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"State of the Union...fueling NYC's electronica scene (Bobby Friction- BBC/Rolling Stone)"

See link - Rolling Stone - India

"Viuex Farke Toure Remixed"
- (Review by Derek Beres)

"GOONDA on Friction's "REPRODUCED" - BBC" - BBC Radio

"GOONDA on Pathaan's "Musical Rickshaw" - BBC" nsmusicalrickshaw/tracklisting_archive_2 0080921.shtml - BBC Radio


GOONDA: Third World Radio (High Chai Recordings)

GOONDA Ana Tribal Dub Remix on Vieux Farke Toure's album ("Bombs Over Bamako"/Modiba)

GOONDA Dub Steppa Remix on Deadbeat Darling's EP ("Without A Trace"/Revtone)

GOONDA feat. Ganesh "He Manov" on Project Ahimsa's compilation (Global Lingo/SAAVN)



GOONDA is here. The indo-indie boom bips are now in full boomblast…Your inner labyrinth echoes truths of …Mutton Road…Colaba…Mumbai... sounds of the asian underworld… HIT PLAY

GOONDA is a NYC-based production / remixer duo who have forged a partnership based on a mutual love for
music, mash-ups, mirugai and muroka.
Tune up your your Mahruti… coz this crew rolls deep and heavy in their Amby Classic ret to blaze your inner ear pure GOONDA-ishtylz…
HORN OK Please!

Having been hatched four years ago in some of New York City’s most progressive and innovative clubs, AVZ or AVAAZ — fueled by 2 of the 3 co-founders (DK aka) Bollygirl and Cenzo, the duo that is GOONDA—was created with one goal in mind: good music… no borders… no boundaries. During their four-year tenure, the residents have curated events that people look forward to, exploring electronic and live music with guest emcees, visual art, live paintings and a gathering of some of the finest musicians around.

AVAAZ which comes from the Sanskrit word for sound, noise or vibration, facilitated a cocoon for creators of any medium…from this pure vision emerged the definitive GOONDA sound.

And yet, within the “borderless” tagline, there is consistency. That common thread is well represented on the GOONDA debut two-disc compilation, Third World Radio. The underlying sonic foundation laid by DK and Cenzo, who weave and craftly manipulate a host of indigenous sounds , on disc two, open their compositions up to “remixer friends.” The bazaar is an exchange post, where deals are haggled, refined and finally made. This is the Avaaz/GOONDA credo—things may take a little finessing and fine-tuning, but it’s always a group effort, and all voices are represented equally.

Listening to this album, you have the feeling that a new language is being created in the global city of New York. In fact, the co-producers have coined the term—Goondaism: redefining the cultural landscape by any means necessary. They have taken the “GOONDA” term which usually denotes thugness or gangster qualities into the studio and transcended it into their sound. And while they cite it as a “genre-defying blend of indo-indie beats,” there are so many more vistas that are opened before you, sonic landscapes and worlds unfolding, that simply going along for the ride makes you feel like you’ve been involved since the very beginning.

As is consistent with the AVZ nights, the audio is never presented without the visual. GOONDA cohorts reach out to AVZ co-resident dj/producer/graphico Dimm from the Ethnotechno crew to masterfully forge a GOONDA stamp with Mother India ecstatically rockin’ a boombox…this is next-level indo-indie…make some noiz!!!

Herstory: DK aka BOLLYGIRL Mumbai-born, raised in Queens, New York, a classical hindi film fanatic- think Hunterwalli to Sholay, this Bollygirl grew up loving Asha Bhosle, Public Enemy, R.D. Burman, Queen and Led Zeppelin. A progeny of the Mumbai to NYC musical landscape, DK began making her own beats and tracks on anything she could get her hands on – Tascam Portastudio, Juno60, SP-1200 or her MPC3000. She is known to deftly rock a MIC as with OmZone, Ming+FS, GOONDA or (most recently) FILMI. AVZ resident dj/producer who has often traveled through India with an activist’s heart, omgirl optimism and a mini-DV cam, now resonates those stored emotive motherland memories through decibels of her compositions @ High Chai Lab, alongside her musical cohort, Cenzo.
(Projects on the horizon: FILMI with FS of Ming and FS fame now rocking beats under the moniker The Arch Cupcake.

History: Cenzo – The beatmeister. This resident New Yorker and multi-instrumentalist, mistakenly dubbed Rubber Goods by none other than Frank Zappa has composed music since his piano recital at Carnegie Hall at the tender age of 6. Weaned on everything from classical music to dub to punk to rock, Cenzo holds down fiercely be it at his Pro Tools console, on his minimoog, or virtual reality of Reason plug-ins, mashing-it-up at High Chai Lab where the GOONDA magic is created.

RECENT REMIXES: GOONDA has also remixed: Vieux Farke Toure (Modiba) and Deadbeat Darling (Revtone)

Take this ride with us…turn it up on uh-leven…this is indo-indie!
Jamal and Latika would def groove to this!