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"Engaging story lines, catchy tunes and high-quality production values"

Hardly a child on the planet would equate the memorization of basic addition and multiplication facts with "fun" -- until now. With engaging story lines, catchy tunes, voices full of character, and high-quality production values, Googol Learning’s two CDs, “Addition Celebration” and "Multiplication Vacation," turn addition aversion and times-table tedium into a sing-along pleasure. Kids -- including those of the adult variety -- will find themselves saying such things as, “Quickly adding 9 to a number is soooooooooooo easy now,” or "Wow, the sevens sure were fun. I wonder what they'll do for the eights.'" Personally, I wonder what Googol Learning will do next. Probably another mathematical marvel.” - David Schwartz, author of the online “Math Moments” column and many best-selling math picture books

"Good script, strong production values and most importantly, good music"

Over the years we have listened to more than our share of musical CD's aimed at teaching children everything from the alphabet to algebra. In some cases they hit their mark while others, well.... What it takes to "connect" with young listeners is a good script, strong production values and most importantly, good music. This CD boasts an abundance of all three values. Parent testers told us that CD's of this nature are best for car trips and we heartily agree, there is something about being strapped snugly into a chair that makes educational music much more appealing. - National Parenting Center

"The fun continues on this soon-to-be kids classic"

The fun continues on this soon-to-be kids classic. "Addition Celebration" helps youngsters out with their addition and makes it fun with dialogue tracks featuring those wacky space critters called the Googols (not to be confused with the search engine powerhouse!) and their crazed adventures. - J. Sin Smothernet

"Finally! A math-facts CD that doesn't drive me nuts!"

Finally! A math-facts CD that doesn't drive me nuts! Googol Power's Multiplication Vacation is full of catchy tunes to help your children learn skip counting and multiplication facts. While they are learning those math facts, they take trips to exotic places like Ancient Egypt, Australia, and the solar system, meet famous people like Leonardo DaVinci, or learn about famous art.
My children ran off with Multiplication Vacation as soon as they saw it. It was on while I was washing dishes and honestly, I enjoyed it! I love that the artists used different styles of music based on different types of rock music. The music makes you want to move your feet and dance around with your children. - Dawn King, Product Reviewer, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

"Throw away your flash cards!"

Throw away your flash cards! You won't need to "drill and kill" math facts ever again. The Googol Power Math Series has revolutionized rote memorization of arithmetic facts forever by setting addition facts and multiplication tables to upbeat tunes to make memorization a snap - while providing interesting facts about history and social studies that boost kids' knowledge of the world! For example, while memorizing the 7 times table to finger-snappin' doo-wap music, you will learn about the 7 Natural Wonders of the world. Other topics include Animals of Africa, Ancient Egypt, the Ecological System of Antarctica, the Solar System, Australia's Outback and even Leonardo Da Vinci! Addition Celebration and Multiplication Vacation are the CD soundtracks to the companion DVD! Use them individually or altogether - a great way to address multiple learning styles at home and on the road. There's more! The website at offers free, printable worksheets and activity pages that complement the DVD and CD math lessons. While you're there, register to receive a free e-newsletter filled with more fun ideas to help your kids learn math while becoming engaged, life-long learners.

Diane Flynn Keith, Editor-In-Chief Homefires and Author of Carschooling - Diane Flynn Keith, Editor-In-Chief Homefires and Author of Carschooling

"This CD has won numerous awards, and we can see why!"

Reviewer: Janet H. Family Review Center

An Excellent tool for mixing entertainment & learning
Googol Power Multiplication Vacation is a perfect name for this great piece of educational work! By combining many facets of education, into one fun to listen to audio cd, Googol Power allows a child to learn much, by doing little more than listening and memorizing from repetition.

Not only will you find your child catching the beat and singing along, you will find them captivated when they listen to the storyline as well. This enchanting cd offers a "vacation" style of education, because it allows a child to enjoy learning to a new format. They can learn at home or in the car, and will forget that they are being educated, because they are just having fun!

The multiple original songs are upbeat, catchy, and such a treat to enjoy. The story line is inviting, and brings the listener into the scene, by using great detail within the fun and folly characters that are featured.

This CD has won numerous awards, and we can see why! We look forward to many more additions to this series, and know you and your child will await the new ones as well, as soon as you have heard this one!

If you have a child who struggles with multiplication, or one who is just beginning in the subject, this would be a great way to get the basics into their mind and memory. This is so much more fun than memorizing charts. Now they can memorize it without the work involved, using normal methods. Once they have these basics memorized, the rest will be a snap and fall into place. This covers 1-13, the numbers that are needed to begin easy multiplication.

Another nice feature to this cd, is the fact that they combine other subjects of learning in with the mathematics, to make it more amusing and to add more education to their work. This allows a child to learn about their world, the world of space, as well as art, history, and music.

This one comes highly recommended and has been loved by all of us! I even caught my little guy, who is in preschool, singing along with the tunes once they had been played several times. I am positive this will help him as he progresses in his world of learning, as he keeps this in his mind and is able to recall it when he needs it. - Family Review Center

"Googol's of fun for everyone!"

