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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


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International Metamorphosis (EP)
1st And Yesler (Single)
1st And Yesler (Music Video)


Feeling a bit camera shy


JMIC escaped from a small town in Utah under severe duress the likes of which he prefers not to go into without a microphone and a backing band. Since arriving in Seattle via Amtrak in the last century, he has accomplished many of the goals instilled in him by the werewolves who raised him, including learning to speak English and scientifically disproving the efficacy of 12-step programs. He is available for interviews.

CMEZ regrets nothing. As both cultured man of the world and a general gadabout, he sees no hypocrisy in the consumption of great quantities of beer while wearing the color purple. Despite his name's having several additional meanings that make sensitive women blush, he remains confident that one day he will marry, reproduce, and pass it on to three fresh-faced children who will adore him for many years.

EMC has always hovered a hair's breadth short of immense celebrity. Once, for example, while trespassing gaily of a summer's night, he nearly tripped over a high-profile local politician and a very well-known Episcopalian pastor in the warm throes of genuine love. Caught unawares, he found himself unable to muster a good reason for being in this particular study hall at this particular hour, so he simply snapped a few pictures and fled.

O-MIT, a.k.a. "Old Dirty Mitten," wouldn't know the taste of raw fish if it sat on his face. He prefers his food cooked, be it fish, foul, mineral, vegetable, or ice cream. Contrary to popular belief, he wouldn't know Riesling from rat piss, and further thinks anyone who would ought to be forced to teach phys-ed to severe amputees. Every Sunday, he sits by a north-facing window and pens a long letter to his future step-children.

BRASSWAX would rather face the tyranny of the masses than any other kind. Nervous and prone to play with blades, he often shaves compulsively, both himself and others. The trouble with one-way streets, he believes, is their tendency to attract locals toward the oncoming headlights of tourists, while their unsuspecting families bask innocently in the seething ether of their televisions back home. To your health, he snorts.

SUCKABOO spends the vast majority of his free time drawing chalk outlines of children in public school parking lots.