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Written By: christian nicolson

thank you for inviting me round for tea • what a lovely garden this is and your house is so nice • Yes I’d love some crustini, did you make it how crunchy, • shall I open the wine. • So tell me about your day, your job your life, tell me anything that you like

Run • come

Hahaha that was so funny. • I really like what you have done with your hair, it really brings out your eyes
Oh god, we have both been so polite, but we both know where
it’s going
It’s pointless to deny
I suggest tonight we forget the formalities,
go upstairs to your room and do it all tonight

run run.....come

I’m an animal
I’m a human animal
and I’m trapped by the lust and I won’t let go
I’m an animal
i’m a thilfy animal and i’m sucked in to your legs and i won’t let go