"Who knew that learning could be so much fun! This educational, layered learning approach engages with math and incorporates a myriad of other subjects along the way in an inspired teaching approach. Googol's of fun for everyone!" - John Wood,


Crazy 4 Math
Addition Celebration
Multiplication Vacation
The Skip Counting Zone
Discovery Multiplication - Think It Out!

Multiplication Vacation

'Crazy 4 Math'
'Take Back Your Brain'

2007 Parent's Choice Award
2007 Toy Tips Recommendation
2006 Nominee Canadian Independent Music Awards
2006 The Teacher's Corner Honor Roll for Teaching Resources
2005 Winner Canadian Independent Music Awards for Canada's Favorite Children's Group
2005 Creative Children's Magazine Preferred Choice Award
2005 Children's Music Web Awards for Best Educational Album
2005 Family Review Center Seal of approval Award
2005 Carschooling Award
2004 Winner Dr. Toy's Best Vacation Children's Product
2004 Winner of The National Parenting Center's Seal of Approval
2004 Children's Music Web Best Educational Recording
2004 Children's Music Web Best Song for Leonardo Da Vinci

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Distributed in Canada by Pacific Music and Warner Music Canada

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Biographies Musical Production Team

Susan Jarema, Producer, Songwriter, Founder of Googol Learning - Susan has spent many years researching ways to make learning at home fun. Spurred on by her love for her two young children, she envisioned the Googol Power Math Series. She is an experienced instructor, writer, and entrepreneur with degrees from the University of Manitoba and Simon Fraser University. In addition to the Googol Power Math Series, she has published two children's books, the Discovery Multiplication Math Program and a series of educational articles for parenting magazines.

Known locally as "The Learning Lady," Susan loves to share her passion with other families. She and her Googol puppets offer lively and motivating workshops to spread ideas for making math and music part of everyday family activities.

David Pavane, Co-Producer, Music Director, Composer, Musician, Voice Talent - In addition to creating and arranging Googol Power's unforgettable music, David maintains his own solid career as an actor/singer/songwriter and musician. He performs with the well known country band "Bucklerash", as well as playing guitar, keyboard and singing back-up vocals for award-winning performer Aimee Pettersen. David's myriad of character voices stems from his fifteen years of acting experience. He also provides vocal and performance training for adults and children within the school system and through private coaching. His wife Krista and their four children are all part of the Googol Power creative team.

Yurgen Ilaender, (Mr I) Singer/Songwriter - A long time performer of children's music, Yurgen currently teaches his Musical Rainbow program each year to over 300 students between the ages of 3 and 8. To date, he has released 16 CDs and composed music for 13 theatrical plays for children. Mr. I uses his music to promote peace and tolerance for others throughout the world and is now promoting math in the 'Crazy 4 Math" show.

Gary Huntbatch, Singer/Songwriter - Gary's experience in a wide variety of musical styles (including folk, jazz, blues and rock 'n' roll) has helped bring colour to the song list of Multiplication Vacation. Before emigrating from England to live in Canada in 1974, he played drums for the popular band Steve Bret & the Mavericks.

Jon Hemingway, Recording Engineer, Singer, Songwriter, Musician - With 20 years in the music industry, Jon balances his time providing recording services for others with his own formidable career. He has given performances at the Merritt Mountain Music Fest and the Orpheum Theatre, and released a CD of his own original music in 1999. His music can be heard on radio stations across Canada.

Krista Pavane, Songwriter, Creative Consultant, Editor - With 20 years experience in live theatre, Krista has come to focus most of her energy behind the scenes as a technician-of-all-trades at the Evergreen Cultural Centre in Coquitlam. While many of her nights are spent backstage, her days provide her time to further her work as a published author, songwriter, poet and playwright. Krista also teaches creative writing classes at her children’s middle school.

Mick Dalla-Vee, Musician, Recording Engineer- A main stay in the Canadian music scene for over 20 years, Mick Dalla-Vee's musical talent runs the gamut from 'smooth jazz' to 'heavy thrash' and everything in between. He is also a producer, composer and singer and regularly performs all over the world with his main band Cease & Desist, plays ‘Elton John’ and ‘John Lennon’ in the musical production ‘Atlantic Crossing’ and continues to tour as the bass player/vocalist for The Randy Bachman Band. Mick has a long list of radio and television credits and has appeared on over 20 albums; again with projects as diverse as doing vocals on the Motley Crue album ‘A Decade of Decadence’ to playing upright bass on Randy Bachman’s ‘Jazzthing’. A long time member of the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, Mick has sat on the panel as a judge for Canada's 'Juno Awards' and as a board member of the Pacific Music Industry Association.

Christine Frandsen, Singer/Voice Talent, Musician, Songwriter - A rising star of B.C.'s country music scene, Christine has proven the strength of her talent in lending her voice to the female Googol Power characters. When she's not in the studio, she can be found composing her own music and singing at Nat Bailey Stadium or in the Ridge Mountain Opry, or entertaining audiences at the Crossroads Hospice Society. Christine lives in Maple Ridge, BC

Children Singers
Select Students from Mr. I’s Musical Rainbow Program.