guess a band like this would be fun to see live. Their music will keep you bopping, pogoing and bouncing all night long.

And as far as the question you are probably asking yourself... yes, the cd does appear to come in just under ten minutes.


-GoodYear...In Under Ten Minutes (EP) 2005

-'We're Ok' from ...In Under Ten Minues featured on Skratch Magazine's 2005 Warped Tour Compilation

-Preoccupied (Release date: 3.25.06)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Punk rock revivalists in style, Portland’s GoodYear have been in a state of perpetual change since they officially formed in the spring of 2003. Initially the teenage fantasy of high school friends Michael Schuster and Jonathan Harn, GoodYear finally became a reality with the addition of friends and former co-workers Aaron Mattern and Mike Iannantuano. Joined by another high school friend on drums, the four recorded a twelve song demo that summer which highlighted Schuster’s poetically positive lyrics and often manic delivery with Iannantuano and Harn sharing guitar duties and Mattern on bass.

The group then began the search for a full time drummer, though after several frustrating months, Mattern announced that the search was off and that he would just learn to play the drums himself. Iannantuano then shifted from guitar to bass and they began practicing. A lot. After months of working together in their basement, they began gigging and shortly thereafter released an EP, 2004’s ‘…In Under Ten Minutes’. In the spirit of experimentation, the band enlisted help from another old friend, local indie songwriter and pianist Bryan Free, to polish off the EP with some clever keyboard arrangements.

Invigorated by the depth of sound the keys provided on the EP, GoodYear sought to add a keyboard player to the band. They didn’t have to look to far when they ran into Theo Brown, another musician friend, at a bar one evening. Theo had recently become available after having played keyboards in the futuristic dance band Euromotion, and was soon asked to become a permanent member of GoodYear.

Now officially a five piece band as of November 2005, GoodYear has never sounded better! Their unique blend of breakneck rhythms, ska-influenced staccato guitars, bouncy basslines and warm keyboard funk all serve as the catalyst for lyricist Mike Schuster’s apparent on stage self-exorcism. Their fun, often funny and always high energy rock shows bring to mind a more hopeful time of when, as Northwest author and rock enthusiast Matt Love fondly put it “The Clash met malt liquor and young people believed in change”.