Goofer Dust

Goofer Dust


Playing a heady mix of finger-snapping, toe-tapping, good-time juke-joint downhome blues music. It's the blues for sure, but then it's so much more besides...


Formed in late 2001, Goofer Dust are a five-piece acoustic band from Brighton, England.

The five members come from very different, though complementary, musical backgrounds. Eclectism is very much the watch word when talking about their approach to music-making, but let's call it "Acoustic country blues meets funk and jazz".

Summing up the influences, there is a mixture of country blues (a la Kelly Joe Phelps, Mance Lipcomb & Eric Bibb), Tom Waits, as well as the funky stylings of G.Love and Special Sauce and Donovan Frakenreiter.

"Blood's Turning Black" is their first album, and has been described in the press as having "Excellent musicianship and good songwriting"

Misfits and Herberts is the latest offering from Goofer Dust, showcasing the band's infectious grooves and ability to transform an audience into a sweaty mass of people hellbent on having a good time.



Written By: Tall Paul Foss

Now that the war is over.
Seeing as the battle's been lost
It's time to erase my memory
Of all the things you've cost me.

I tore up the pictures you took.
I ripped up the letters you wrote.
I took down the messages you left on the fridge.
Even your priceless fur coat.

I piled them up high upon the wooden floor
So mad I couldn't see the catch.
Pouring on petrol as if it was water
Then I struck my one last match.

As the flames rose higher my blood pressure dropped
So glad to see my history go
I turned around to see you smiling at me
And the crowd called out for more.

Looking back now I see I made my mistakes
I didn't know right from wrong.
All of my past went up with that building
And I'm left here with this song

But if anyone should ask if I regretted my past
I'll tell them not a single thing.
'Cos fire goes out but love always lasts.
And I'm still wearing your ring.


Trading Faces E.P.
Blood's Turning Black
Misfits and Herberts - Live in Brighton

Set List

Although totally adaptable to any live situation, Goofer Dust usually play around 1.5 - 2 hours, comprising of around 12-15 songs. Songs range from sweet little 4 minute nuggets to 15 minute out-and-out hypnotic grooves. Typically a set in around 75% original material and 25% covers. Artists covered include G.Love and Special Sauce, John Lee Hooker, Lurrie Bell and Robert Johnson.

A recent set-list was :

01. Lean On Me - original
02. All Along - original
03. Easy For You - original
04. Loving You's So Fine - original
05. The Truth - original
06. The Final Time - original
07. Burning - original
08. Daddy Done Tripped The Trigger - Lurrie Bell
09. 32-20 Blues - Robert Johnson (but funky!!)
10. Maybe Not - original
11. Your Wild Thing Ain't Wild Enough - Lurrie Bell
12. Sure Feels Good - Eddie Martin (a la JL Hooker)
13. Tongue-Tied - original